5 E-cigarettes Comparison: MOTI Magic Flute, RELX, VitaVP, VTV, and YOOZ

We have discovered five of the most popular e-cigarettes that are currently available on the market. This list comprises MOTI Magic Flute, RELX Lucky, Vitavp Only, VTV, and YOOZ.

Here’s a detailed comparison of their data, which might help you pick your favorite among them.

5 E-cigarettes Comparison: MOTI Magic Flute, RELX, VitaVP, VTV, and YOOZ
MOTI Magic Flute, RELX, VitaVP, YOOZ, VTV – From left to right ▲

Aside from YOOZ, the remaining four are tempered and well-received devices. Cai Yuedong, the founder of “Uncle of the Same Road,” developed YOOZ. Let’s kick off the review by checking out the packaging of all e-cigarettes at the same time.

VTV, RELX, Moti, MOTI, vitavp, YOOZ
From top to bottom, from ▲ left to right

MOTI Magic Flute and Vitavp strike a perfect balance between bright colors and style. RELX Yue, VTV, YOOZ, on the other hand, is relatively simple and ideal for business.

We get a glimpse of the mainframe after opening the outer packaging. While it seems to bear a similar appearance, it is quite different with its own characteristics. The circular breathing lamp of MOTI Magic Flute is quite technical, RELX is small and elegant, vitavp sports latest style, YOOZ texture, and the breathing lamp of VTV is very small.

While the appearance of such business devices won’t fascinate you aesthetically, I would not like to say the same thing on behalf of others. I’d like to give you some reference through the parameters mentioned in the chart below:

Given that e-cigarettes are portable devices, size and weight play become key elements. There’s no dearth of similar products, but their difference can be ignorned. The steeply-priced RELX is touted as the smallest and the lightest e-cigarette in the market. However, its performance does not completely justify the price.

The price/performance is quite important. You must choose a product that suits your needs without burning a hole in your pocket. Let us check out the price list.

The above-mentioned prices are taken from the official mall, at a glance where you can see the MOTI Magic Flute is listed as the lowest of all, less than 200 yuan. Now after checking out the price, check out the things that come in the box along with the product below:

As per the aforesaid packing list, the YOOZ brand offers four cartridges which looks the best and affordable deal. The VitaVP offers a leather case and the VTV device has a leather case and a chain to offer.

For any smoker of e-cigarette, the smoke is luxury and the taste of the liquid in the cartridge is the soul of the product whereas the hardware is the foundation.

YOOZ features four cartridges, which are reasonably priced. The vitavp and the VTV are housed in a leather case. The VTV also has a chain. The recently unveiled YOOZ offers only four flavors. I hope that the smoke box is made to be interactive in the near future.

People are usually curious to figure out how many mouths they can smoke at the time of purchasing e-cigarettes. The simplest way to find out the time it takes for a single charge is to check out the device’s battery capacity.

E-cigarettes are electronic devices. While its battery life depends on multiple factors, the most important one of the battery capacity. Nevertheless, there are some feelings that cannot be reflected in the data. Some emotions such as feeling the texture in your hand, and the comfort in your mouth can only be personally experienced.


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