Artery Nugget AIO Pod Kit RBA Review

Today, we will be reviewing the Artery Nugget AIO Pod Kit RBA. We will quickly go over the device itself and then we will look at the point through your mesh panel and we will place a coil RDA and then go back on top. There is no actual pot but a tank which is made of metal and glass and with the new point three on mesh coil let me show it to you here’s the mesh coil point three on stated at 20 to 28 watts and there is an MDL one point 4-ohm coil in the package round wire and RBA option four separate purchase.

Artery Nugget AIO Pod Kit RBA Review

It’s a compact a device with the good battery 1500 mAh and 1.5 amps fast charging with the type C port here and it’s 40 watt output maximum with the variable wattage let me show you and it goes pretty fast as well we have the coil resistance your battery here what’s of counter and it’s quite economical as well you can fire it with the top or with the index finger both are very comfortable.

Artery Nugget AIO Pod Kit RBA Review

On the backsides here we have the window to check the easiest level in your tank and now let’s check Artery, which comes in this kind of package we have the package content on the other side security code response code and here’s our RBA we’ll go over shortly here we have the five-pound out there to put it on your mom and to thank you with some spares inside.

Artery Nugget AIO Pod Kit RBA Review

We have the Allen key or screw some moorings and you will have to space count of coils one more MTL coil and there is only one because I used another one already, and here you goes the RBA is quite tiny and let’s unscrew the chamber and it’s a very tiny one and the deck itself is pretty simple.

Artery Nugget AIO Pod Kit RBA Review

We have two posts here we have the bottom airflow positive negative ports for the cutter and we don’t have much space for the coil here it’s 2.0 millimeter coil recommended inner diameter but we will try to put 2.5 mg/l stapled coil because we want to get the maximum flavor out of it and make it as tight as possible by obstructing the air flow with the coil so let’s try to do that so let’s place the coil first and you want it to be as close as possible to the posts because we don’t have much space in there seems to need to release more.

Artery Nugget AIO Pod Kit RBA Review

We go now let me call the 2.5-millimeter rod to not deform the coil and now let’s tighten it up one site and then another site straighten up our quail you sneak took a little bit release the other site yeah just like so yeah now it looks okay right above the airflow now let’s cut the excess wire.

Artery Nugget AIO Pod Kit RBA Review

So now let’s clipped leaves as flush as possible yeah looks good now let’s dry fire it and remove the possible hot spots 15 watts space it out a little bit now it looks perfect now let’s try to test-fire it with the chamber on to see if we’re shorting outdoor mats looks.

Artery Nugget AIO Pod Kit RBA Review

Let’s do the cotton wick and you don’t want it to be too tight just like so a little bit of resistance we don’t want to deform the coil because the same kill coil is very soft and about the length you don’t want to go to all the way down there just right about here we’ll be fine because we don’t want to get any dry hits and when you to the cone being very heavily because we have 2.5 millimeter inner diameter and that’s quite a lot of coil a lot of cotton for these parts now it’s time to look it up well bit and after that you need to massage this wicks down into the sport take your time don’t be in free and it seems okay.

Artery Nugget AIO Pod Kit RBA Review

Throw it into the tank or RBA and make sure you use the base which is included in the RBA because it’s a little bit shorter than another one for the coil looks good so now let’s fill up the tank we’re going to use some free base six milligram liquid and the same liquid will go into the 0.3 ohm coil or try them both when they go back up top Prime it a little first and if you up the tank.

We’re back on top with the Artery. I have a BA in this one and point two Cornish coils on this one we have the same features in both of them it’s six milligrams 70/30 PG VG free passages so let’s start from the RBA and it came out at 0.53 oh let’s try that 21 first and it’s weakened very good so far the flavor is great and it’s really smooth a little bit restricted.

Artery Nugget AIO Pod Kit RBA Review

Seems like the nicotine strength is not enough because throat hit so I get something around 10 milligram by 10 milligram nicotine strength will be just perfect for this but the flavor is very good out of the MTL frame stable coil we just put in and now let’s try to MGL it since it’s very early on just leave time a little bit open and let’s decrease what’s to 17-17 watts and it’s available.

Artery Nugget AIO Pod Kit RBA Review

In conclusion I would say really nice devices I won’t call them part kids it’s more of a classic area over the tank and it has RBA so with next oil it’s pretty ergonomic firing with the top and fire equity index works well and the huge pro is like it has the RBA option it’s and it’s pretty easy to building if you have experience and built in the coils.

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