Artery NUGGET GT Dual 18650 Pod Mod Review

Today we will check out the Dual 18650 battery Pod Mod by Artery. It’s the maggot 200 Watts maggot GT 200-watt pod kit so let’s not waste any more time and dive straight into the details.

Artery NUGGET GT Dual 18650 Pod Mod Review

The Nugget GT by Artery comes in attractive packaging. On the front, we’ll have some specs, along with the color black 8 ml’s and at the back, we have some other information about the company and the packaging list. In the box, you get the warranty card, your battery warning, the user manual, the kit itself and we also have one coil in here which is pre-installed. Let’s check out the spares.

Artery NUGGET GT Dual 18650 Pod Mod Review

We have the extra coil here one 510 drip tip pouring gasket for the pot filling hole and the charging cable and this one has type C charging cable and here’s our magnet GT pad mod kit by artery the body is made of zinc alloy this one is in black, we have the display on the front your fire button wattage down wattage up buttons type C port here we have the airflow holes at the top.

Artery NUGGET GT Dual 18650 Pod Mod Review

At the bottom, there are some venting holes. The battery compartment of the Dual 18650 is spring-loaded. At the top, we have the pod and we can see the contacts and it’s not the magnetic connection the pot clicks in place with this lock here, just like this. So there is no movement and it’s pretty tight in here and I have another color redone with the batteries inside. Let’s quickly go over the menu and it’s five clicks to turn it on the turn it off we have this function and at the display, we have the name artery and then we have battery bars two for each the battery and then your wattage here we have the voltage outputs coil resistance 0.40 mesh coil ends right now and your heat counter plus.

Artery NUGGET GT Dual 18650 Pod Mod Review

We have these five colors of display available and to change the colors you simply need to press the fire button and water job together just like this and now it’s luck it says coil max power it’s this lock feature smart lock so to unlock it. You just press three times and now you can see it’s the power limit you just unlock it and you can go up to 200 watts with this one.

Artery NUGGET GT Dual 18650 Pod Mod Review

With the zero points zero point one five ohm coil you will have it locked at 80 watts maximum so now let’s go back a little bit so we can lock it again it will prevent accidentally drive learning the coil and then you can also lock the keys here you still can fire same to unlock and that’s it the model itself it’s the pretty compact size it’s just like the compact duo 18 650 mod. Let me give you a quick comparison here side by side with the edges so low so you can have the basic idea on the size just like this so it’s the same height without the cartridge here and the tank, they’re almost the same thick plus before we check the pod itself let me show you the 510 connector here it’s a separate purchase.

Artery NUGGET GT Dual 18650 Pod Mod Review
So you can just install it on top like this it clicks in place holds very firm and you can use it as dual battery box mode you can put any atomizer can use it up to 200 watts and now let’s check the pot because it amounts to reduce its large the amount and on top, it comes with this duckbill style 510 mouthpieces here plus here in the spares, we have another big tip 510 one this one is the classic one.
You can use this one as well or you can use any of yours 510 drip tips but it better have some fat orange on it and here because of this thing you have the limited diameter just like this one looks much better on here so we can see the juice level inside this one is pretty transparent one at the bottom we have the feel porthole it’s very large close it for now.

Artery NUGGET GT Dual 18650 Pod Mod Review

Here’s the pre-installed coil 0.15 one rated at 60 to 80 watts it looks like this mesh coil and let me show you another one spare one would be the point 4-ohm coil 20 to 35 watts it’s the mesh coil as well this one is a little bit more restrictive and for the separate purchase the RBA section is available looks like this, it’s pretty simple to do all posts classic MGL style deck but the airflow is a little bit bigger and this one is also quite restrictive.

Artery NUGGET GT Dual 18650 Pod Mod Review

I’ll command you to put the coil like this so you can get a restrictive lung heat instead of MgO hydro and we have the matches for the cutouts for the cotton wicks down here we have the airflow control ring as well and it comes with this 510 adapter piece so you can work out the hot spots on the mod. So I already worked it with the cotton and it’s pretty easy to do that place the coil and wicket so now we’ll put this on and then also we’ll prepare the point 4.15 coil this one five a little bit and I have the point 4-ohm coil in another pot so we will try three of them and then this one I have the point 4-ohm coil so when you switch the coils.

I recommend you to hold it like this so the juice will be down here if it’s not full of course and it won’t click on you oh yeah here we have 2 points 4 put it aside and put this another mesh coil let it soak and grab our pot and we’re done here now let’s go back on top and wave it so we are back with the artery nugget GT 200-watt pod mod. Let’s start from the point 1 5 4 mesh coil and we will have it will vape it on the recommended 65 watts here let’s have and as you can see the vapor production is really good the flavor is awesome out of this mesh coil which is to be expected and the draw is open long direct long heat no restriction on this one airflow is very smooth as well.

Artery NUGGET GT Dual 18650 Pod Mod Review

It has throat heat and the flavor on this one I would say it’s comparable to any sub-ohm tank mesh coil sub-ohm tank on the market and the draws well it’s very eighty now let me quickly change the coil so here we go its point 4-ohm coil it’s recommended 30 watts but I will just make it a little bit higher we will make it 35 which is maximum for this oil when it’s locked but still, you can unlock it and put a little bit more power if you want so this one is more restricted than 0.15 uncoil the flavor is good as well.

I would say it weights like just like the Vinci coils or rpm coils I can’t see any difference the flavor is really good the dough is restricted but not too much just a little bit of restriction so now let’s try the RBA it reads point 3 ohm and then we will try it at 30 watts with the fully opened airflow well now it’s very restricted comparing to previous coils this one is the restricted deal but, the flavor is much better on this mesh coils. Nevertheless, it depends on the bill you probably need to build and this one is stainless steel 24 gauge 7 wraps but it’s perfectly usable as you can see all in all this new device by artery maggot GT performs great in my opinion there are no problems with the clouds or with the flavor are good on the mesh coils and I didn’t get any leakages during the week.

Artery NUGGET GT Dual 18650 Pod Mod Review

The battery life is good on this one as well as you can expect from the dual 18 650 the device will easily last you at least a day with the 8 milliliters reduce capacity tank on top and the size of it is just like compact dual battery mod with the small atomizer on top of it plus this one is made for the direct long vaping and if you prefer the open long vaping then it’s better to choose the 0.15-ohm coil mesh and you if you like the restrictive blanket more than you can choose the point 4-ohm coil or Darby they’re both are restrictive ones.

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