Aspire Mulus Review: New Pod System Launched

Introduction of the Product

Aspire is globally famous for offering great products and services. Living up to its reputation, the company recently launched a new product dubbed, Aspire Mulus.

The Mulus draws its juices from a single 18650 battery cell operation, generating 80 watts of power. Housed in a palm-sized frame, the Mulus adopts an awe-inspiring design that’s likely to turn head and help you shine as a vaping expert.

On top of that, its compact form factor allows you to carry it wherever you go. You can effortlessly customize the Mulus to suit your fancy with a wide selection of high-quality resin 510 drip tip, and switch your look in a jiffy. The Mulus is simply unparalleled and surpasses your expectations in terms of performance.

The colors of Aspire Mulus

The device is available in multiple highly appealing designs and unique panel that sport awe-inspiring landscapes. You can choose between an impressive array of panel designs:

  1. Shale Black: This color panel inspires a sort of arctic landscape. Feel free to let your imagination decide to what it inspires you for!
  2. Lava Flow: The cool combination of dark blue, red, and orange looks great. The powerful colors combined inspire volcano lava ready for eruption.
  3. Psychedelic Blue: The beautiful colors of blue and purple which is a pure psychedelic inspiration. The calmness and sometimes the haze of Jimmy Hendrix’s purple is inspiring.
  4. Deep Valley: Green and blue has been the coolest color combination of all time and in my opinion, it looks like an aerial view of Scandinavia with amazon forests surrounded with thousands of lakes and rivers.

The 80 Watts and 2 Amps

What makes the new Aspire Mulus one of the coolest devices is that it has 80 watts pod. It is the only pod in the market that reaches so high electrical power which makes it so unique.

The cherry on the top is, the Type C charging USB port that allows the pod to charge with electric current up to 2 amps.

Tigon coils and the Nautilus coils

The Aspire Mulus mod goes well with both, Tigon coils and the Nautilus coils. However, an adaptor is needed by Nautilus coils and the Nautilus temperature control coils do not go along with the Mulus.

Adjust the Airflow and Fixed Airflow: Vaping the Mulus Mod

The Mulus mod is adjustable in nature when it comes to airflow when you use the Nautilus coils. On the other hand, if you use Tigon coils, the airflow won’t be adjustable.

An adaptor is required that also has an airflow control ring while using the Nautilus coils. While the vaping experience remains the same, the adaptor doesn’t make any change or alter your experience. You can enjoy the taste and richness of the e-liquid.

The Process of adding the E-Juice

The Mulus pod is very easy to fill. The pod comes with a silicon plug, all you need to do is unplug it and add the e-liquid or e-juice. There are two versions of the pod, first one is, where you have the standard pod of 4.2 ml and the second one is, where you have the TPD version that allows only 2 ml pod.

The display screen of Mulus mod

The display screen is very adjustable and easy to use as it has a plus and minus button to change the wattage, voltage, and bypass.

The standard version kit includes:

  • One Mulus Device
  • One Pod (4.2 ml)
  • One Coil Adaptor
  • Four Coils: One Tigon Coil (0.4 Ω ), One Tigon Coil (1.2 Ω ), One Nautilus BVC Coil (1.8 Ω ), One Nautilus 2S Mesh Coil (0.7 Ω ) (pre-installed)
  • One Type-C Cable
  • One User Manual
  • One Warranty Card

The TPD Version kit includes:

  • One Mulus Device
  • One Pod (2 ml)
  • One Coil Adaptor
  • Four Coils: One Tigon Coil (0.4 Ω ), One Tigon Coil (1.2 Ω ), One Nautilus BVC Coil (1.8 Ω ), One Nautilus 2S Mesh Coil (0.7 Ω ) (pre-installed)
  • One Type-C Cable
  • One User Manual
  • One Warranty Card

As a pod system, Aspire Mulus is extremely efficient. Moreover, it is easy to use, compatible with coils like Tigon and Nautilus, filling the e-juice isn’t backbreaking either.

I would recommend using it to vapers that are looking forward to owning a powerful pod system. Apart from its features, even the pod looks great even in look wise as it comes in some really cool colors and has options to customize your vaping device.

Mulus pod system is definitely your choice!

Sana Khan
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