Aspire Rover II/NX 40 Review

Aspire release the switch is a much smaller pocket family mod. This is the Rover to originally going to be released as the NX 40 but they changed the NEMA and they changed the name. Albert Lee is on and the belt lipo pack, whether a tiny little top airflow beast there’s little control up there at the top of the tank.

Aspire Rover IINX 40 Review

You know immediately it’s got different coil sets than the Nautilus GTwith us again like the GT you can do mouth to lung and direct along but this was belt leaning more towards the mouth to a long side of the marker we’re looking at a starter cap that’s what we’re looking at that’s got the option of putting a bigger wider board coil in there for a very restrictive direct along draw the questioners with all the other starter cuts no popping up on the market.

Let’s have a look at the tech specs and the up course and personal of this starter Curtreview all and that was the tech specs for the Aspire Rover to /NX 40 it’s called the roof up to in retail these days originally that was supposed to be called the NX fort the name of its don’t there you can see, but they renamed that Rover.

Aspire Rover IINX 40 Review

If you don’t get one of these in retail what you’re going to get the box for a start there are all the contents of the box they’re all you’re done beeping abend stuff is on let’s said you get your flat rubbing USB Charge cable thumbs up for that spear glass for the tank spirit coil for the tank the mod the tank speed warnings for the tank.

Aspire Rover IINX 40 Review

You get your rather simple instruction manual because it’s wattage only and variable wattage and that set there’s no tape controlling us you get your warranty card and that’s it so it’s pop all us to one side the spear coil that it comes with as the Nautilus x-class coil if we zoom this and this particular coil if we can find it there we go this particular coil is 1 point 8 ohms12 to 16 watts.

All the coils take their air from the actual top of the coil and what down there’s your near full control there another airflow control they’re dropped up at the top here as a 510 drip tip which is going to mean if you’re going to use the direct to long coil and you’re going to be looking at kind of a restrictive job with a 510dropped felling the tank the big giveaway has down here because you’ve got to unscrew the entire top of the tank and Portilla just down the side now.

Aspire Rover IINX 40 Review

You’ve got another fingerprint magnet but the original name for the scat the NX 40venting for your battery is down there along with don’t vape and I’ve been quite looking at what’s going on with the menu so very simple menu they’ve got going on here wattage mode.

Aspire Rover IINX 40 Review

You can see down and up at the same time does the unlock for the main screen up and that up and power at the same time you get a variable voltage mode up and PO at the same time bypass mode up and voltage at the C up and not voltage up and poet at the same time back enter wattage no team control you’ve just got wattage bypass and voltage and that’s all you get with us they try to keep this as simple as they can because of this as a starter cap.

If you’re looking at this little fella from this starter cap point of the marker with someone using a one or more1.1 or 1.2 or mouthed along with coil in this little tank up here this little battery certain inside the mod L practically last year all D if you’re running it around about 12 to 15 watts.

Aspire Rover IINX 40 Review

The fiber of them and see how they sell because the one thing that this has got going for it that this doesn’t as the size because the Rover to is a lot more pocket-friendly than the bagasse t18 NX 50 beast Nautilus Gtikka and a lot of people when they go for a starter cut they generally want something that’s small compact and is easy to carry around and can easily fit and say the top shot pocket try and put this in your top shot pocket the tank top is going to stick out over the edge of your pocket.

Here’s a starter cut mouthed along treat it like a cigarette used tobacco or a fruity beep and then a month and a half away are when the same person’s coming back at nearshore and the CTA. I want to try some of this direct along sub-oming you can sell them the coil head that’s in here which as of course and I keep forgetting the name over as of course the Nautilus XSmesh coil that’s got a much wider bore but unlike the Nautilus GT that I looked at yesterday, this has got a much tighter direct along which I don’t think is comfortable Imean the NX said that the Nautilus Gtika has got a tight direct along but it’s a comfortable restriction this you’re kind of struggling to fill your lungs up with vapor.

They could have done is make the ear antique at the top that little bit wider to let in a little bit more ear so there’s less restriction with the ear going down because it’s a top if we’re going down through the coil remember with the airflow going down through the coil and back up it’s the distraction and saves the coil head itself that’s causing it with the lack of air coming in from the top of the actual tank.

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