AUGVAPE Cos Power Bank 1000mAh For the JUUL Review

AUGVAPE Cos Power Bank 1000mAh For the JUUL Review

Today, we are going to review something very interesting. A JUUL charger, I’m excited to see the different kinds of Chargers we have out there for the JUUL. I’m going to unbox this it’s called a COS power bank and it looks sleek and small and nice and I’m sure it’s very portable.

Alright, let’s open up this Power bank I like the packaging nice and small I do know. So, this Power bank has about a thousand milliamps of battery. The JUUL is about 200 milliamps of battery so that means that you could charge your JUUL five times over with this device that’s pretty sweet considering this thing is about that big it’s got open it okay so two little packages.

AUGVAPE Cos Power Bank 1000mAh For the JUUL Review

What I’m going to do is open up the lanyard section first. It’s a nice look at that’s a nice lanyard you just put your device on there. It says AugVape on it. it’s kind of cool greatness lies in the capacity.

I like that slogan too so that’s in that little box and then this box you probably have the cord and the device good look how sleek that is pop it on a little black casing and this is really nice-looking and you know how light this thing is this thing’s actually like a feather I feel like I am holding nothing!

AUGVAPE Cos Power Bank 1000mAh For the JUUL Review

It is amazing to charge the whole device. it takes about 1.5 hours or remembers it’s so much more worth it because you could carry this anywhere and charge the JUUL five times over a thousand milliamps of battery, unbelievable.

I have done in previous JUUL charger reviews and they were all really good but this one seems really different this one is so much lighter I like the way they have a carbon fiber on the actual like device it’s so sick when you put the JUUL in here the light will flash blue at the bottom indicating that it’s being charged.

AUGVAPE Cos Power Bank 1000mAh For the JUUL Review

When the device is running low like the device itself they’ll start flashing blue like constantly saying that it needs to be charged and when it’s flashing red that means you’re charging once you plug it in. What’s worth mentioning about the lanyard is that it is a charging cable on its outside. I can’t believe this. Wow so the lanyard is also a charging cable and it comes with a type-c cable so you just plug it in and then this side is the USB.

AUGVAPE Cos Power Bank 1000mAh For the JUUL Review

So if you have a brick you just plug it in so your lanyard is a charging cable that is the most unique thing I’ve seen that is amazing that is so sick and that will be so convenient for people so I suggest this charging device on a lanyard that has a charging cable attached to it that is so sweet device is great now let’s put the JUUL inside the actual device, okay so we got the JUUL we got the device.

AUGVAPE Cos Power Bank 1000mAh For the JUUL Review

I’m going to plug it in you just slide it in pop it down just like that alright it’s in indicating it’s blue once it’s charging which is great and this charge the JUUL five times over sweet I have nothing bad to say about this if you want something sleek has high battery capacity has a cable as a lanyard they can wear it on your neck and unplug and plug into the wall this is the way to go the AugVape cos power bank is definitely one of the best charging devices I’ve seen on the market for the JUUL.

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