Augvape Druga X Vaperizzo Full Review

We’ve got the contents on the back there for you we’ve got two and charging current 950 milliamps our internal battery with this one we have twenty-minute fast charging and it takes a USBC type charging port so shake this box open inside there you’ll find the USB C charging cable user manual here we’ve got several protections in this particular one warranty card you get two calls with this one so we’ve got a 0.40 in one.

Augvape Druga X Vaperizzo Full Review The USBC ports there so yeah it looks very nice. This one, I thought was a real wood at first but it is just like a sticking just see there a lot a little where a little mark in it, so it’s just the thing from where it’s been used –  about three at least three weeks now, is it Oconee the fire button.

Augvape Druga X Vaperizzo Full Review

When that one-all the paint’s starting to flake off and I haven’t dropped it no outside of drops on the carpet a few times but as you can see the paintwork it’s not particularly that brilliant on here right the drip tip I also lost this so that the drip tip out of here but the rather original one does fit in here. I think the pro might be slightly longer luck I can’t quite remember but a quick look inside there we got 510 fittings and that just plugs in.

Augvape Druga X Vaperizzo Full Review

The main part this just pulls out like that here and you’ve got your content at the contacts there right so here’s the part does come with the rubber bungs inside because I’ve got the TPD to mil version but you just get yourself some a lot screwdriver and a pair of needle-nose pliers something right and just yank it out and it brings the capacity up the three-point seven which is what we have done right.

Augvape Druga X Vaperizzo Full Review

We got the familiar type refill on here so just fill in through their habit like flat on the ground like that if you want to put your coil in there get some drops of a liquid down the down in there to pry up the call and also around the edge just look on here there is a particular way around that it goes you’ve got the larger like notch on this side so look at the call that’s where our large notch go so push it down and it should just plug into place like that for here and then you can just fit out leave it to stand for 10 to 20minutes.

Augvape Druga X Vaperizzo Full Review

Then you should be good to vape just plug this in just show you the actual features so we have got us a spin dial fire button there so five clicks turn it on or wrong way around but there you go got five watts we’ve got variable wattage and what you do is just turn the dial-up just like this and we go from five to thirty and then you have to just go back down the other way to get it back down right there’s your battery marker on the right-hand side no temperature controller anything like that three clicks will lock it so you don’t inadvertently change the wattage which is a really good feature and that’s whatI’ve been doing a lot just keeping it like 10 watts.

Augvape Druga X Vaperizzo Full Review

Whatever you’re at and that’s three clicks again takes a lot offs and then you can move the wattage again right five clicks turns it off right so the R b/a section comes in a little box like this you will skate a little bag with a couple of rings in it and you’ll also notice we’ve got this little build standing here.

Augvape Druga X Vaperizzo Full Review

Just make sure that the cotton isn’t going to interfere without hole just like that just give it a little testfire right there we are should be good to go. All right, you can take it off that and then you can insert it into the main pulp now this is a pod look for tea but the notch just make sure that’s niceinsideI’ll say me removing that ban means you can put another 1.7 million is good.

Augvape Druga X Vaperizzo Full Review

Make sure that’s pushed in tight in there click it back in five clips to turn it on and there we go leave that for a few minutes just to settle in five clips turns it back off so let’s go back up top now andI’ll tell you what I think about what’s up guys welcome to the channel right today we’ve got an all-in-one pod system from all vape and a kindly Center over for this review and here it is now I recently reviewed the Narada standard version which is this bad boy here but this one hasn’t got variable wattage but you can put an RBAin this one as well.

Augvape Druga X Vaperizzo Full Review

The battery life it’s good on this with 950-mile battery with the point 7 mm call that’s going to last you at least a day if not more with that 1.2ohm coil I was getting at least a couple of days’ worth out of it to be honest because I do rotate and my other mods on that.

Augvape Druga X Vaperizzo Full Review

All round the Vice this is a nice bit of kit now I haven’t looked at prices because this is brand new on the market all vapor did email me a couple of weeks ago and say could I hold far on the review because I’ve got the intake sub-ohm tank by my tapes and all vapor as well they’ve told me to hold fire on that because I don’t think it’s been released yet do you think you can get this one now.

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