AUGVAPE Narada Pro VW Pod Kit 950mAh

AUGVAPE Narada Pro VW Pod Kit 950mAh

We’re looking at about 3.7 mill capacity, and I don’t know if they’re going to do a two mill – one for the UK. The head is worth the three-point seven mill capacity one but that looks like you get a windmill to coil our 1-ohm coil and a zero point 4-ohm coil, as well you get the usual lots of fancy colors black carbon fiber.

AUGVAPE Narada Pro VW Pod Kit 950mAh

This is a pretty traditional pod kit. We will take a look at all this, but I think the main feature is that it’s a USBC and if I remember right it’s 80 percent, meaning, if the battery is dead you’ll get an 80% charge within just 20 minutes. On top of this nifty feature, there’s an RBA section for it as well.

AUGVAPE Narada Pro VW Pod Kit 950mAh
It does 30 watts and anything else come down here yeah 5 to 30 watts and also we have upgradeable firmware so they’re saying that a VV variable voltage and TC mode is coming down the line the last one yeah fast charging 25 minutes to reach 80% of power which is great but there yes, I think we’ll just there well unbox this.

AUGVAPE Narada Pro VW Pod Kit 950mAh

Let’s take a gander at what all exciting stuff is there in the box. First off, a list of contents, claiming it’s good 20 minutes fast charging here but it says 25 minutes to reach 80% of power on the webpage 958 milliamp-hour and – I’m charging you’re going to need a 2 amp charging source so if you’re just plugging into you know your laptop it’s only 0.5 with the USB elite then you’re not going to get that manual.

AUGVAPE Narada Pro VW Pod Kit 950mAh

I wanted the carbon model but anyway we’ll see what’s in the accessories box first. You got Go-Go USB C charge cable we have two coils what was at 0.4 mesh, I know one room for the mouth – one well-well try both for which I both try. That’s got a nice weight to it that’s not offensive it’s it doesn’t feel cheap and light yeah I’m not a huge fan of this green I must admit that does look cheap the other thing is it no it’s got a lanyard hole here but it doesn’t come with a 1-yard that’s not a concern for me.

AUGVAPE Narada Pro VW Pod Kit 950mAh

I’m not a huge fan of online yards as it is anyway USB see on the bottom it does have a nice suite – that’s smart we also forgot going on here dripped it as it comes out we have a 510 drip tip of all things that are not bad actually. Let’s see we’ll grab another drip tip and see if any of the main normal ones work yeah no problem they’ve gone they’re faint, okay what we’ll stick with the standard one which is a decent board on it we have what’s this as this just move up and down this is we’ve got.

I think it looks like it might be and if you haven’t got this isn’t an easy thing to get in a boat and it’s quite a sticky check that out once we get some juice in it. I think that might be an ear for one if it frees up over a time fire and button here.

AUGVAPE Narada Pro VW Pod Kit 950mAh

I’ll not push that just yet we’ll try and get the poured out once again I’m not sure how this is going to be for rare actual visibility and seen that juice but this one that just pulls it no problem just have to go in it oh hang on that’s that comes out quite easily. I’m pretty surprised by that maybe it’s because there’s no coil in it maybe that’s why it’s coming out so easily.

They’ve both got the same size wicking holes you would have thought that maybe the 0.4 will have larger wicking holes to a lot maybe a low for a heavier VG juice but then yeah well we’ll wait and see in fact what I’m going to do just know and I don’t know if this is a thing with this bit.

AUGVAPE Narada Pro VW Pod Kit 950mAh

I’m just going to give this a little prick shall we sit with this little tool here just hope it’ll help it wick and better there we go right to let’s pop this in here. It looks like it’s only going to go in one way you can see we’ve got a cutout in there so we’ll drop this in there we go to fill it a little bit in front there I do have I like what all do we’ll have some J days Punk this is a vanilla custard and up I like this is a good size fulfill here.

This is an easy one to fill. I love their get boost and it’s that it’s one of my favorites little and the a always if you like but there to fill it is a pain in the backside saw the juice label. I’ll have to wait and see I’ll have I will hit that and deal light but there let’s put this in here now right okay that doesn’t slide any note quite as easy as it did before and the coil stopping that going in so maybe I’ll put this in at an angle and click there we go that’s in their nascent are no or pop that on the rate.

We have an unlock here – 5 clicks for unlocking I won’t do that we’ll go for it what the hell I’ll try not to bomb the coil, one two three four-five there we go come to peel here 50 watts goes down as low as five and I think one two three we’ve got a lock here as well which means I’m not going to make any changes there but I can still fire here which is fine by me rate that just looking here I and sees that just label or care they’re left do you think great ad right let’s go for a VIP.

AUGVAPE Narada Pro VW Pod Kit 950mAh

I’m giving myself a total neck rush here yeah I’m just about a quarter of the way through the tank just to try and get the flavor because off the bat and this is with the same as with most things you’re not going to get the best flavor straight away from any coil you do there’s a small period of breaking and this is no different I’m running my drip tip this is a key HW a dwarf direct long drip tip and just a little bit of a wider bore nothings that straight me straight away there’s a lot of wobble in that fire button there’s an awful a wobble in it.

That concerns me a little bit I do wish that there was a click the option to change the direction of the screen because I like to thumb fire and obviously, the screens upside down so there isn’t that’s a Mainer niggle adjusting the airflow is you can pull it down which tightens the airflow off and push it back up pushing it back up is a bit of you need good nails which I don’t have but fully open and I’m it 19 watts just now this is 0.4 and the flip flavors getting better as I go through that’s definitely.

AUGVAPE Narada Pro VW Pod Kit 950mAh
That’s one of the things about these unboxing videos you don’t test it so you’re not getting all the information you couldn’t get but just going a quarter of a way through that first tranq the flavor has got noticeably better I’ll give it that at the actual location of the airflow you’ve got to be careful I mean I usually like hooking my finger over here and that doing that I’m closing the airflow off so you have to kind of be careful.

How you hold this it’s possibly better as a finger fire and just making sure you don’t close that ear hole off but yeah this is quite comfortable it’s quite a nice loaf that’s not bad and 18 watts and 0.4 0.4 4 ohm coil it’s coming out at quite a warm vape I don’t know if I would take that much higher the other thing that I’m noticing that is because I’ve not locked this and I’m moving it about in my hand I am moving this wheel just by rolling it about in my hand so once you get that wattage set three clicks to lock it off or there’s a good chance you could pull this out your pocket and be it 30 watts when the most elan coil and just fry it.

AUGVAPE Narada Pro VW Pod Kit 950mAh
I would lock it every single time this is a heavy VG and my concerns about the size of the wicking holes seem to be okay it’s working or equate the thing here I will try this at 24 watts and we’ll see how that goes and block it off the airflow again it’s not a direct line there’s a restricted de-rate mark but quite an open restricted day rate one it’s not far away from a direct long in my opinion what I’ll do is I’ll I’m going to have to drain the tank put in a different liquid and try the most along coil almost forgot there you do have to remove the pod to fill the tank because they’re you know they fill hole is in the inside I’m just using a six-milligram 5050 here so we’ll give that a bash so this is the one-ohm coil.

AUGVAPE Narada Pro VW Pod Kit 950mAh

It was one ohm and once again fifty-fifty and immediately I mean mid 12 watts and it always amazes me how much flavor comes through with a higher PG instantly I’m getting nice flavor from this and close down it’s it feels like a like between our 1.2 no 1.5 mil earhole it’s not super a tight mouth too long but this is acceptable it’s what people would expect from a most along with on a point system these days that’s not half bad Taste.

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