Augvape OCCULA RDA Review

Augvape OCCULA RDA ReviewToday it’s time for the twisted masses news RDA in collaboration with org vape. Indeed, Mr. twisted messes himself who has been around these industries for years this RDA is called the ocular RDA. While opening the box which, by the way, would clearly benefit from some cutouts on the sides because it is kind of hard to get open.

It is primarily machine out of stainless steel. It has a clamp style build deck but with the snake bite style airflow, we got with the recoil RDA the cap has the logo only on one side and also these slight concave shape all around the drip including a super-wide but also very sleek and comfortable as it is made out of Dell ring.

Augvape OCCULA RDA Review

Yet with the gold-plated ring around it is removable. It is an 800 drip and gun compatible. Therefore the RDA compatible with any other gun style tips you may already have which is a huge pro the top cap or the top section of the cap has these super nice nestling which will give you a very decent grip to spin it around and reason why you spin it around is to adjust the airflow with the way the machine the blades on the inside.

Augvape OCCULA RDA Review

You also have great flexibility. You are able to adjust the airflow on one side leaving the other one close the if you perhaps want to build a single quietly instead it does also allow you to adjust both airflow intakes the same for a dual-core configuration build this same exact subsection is removable too as it is kept in place with an o ring which by the way does offer the right amount of restriction and the top section is also domed inside which usually does help to boost the flavor.

Augvape OCCULA RDA Review

As far as airflow we have indeed three holes per side and drilled Anglia down pretty much like a snake bite. Same style of airflow grim Green D on the recoil RDA the barrel so locks in place but generally speaking RDA is like these that do overtop top airflow the stability and the barrel locks into the base easily cause the airflow to be offset from the center of your coil well not the same here as the barrel does have indeed stopping points but does been around just enough in order to allow you to maintain the airflow you open aligned with the center of your coil that’s pretty neat indeed and I highly appreciate it.

After death, you can go ahead and use a coil rather than again to space the calls from the post a little more and raise them. To me personally, I recommend that you place the cap and look at the airflow holes because I found the best flavor to be when the coil inside is entirely visible and the lined with the airflow holes that are kind of high in comparison to the place where the coils will be sitting when you assemble them.

This build came at zero point one two arms and I’m going to glow the coils using forty-five watts just to get rid of any possible debris. One of them was going a little faster so I grabbed my screwdriver again and crank the screws down a little more crank the clamps down just a little more work the coils are super easy and more so if you use shoelace style of cutting like fireballs caught them from vape fly or even cut them threads from getting caught them with these.

All you got to do is slide them through 3M each and every end of the wicks which in this build back you can do so measuring aligned with the top or ring around the deck. That right that is the perfect length for the weeks once you do.

The ocular RDA from twisted masses and org vape only available in stainless steel and black for 40 dollars in places like vapor DNI and thirty-three dollars in places like element. I got to be honest. This RDA brought my memories back to the goon RDA more precisely the good one point five.

Closing it down to a single hole through even without lowering the wattage down. Still vapes pretty well though less flavorful even though the density of the vapor produced is the same so you will feel like your lungs are filled the same with the same density of the vapor but just a little bit less flavor even at the same wattage when you cut the airflow down to a single hole on each side as a bottom feeder by the way you have to be careful and pay attention only to Swonk with the RDA in a vertical position. Otherwise, it may leak.

The fact that we have a single and dual coil option is much appreciated and the price for a twisted mess is designed as RDA selling between 35 and 40 dollars. It’s great. Pretty much a no brainer, especially when it is an idea that folks pretty much like a gun in my opinion with better posts and more airflow flexibility on the downside above one hundred watts.

It does get quite warm especially if you chain vape but that’s with a lot of other RDA as the post holes are pretty low and the fact that both coils share the same posts make it a lot more challenging for some people even though I would still consider this one a builder’s dream based on the massive holes to assemble the lids.

Augvape OCCULA RDA Review

And last but not least the airflow blades are quite sharp and deep Cut my finger. I don’t know if you can see it right there. They did cut my finger today because when the base or rings the o rings on the base are dry it is very hard to pull the barrel off so that top section came out instead and my fingers slipped into the blades.

Let us know in the comments section below what do you think about Augvape OCCULA RDA Review. We’d love to know your thoughts.

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