Boundless CFX Review & Vaporizer

Boundless CFX Review & Vaporizer

Today we’re checking out the boundless CFX vaporizer it’s a portable, affordable vaporizer that can handle both herbs and concentrates there’s a lot to love about this little unit. I’m going to show you how it works, how to clean it, compare it to the Mighty vaporizer and also give you a full review of the product this review.

Boundless CFX Review & Vaporizer

We have the box the CFX vaporizer comes in and we’ll look inside and show you what comes with it inside of the box is obviously the CFX vaporizer there we have an instruction manual the wall plug that lets you plug it into the wall with that there’s the international adapter so based on what location you’re in what country you’re in they’ll give you a different adapter and then there’s also the USB cord so with this you can plug it into a computer and that’s the actual power unit here’s the concentrate container.

Boundless CFX Review & Vaporizer

If you want to use waxes or concentrates with your pelvis and then here is the loading tool the concentrate loading tool and the cleaning brush and that’s pretty much what’s included with the Boundless CFX upon initial inspection of the vaporizer it’s not the best design unit we’ve seen if you look at the Davinci IQ or the PAX 3, for example, they just look much sleeker.

Boundless CFX Review & Vaporizer

It’s also not that discreet people are going to know you’re using this if you’re out in public I mean look at the size of it in my hand people are going to wonder what you’re doing but that doesn’t detract anything from it if you’re going to use it mainly at home or on trips and you don’t plan on using it in public and you don’t care that much about design it’s a perfectly good unit it also has a bright screen.

As long as they don’t care that much about the design don’t worry about regular look show you how the Boundless CFX works all you need to do is take off the top then load in your herbs into the chamber and pack the bowl the bowl is pretty big you can load up to 0.25 grams in there pop the lid back on okay now we have the herb in there all you need to do is press the power button five times for it to turn on.Boundless CFX Review & Vaporizer

You see the Boundless logo and it starts to heat up right away it has haptic feedback which means that it will buzz when it’s ready to go and it charges up really quick it’s already heated up to 190 degrees Celsius as you can see I like to wait a little bit longer for the herb to heat up in there but other than that it’s ready to go and there is I the lights a little bit strong in here but I got some nice clouds from that the flavor is pretty good it’s not incredible with some flavor like you get from the ghost or the mighty but it is really good for the price point.

There’s a little bit of draw resistance compared to other vaporizers but that’s really not a problem just go low and slow so breathe slowly as you inhale I’ll take another drop there you go now you want to maintain your Boundless CFX and that means cleaning it out after our use so just undo the bowl and then brush out the contents after every use so this brush is actually pretty good and does a good job it’s getting everything out but things will get gunky after a while so after you use it for a few sessions you might realize.

Boundless CFX Review & Vaporizer

That it’s getting sticky in there the chamber is getting some residue inside so in order to clean that up all you need to do is get some isopropyl alcohol rubbing alcohol and the q-tip rub it in the alcohol and then wipe out the inside to just get right inside of the chamber my chamber is not too dirty right now but you just wipe inside of there around the O-ring you can actually take this o ring off with the concentrate tool.

If you want to rub that in alcohol as well after that just put the lid back on and then run it at the highest temperature for a few cycles before you put any more room in there and then every so often mouthpiece will get a little bit dirty as well you can actually take this off so breaks up into two pieces what I like to do is actually rub or keep this piece or put this piece into alcohol for a few minutes and then rinse it in warm water and that’ll get a lot of the gunk off the screen in there and then you can just rub this piece with a q-tip as well.Boundless CFX Review & Vaporizer

So it’s pretty easy to maintain just make sure you do that and keep an eye on at getting company now when it comes to battery light the boundless sea effects will last about 90 minutes in use which translates to about 15 or so sessions depending on how long you use it you have the option to use a USB charger or you can use the wall charger it charges pretty quick about half an hour with the wall charger so that actually is fast compared to other vaporizers and it’ll take probably around two hours of using the USB charger with your computer a couple of things to keep in mind is don’t use it while it’s connected to the charger.

Boundless CFX Review & Vaporizer

If you’re going on excursions number two it can get a bit harsh attire to higher temperatures as I said so if you want to get bigger clouds just get used to being a little bit harsher but that’s not really much of a problem and number three in my personal opinion it doesn’t look the best we start other vaporizes and just look better but it does have a nice screen and that’s not a reason to not buy it overall it’s a phenomenal vaporizer at a decent price point and you can’t go wrong with the Boundless CFX.

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