CNN to Stop Running Ads for Juul and Other E-Cigarettes

While it is not set in stone that e-cigarettes cause more damage to the body as compared to traditional cigarettes, banning alternative smoking devices including e-cigarettes is currently one of the priorities of several countries.

Amid reports of a deadly lung illness associated with e-cigarettes surfacing online, CNN has decided to stop running ads for Juul and other alternative smoking devices. American news-based pay television channel’s Worldwide President Jeff Zucker made this announcement during an employee meeting.

CNN confirmed this in a statement to the outlet; however, the policy is likely to be changed in the near future. The decision will be based on the outcome of the investigation of the disease, which is currently carried out by health agencies.

“Given the recent news reports of serious illnesses and deaths linked to the product category and the subsequent warnings … CNN has revised its policies regarding e-cigarette advertising,” a spokesperson told The Daily Beast. The network will not air ads in this category with immediate effect, but the ban might be lifted if “new facts come to light” during the investigation, the speaker added.

Juul and a slew of other e-cigarettes use social media platforms for marketing. This year, Juul initiated a multimillion-dollar campaign on multiple other platforms including TV, print, and radio to reach out to a larger audience base.

The Food and Drug Administration recently warned users that claims about Juul been a “totally safe” alternative to smoking, and vaping been relatively less harmful were not legally approved. Six people have reportedly died due to a lung disease associated with vaping.

Moreover, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reported that 360 “confirmed and probable” cases have surfaced across 36 states and the US Virgin Islands. Over an alarming 450 possible cases have been identified.

While the exact cause of the disease is still unclear, multiple reports have linked it to illegally altered cannabis vapes, but health officials are also taking the threat from legal nicotine e-cigarettes into consideration. As a result, the CDC and the American Medical Association have advised people to avoid vaping completely.

While e-cigarettes have not been included in the compass of existing tobacco laws until now, there are high chances of new regulations coming into the picture soon. President Donald Trump recently suggested a ban of all non-tobacco flavored e-cigarettes, and some states and cities have already deemed them illegal.

It is worth mentioning here that research on the damage e-cigarettes causes to the body is still incomplete. While some shreds of evidence show that they are less harmful than traditional cigarettes, they’re still quite unsafe.

E-cigarettes, particularly from the brand Jull is garnering huge popularity among teens, who are likely to eventually take up smoking. Cigarettes advertisements on TV were banned back in 1970.


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