Core of e-cigarettes and how to decide whether an e-cigarette is suitable or not?

Previously in an article we discussed how e-cigarettes vaporize smoke and explained the operating principle of e-cigarettes. In this article, let us talk about the core of e-cigarettes which includes checking whether an electronic cigarette is good for you or not. Based on my research and opinion:

1. Safety is a major aspect to be taken care of. Safety not only during the use but also after using the device.

  • Safety while using: The safety measures during the use of the device is the process of smoking the e-cigarettes. These days it is very common to hear news about explosions of e-cigarette, injuries to the thighs, and other severe skin damages are caused. It can cause serious damage to different parts including thighs, lips, and other skin.
  • Safety after using: It is a controversial topic but smoke oil is the main reason for after use injury caused. The process of heating the smoked oil to the atomized core as many reports have mentioned about the harmful substances found but, in my experience, the temperature of atomized core is high during the process of heating, and the harmful substances are not accelerated. It is important to keep the device properly after using it.

2. Taste: This is what most of the users really care about. Have you ever wondered what is a good taste? The taste is nothing but an aroma which is elegant and comfortable to the user, the amount of smoke acceptable, harmonious integration, sweetness, taste reduction, pure, comfortable after-taste, miscellaneous, and full of fragrance.

Additionally, there are some statements of proprietors that says, you can not fasten the core that means the oil can’t be over-heated. You can’t blow the oil which means you are not allowed to smoke oil to suck in your mouth during smoking suction. The smoking and the cigarette holding place can’t be hot nor greasy. If the smoke holder is sticky then it indicates that the smoke oil is not heated properly. The smoking experience is different for everyone, because the taste is like a dish (food item). It is different for everyone as everyone have different taste buds.

Getting the taste right is the most difficult aspect for the manufacturers, the final product is determined on the basis of the taste of the owner or the user. But why it is difficult to grasp the taste? Well, because the smoke is not the only factor that needs to be taken care of but comprehensive combination of smoke oil that atomizing core and airflow passage. Just because the taste is poor, it is not necessary to determine the problem.

3. The measure of smoke: This also vary from person to person in the current small smoke on the market. Usually the overall smoke is supposed to be moderate, which is proportionate to the ratio of VG: PG. If the proportion is large then the amount of smoke is also large. While the taste is not same in different proportions. If you are looking forward to have a huge amount of smoke then you can use large smoke that is relatively large volume and powerful device. Sharing with personal experience, I prefer the amount of the smoke should be small which is better than traditional cigarettes.

4. The battery life and mobility: The main concern while using the e-cigarettes is to find a substitute for traditional cigarettes. If you compare the two, e-cigarettes have no fire because they are fuelled with battery. As per the current market, the rechargeable batteries are available. The battery of Xiaoyan is about 350 mAh which has a volume and capacity of 2ml of smoke oil. This is one of the most generic e-cigarettes, though there are number of electronic small smoke available on the market that flashes battery low. If you leave the charging device when it was low on battery for a long then the device might create a problem for a while otherwise the mobility still works in your favour.

5. Comfort: Comfort is something that can be experienced only after using the product. While using the product your lips talk, maybe for only few seconds but the experience can not be under-estimated because it makes the lips sensitive. The comfort also depends upon the suction resistance, in simple words, the smoothness you feel during the process of smoking. There are two extreme feelings: Feeling of emptying the smoke and other one is absorbing and blocking and again this varies from person to person. Apart from smoking, the other comfort is the body design of the device, the overall grip and the sleek feel in your hands. At present, the small smoke devices are made out of aluminium alloy which are sandblasted oxidation.

It also depends whether the bullet light or vibration is comfortable. Maybe a charging light, suction light, or a power indicator etc. Also, putting the smoke oil into the cartridge.

The above-mentioned five factors are actually very vast to discuss excluding the safety point, there is no elaboration required in the first point. Sometimes, suitable for one is not suitable for other. It is like visiting a supermarket to buy cigarettes, and only after smoking few cigarettes you decide whether to buy a pack of it or not. The e-cigarette scenario is similar. If you want to find out whether you like it or not, you may have to try it by yourself and get the experience. Trying yourself is the most effective way of buying an e-cigarette.

What are your thoughts about buying an e-cigarette, what are the factors you look for before choosing a flavour to smoke? Let us know in the comments section below, we are eager to learn about your experience and share ours. Also, do share this article with your friends so that they can also experience a better smoke just like you.

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