DaOne Tech HEXCOMB Mod Review

First off, I like the style and the design of this mod, which feels good and it’s got like a matte finish on each side, giving it an elegant look and better grip. Both these covers come off and have interchangeable little covers for the actual mod itself – a feature that I haven’t seen any of the other products, but these sports carbon fiber outward appearance.

DaOne Tech HEXCOMB Mod Review

The pod is inside there and we’re going to dive inside the box and see what you get when you pick one of these products. I’m going to go over some specs and everything else about it first off inside the box you’re going to get the honeycomb AIO 2 coils one is the actually has red overhangs which are rated up to the capacity and then they have the little MTL coil it.

DaOne Tech HEXCOMB Mod Review

I think it’s an MTO coil which is got a little blue a ring on it nail ones red like I said this one’s for 12 or 1.2 ohms and 12 to 15 watts so the other one is regulated to about 30 watts and that’s the one that’s in here now. I always use the higher one’s user manual your charge cable which is a micro USB and that is on the front or like I don’t have to call it the back of the front but the side here and let’s take a look at the pod and see what you’re going to get inside this thing.

DaOne Tech HEXCOMB Mod Review

I mean it has an easy way to fill starting with that how you would fill this guy is right here there’s a little slide and you can see through on this side can kind of see where the juice is at and you slide you just pull that down hold it in flat in your hand and you fill it’s easy. I do like that design as it is unique. I have never seen that before where it’s just a slide door like that and how you take that out to replace the coils the other side and you would push this out so this comes out.

DaOne Tech HEXCOMB Mod Review

That’s going to be whereas you can see that slide doors right there and you can you could fill with it out or however you want to do it but you turn this upside down you pop this a little coil out it has adjustable airflow on it but going further you the coils that they have threads and you would thread them on and pop that back in now. I have mine fully open and I do like the fact that there are adjustable rings to mill or it has a two mill capacity inside the inside of the pot.

DaOne Tech HEXCOMB Mod Review

There’s a two mill capacity and then you put that back in you just slide that back in that way so as you can see I’m up there we go slit I was on the wrong side so it goes back on the other side opposing the button so that one goes right back on here like that boom hooked up then you have a little button space and button on the side I do like where the buttons at when you hit it there’s a little LED there and this thing it has as they said easy one of the easiest factors of it as a filling capacity and it lets you know where the battery’s out with LED.

DaOne Tech HEXCOMB Mod Review

It had a little bit more of a burst like just being more versatile on the being able to bump wattage up and down – its kind of just like “hey you only get one shot” and of course, I only put salt in this because I’m not sure that it can. I’m skeptical it’s going to take liquid hits pretty good though and I do like the way it hits but again for this being something I’ve never tried before there are a couple of things that I want to point out right away this is not adjustable your white is 100 to 75% battery capacity which means it’s probably pumping as much as it needs to below 70-75 to 50 greens 5225 and red is 25.

So let you know when it’s going dead and everything else but other than that there are no specs on here to tell you how to change wattage which I’m just guessing it’s a one-trick pony.

DaOne Tech HEXCOMB Mod Review

it’s just going to be popping and going might register the coils away it is it does hit good flavors pretty good I wanted to see a little bit more flavor-wise out of it I’m not getting a big flavor head it’s just more of like an Airy hit and maybe if I closed off the airflow a little bit more I would get a little bit more flavor to let’s try that again this is something I’ve never even heard of da one but overall mod seems pretty functional just that close.

I’m going to for the first time I’m closing off some airflow which usually is not the case let’s see trial and error for everything a better flavor is still a little bit more closed off and I like it but that’s an opinion overall it is a solid it seems to be a very functioning device I had one of these before and I had an issue where the trapdoor actually when I went to slide down and snapped in half so they sent us two of these and again.

DaOne Tech HEXCOMB Mod Review
I’m not going to knock these guys just because I don’t know much but I’d like to see more from them so that I can you know further justify some of the things I have to say about the products. The flavor is one of the biggest things they do use a mesh coil, however, I’m not getting as I’d like to see a little bit more flavor I am getting flavor it is still it’s good it’s just not punchy enough for me but for somebody who likes a more choked off hit, this is probably perfect for them and overall design.

It’s just a cool-looking, and I like it and it’s perfect for the pocket, as well as lightweight and it looks cool. Maybe somebody’s new to pod systems would fancy trying this.

There are so many different variations of pod systems now out on the market that you know there’s a lot of competition is what I’m trying to say there’s a lot to compete for definitely going to give this guy like a 7 out of 10 just because of you my prior sliding down on the door and it’s snapping it seemed like that was kind of cheaply made but I’m not 100% on that.

DaOne Tech HEXCOMB Mod Review

I don’t want to knock them too much the coils are functional but again not enough flavor and the airflow being fully adjustable which is great. I’m not getting as much airflow as I would like and again I just want to see some more power, some more punch, some more versatility, more options in the mod.

DaOne Tech HEXCOMB Mod Review

With such a wide range of pod systems available on the market, it would make no sense in going in for something that doesn’t boast an impressive array of features. If you want a one-trick pony this would be for you, but for me not so much but again I’m not going to knock that name because again they might be putting out bangers soon in some really good mods this was the HEXCOMB Mod, you guys have a great day.

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