Diamond MTL RTA by Damn Vape Review

We’re gonna check out the diamond MTL RTA from Damn Vape. This is a single coil 22 mm meter RTA also designed by Jay Design as well.

Let’s go ahead and dive into it. This is what your packaging is going to look like. Inside the package, you will have your RTA, a piece of bubble glass, a baggie of spares that include some screws, a screwdriver and of course a user manual. This thing is about 39 millimeters tall from the base to the top of the included 510 drip tip, 22 millimeters in diameter on that base.

Diamond MTL RTA by Damn Vape

It does say Diamond manufactured by Damn Vape. You do have a protruding silver-plated 510-pin. It does come with this Delrin 510 tip —  pretty nice and narrow bore good for amounts along a drip tip but you could use your tips if you wanted to. You have these little screws in the airflow here that is for airflow control and then on the top cap where you have these little bevels cut out and this device is a top fill with a very narrow chimney as well which I like for an a/d like this.

So to get to your build deck you just unscrew the base and that O ring came off with it and there is your build deck pretty simple build deck kind of a Kayfun style bottom airflow. I believe that hole is 1.5 millimeters in diameter and then you got your wick ports right here. Liquid feeds into both sides pretty large wick ports for an MTL RTA so you can use a pretty good amount of wicking.

Diamond MTL RTA by Damn Vape

I would say you could do like a two and a half millimeter on this maybe even a three millimeter and be fine. Then you have these little cutouts here on each side and that is basically for wrapping your screw around if you’d like, now with this airflow screw. Let’s go ahead and pull that out and that has whole going rate through it okay so these are basically meant to screw in but then you get a few of them and it’s kind of hard to tell when you get holes this small but I believe you have a couple of different sizes here one like this one on the left to me.

Diamond MTL RTA by Damn Vape

It looks a little bit smaller that’s tough though but it looks like there are a few different sizes there if you want to change the drop a little bit the middle one here it looks like it’s about the middle size. I’m gonna use that one and then I’m just gonna screw this all the way in. There we go and now I’m gonna put this on am I’d loosen up both screws and I have a little MTL coil here that I spaced this is a Clapton coil and I am going to install it now.

I’m going to tighten these screws down Phillips head screws but you can use a flat head and then I bent my leads through those little slots right there and now I’m gonna trim it off and I think part of why they have those slots is so you can you know pull over and cut off because as you can see there that wall is pretty close to where your threads are so you don’t want to leave your leads for too long out that way to where they get short out against the chamber.

Diamond MTL RTA by Damn Vape

I got my coil blowing evenly. I’m going to thread some wick through and try not to screw up my space to coil too much and it made it a little uneven but that’ll be fine it’s kind of hard sometimes with these little small MTL coils keeping them looking nice and pretty after you space them and put the wick in them. Now, I’m going to cut my wick about like so and because these wick slots are so large I’m not even gonna thin this out at all I’m just gonna take my wick and put it nice and gently inside there.

Diamond MTL RTA by Damn Vape

I’m going to prime it up and put the tank back together and now we shall fill threads feel nice on this with the straight gloss. It holds two ml’s of liquid with the bubble glass it’s three-and-a-half MLS and notices the way this top cap is designed you have this flat part right there, a flat part right there that is so as you’re screwing this down air can escape which is supposed to minimize the amount of flooding.

That happens especially because it’s a top fill device. There we are pretty simple looking little RTA but I think it looks classy and it’ll look good with a lot of smaller mom, little mini mods as well. Alright guys, let’s go ahead go up top vape this and talk about it a little more. Here’s the Damn Vape MTL RTA dress I’m cotton on my hat. I think I do the build is reading 0.7 to 18 watts 12 milligram in here. Let’s vape it.

It’s about a medium melt along with that screw I put in looked like it was like the middle size really smooth drop the flavor on this thing is what you would expect it’s a pretty short RTA. Your mouth is pretty close to the coil it’s spot-on really like the draw on it as well and it’s nice and smooth.

Diamond MTL RTA by Damn Vape

As far as cons go, what do we have basically you’re limited with your airflow right what size airflow you want. I would say you can get like a medium loose MTL that that hole underneath the coil is 1.5 millimeters down to you know a little tighter MTL but anything in that kind of medium-range you know. If I make it sense, I know that’s so subjective to draws. but it’s hard to explain anything like 1.5 and below like 1.5 to 1.2 or so.

That being said, I do like the way they did this design because you tend to lose less of the air velocity air pressure because it’s cutting the airflow down all the way to rate underneath the coil without where that screw ends so you know if you had an adjustable airflow ring on the base here you could cut it down tight but you would lose some of that air pressure by the time it gets to your coil. I’ve talked about that a lot of times before only other thing to be aware of is you know this can use quite a bit of wicking if you wick it too late you could potentially make it flood especially because it is a top fill and you break that seal you know and it ends up flooding the coil so make sure you put enough wicking in here.

Diamond MTL RTA by Damn Vape

I haven’t found that I ever put too much wicking in and you don’t really need to comb out your wick or anything with a two and a half millimeter inner diameter coil as far as pros go flavors on point I love the draw really small chamber in here then a very narrow chimney narrow bore in your drip tip it’s a really nice true mg/l vape easy to build and wick no issues there. I think the build quality on it is nice it’s nice-looking kind of simple but I don’t mind that as you guys know better than something that’s too you know tacky or something like that so all in all really nice RTA.

We’ve seen other arches like this before kind of a Kayfun style RTA just kind of makes its own in a few different ways pretty inexpensive, very nice vape. I can dig it also big Pro that you do get a bubble gloss if you want a bigger capacity with a tank like this especially because you’re not going through as much liquid. I prefer to just use the straight glass because I think it’s better looking and it’s told to MLS you’re only gonna fill it you know a couple of times a day at most.

Diamond MTL RTA by Damn Vape

So I don’t mind using the smaller capacity but having it look a little bit better than a bubble tank on a melt along RTA but that’s just me if you’re somebody that doesn’t want to fill your tank up much then try out the bubble it’s definitely something. I’m going to continue to use as I said doesn’t really reinvent the wheel it’s just simply easy to build wicks.

Well, there’s not a lot to complain about with this except for you are limited on what airflow settings you get very very satisfying vapor now price wise you’re looking in that $30 range let’s go ahead end it there folks that about wraps it up.

What did you think about the Diamond MTL RTA by Damn Vape? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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