DJV Dejavu Neon TC Kit Review

DJV Dejavu Neon TC Kit Review

Today we have a new single 18650 80w by Adrian Lopez about and it comes in two colors white and black single battery mode comes with a sub-ohm tank on top with the one mesh coil. Additionally, you will get reputable base car VA in the package so in this video we’re going to be doing the unboxing we click over the box mod and then we the time we’ll place the coil in the RBA.

DJV Dejavu Neon TC Kit Review

So let’s dive down now and the DJV Dejavu Neon TC Kit comes in this packaging on the front we have the picture of the product image on this side we have the including of the package on the other side we have the scratch and check pot quick response code the color the white it’s available in two colors white and black one side is a Camelback usual for all the products by DG.

here we have our box mod will go with shortly white color here’s our salon tank with the bubble gloss pre-installed and here we have straight glass spare one we have the keychain and the tube plastic tube with the spares and here’s our RBA rebuildable base for the sub-tank and here we have a tiny screwdriver a bunch of orange post screws and here we have some stickers user manual for the kit.

The warranty card USB cable for charging the battery and what is this djv card well let’s start from the mod this is the DejaVu neon mod single 18650 80w made of ABS material high-quality plastic and it doesn’t feel cheap at all feels very solid no rattles very classic boxy shape. We have the 510 connectors on the top and here we have the hole for the lanyard front panel fire bottle wattage down what a job button.

We have a little engraving so you can feel that we have the colorful display micro USB port for charging the battery we have the logos on both sides and nothing except that pretty minimalistic and at the bottom we have the name of the product designed by Adrian Lo Dejavu in Malaysia and assembled in China.

DJV Dejavu Neon TC Kit Review

We also have the world cool battery cover here and throw in the battery and we have the tube here for the battery single 18650 and it is 5 clicks to turn it on DJV it’s powered by new running X chipset and at screen we can see the mode power mode the wattage called resistance voltage mode is as normal now waiting time and the battery bar so to access the menu need to press 3 times and here we have our temperature control here now it’s on the nickel this way you can adjust your temperature.

If you press water job and fire button you can switch the material down here titanium stainless steel and just long press to select 1 2 3 again next one is the voltage mode and it comes out up to 8 volts maximum so I guess it’s good for those vapors who like to vape on high resistance builds and it will be enough power for your coils 1 2 3 and this one is power curve and here you can select the wattage by steps and the vape in time yep exit 1 2 3 again and it’s here you can adjust the screen brightness long press to select it.

Let’s go back to the power mode and maximum make you what powered by running X or X 80 chipset 80 watts maximum width does round-robin and here we can choose the modes normal high and soft I just leave it at the normal the chipset has all the safety protections as well and it supports two arms fast charging so now, we’re done with the mod.

Let’s check the atomizer and here’s the neon sub-ohm tank DJV neon 24 millimeter at the base 28 at bubble glass section it holds 4.5 m/s with this class and 2.5 m/s with the straight glass on the top it comes with the first at 810 acrylic drip tip top fuel system here are three slots for the juice at the bottom we have triple airflow one two three adjustable with the starter.

Remove the cap and here we can see dual post single coil we have the side the airflow here at the angle and it seems like we have the bottom airflow as well so dual airflow here’s the ports for the cotton weeks and it’s go to the base just like so yep we’re basically done with it so now let’s build it so we are back on top with DJV neon kid by 8mm data and it’s time for cloud check so let’s start first from the match point one I have it on fully open airflow 55 watts even if the coil is rated at 20 to 40 watts.

if I remember from the close-up but I think it’s underrated so 55 watts, in my opinion, it’s really suitable for this one so let’s have it and it’s really good flavor a lot of the mesh coil but its expectable mesh coil can’t taste really bad so I think it’s not enough power anyway.

So we’ll bump it up to 60 let’s try it again yeah a little bit warmer and the airflow was very smooth as you can hear and I would say it’s not really Avery but deal directly maybe we can even try to dial it down it’s still like just a third yeah nice healing good flavor so now let’s try the RBA it’s 2.5 millimeters fused Club and coil inside it came out at poetry home and I run it on 50 watts fully open air and from these few VIPs.

DJV Dejavu Neon TC Kit Review

I can tell you right away that with the RBA basic cuts restrictive now it’s not adding any more as the mesh coil now it’s restrictive long heat and you can feel like you’re long starting to work the flavor is good out of this but it’s a little bit different much coil and this one obviously if you try to know it and even a fully open airflow is restrictive as I said but I think you can still play around with the coil.

DJV Dejavu Neon TC Kit Review

I placed it right at the middle not too low and not too high but I think if you raise the coil a little bit so give some space not obstruct airflow it can get a little bit airier but for toast like nice restricted lung hit this one is good and the flavor is awesome and the clothes are good for the single coil as well as you can see.

So, in conclusion, I would say these two kids by ed Walters always really slow it once the plastic and its ultra-light lightweight and quite portable as well comes with a really solid Simone tank flavorful but also you can get you will get RBA base in the package which is a huge drop in my opinion.

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