Dovpo Topside Dual Unboxing Review

Dovpo Topside Dual Unboxing Review

So, if you’ve been living under a rock in vapeland, you may have missed the, turning it around so you can see it rather than keep on spinning it, you would have missed the Dovpo Topside single. Which was their previous iteration, and it was a hell of a squonk mod. The great thing about it was it had a 10 ml squonk bottle inside, it was top-fill, which was one of the first squonks out there to do that.

So, this is it, the Topside Dual! And it’s a cracker! So, let’s have a look. What does it come with it? You get a little slide sleeve, which, well, the best feature of it I think is this. Bit of information on the side. It comes with these two separates, the squonk bottle and they call it the TS bottle kit, comes separately out the box.

Dovpo Topside Dual Unboxing Review

But they come nicely separate. And, this here, this is one of them, look at this, this is insane. I’m going to zoom this up on my wobbly table which is basically just four stones and a plank of wood. And it has the most, I’ve said this before, it’s got the most over-engineered top cap in the world. NASA I think, has used this on the space mission ISS.

Anyway, it’s leakproof so it’s great in your pocket, nothing worse than having a squonk mod in your pocket and it leaking everywhere. Well there are worse things, and I can think of loads of worse things but in the whole realm of vaping and leakiness, that’s annoying. So, this here has got a leak-proof top cap, and 10 mills, it’s a spare one and it’s nice, as squonk bottles go it’s nice.

I mean I’d rather have a Rolex but this is decent. And then it comes with the main striker, there you go, and you can see here where it’s top fill as well, nice, big, kind of kidney-shaped. Kidney dishes, the kidney dish entry as I like to call it, famously branded it.

That’s the actual squonk bottle, so it’s a 10 mill squonk mod but you don’t have the 10m inside the box you have them separately. So that’s why you wonder if you get these separate boxes, or if you bought it and, if you’ve ordered one of these online from anywhere and it hasn’t come with these and they’re trying to sell them to you separately, shoot them because they come with them. Anyway, box, look at that, how fancy is this?

Dovpo Topside Dual Unboxing Review

That etching on the box, nice. You know what, don’t even vape it just keep the box. That’s how nice the box is. That’s what I’m doing, keeping the box, going to put mine on the mantelpiece like this, loads of them and collect in different colors. Anyway, so there you go, all that. So, Dovpo was known for making quite a basic starter kit type vapes.

Dovpo Topside Dual Unboxing Review

And they’ve really upped their game recently, they kind of went missing, they made the Basium, I don’t know if you’ve seen the Basium. It is like a square, bit like a Reuleaux, it’s going to appear on the side of the screen, so this is a Basium, they made this a while ago, which is one of their first forays, foray into the world of squonks.

And it was decent enough, I mean it’s a bit like a Reuleaux but I use it, it’s mine, this is mine by the way, this is genuinely mine, it’s not one of those, I love these, so I’m just chattering at the moment but I liked to use these.

They started to make better devices rather than just really shonky starter kits and this is what they did with the Dovpo Topside. So inside the box, you got your foam inside, I know you care about that. You got these things here; let’s put them down, let’s put them out of the way. It’s like Christmas morning. You get your little battery safety guide, also comes with they’re QC approved.

Dovpo Topside Dual Unboxing Review

This feels pretty robust. It’s got the micro USB charging housing there, personally, I would recommend an external charger, these things tend to be a bit iffy on some vape kits. To be fair I think this whole charging system is iffy, not as opposed to, not just the vape kits charging system, I think the old style of the micro, it’s not even the micro USB, USB-C right now which is a bit more robust.

I just think these are a bit crap, so just go for an external charger if you can. Topscore mod, it will screw here, pings out, and obviously, you’d have a squonk bottle in there, yeah, it’s got a spring fired 510 connectors inside there. Everything about it really is nice, got your power buttons. I mean just having a look at what they say are its key features, temp control, top fill, it’s 200 Watts is more powerful than the previous, oh magnetic there, amazing.

Dovpo Topside Dual Unboxing Review

Which is more powerful than the previous single battery mod, which I think, that was 80 watts, so this allows you to go increase the wattage if you want a warmer vapor, warmer flavor. But yes, I can’t really fault it, I really like the single versions, so if you want a device that’s got more wattage power, still got the 10 mill squonk fill, I don’t think you can go wrong, so, it’s pretty much the same money out there as well.

Dovpo Topside Dual Unboxing Review

So, for the same money is the single version you get the Topside Dual. So, there you go, that’s the Dovpo Topside Dual, it’s 10 mill squonk, top fill so it’s not messy, comes with loads of these little things, it’s got LED screens, temperature control, it’s a tidy mod, give it a go.

Dovpo Topside Dual Unboxing Review

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