Drag Nano by Voopoo Review

Today, we will check out the Drag Nano pod kit by Voopoo. If you’ve been vaping for a while, you know that the drag mod has been very popular and now they have a little pod version. So let’s go ahead and dive into it.

This is what your packaging is going to look like. Inside you do have your device, a 1 ml pod, micro USB charging cable, a chain lanyard, a gene chip card, a warranty card, and a user manual. This device is 54 millimeters tall, 39 millimeters wide and 11 millimeters thick. It comes with a built-in 750 milliamp power battery and it adopts the same styling and the materials feel the same as the drag mod.

Drag Nano

So you got this resin panel right here. Then the rest of this here is metal, a zinc alloy I’m sure but it’s got that that platinum finish, I think is what they call it. Would they do that with the Drag 2 mod as well? There’s a platinum edition and as always on these, you have the big drag branding on the backside on the bottom there. It does say gene chip and you have a micro USB port for charging. This does only have half amp charging though.

I found that it charges up in a little over an hour and then right there is where you would attach your lanyard and you have a little light indicator right there and then there is where you put your pot a couple of contacts down in there and a draw activation switch one thing just to point out right now. I do really like the two-tone metal finish here. you got this glossy what they’re calling a platinum finish and then you got this more of a matte finish with the gene chip writing raised.

Here is your pod. Like I said, this thing holds only one ml of liquid a 1.8-ohm coil inside pretty standard and simple to contacts right there and then you got your airflow hole right there and there is your mouthpiece definitely has that jewel type shaped mouthpiece also reminds me of that finesse Vega pod a bit as well. So this is actually a top fill, you pull up like so and then you fill up right there so I guess not very top but aside top fill and then you have this chimney right here see fill it on up then you put your cap back on you could see right there that lines up with this side. It slides on like okayish.

Drag Nano

I have a salt liquid in my other device and I’m going to fill this one up with just regular 12 milligrams. Just push the tip in like so and then you want to tilt it about like that when you’re filling and you can’t go too fast or you could end up getting an air bubble in there and make it more difficult to fill up once you get to the very top you got to slow it down even more.

I’ve noticed okay so I think that’s good enough yeah just got a little air bubble on that side in right there now let’s slide this back on and then you push your pot in and you’ll see that little light indicator go on that light is green when your battery is above 60% it’s blue from 20 to 60% and red under 20%.

Drag Nano_gene chip

They say this has a gene chip in it and I think what that does is just regulate this at like 3.5 – 3.6 volts but I have noticed still once you get lower in the battery you know that the vape quality does go down a little bit so probably once your battery goes under three-point 6 volts you’re then just getting like a direct output so that’s pretty much it.

Super simple little pod device very small pretty nice-sized battery in a device this small though as far as size comparison there it is next to an Orion Q quite a bit smaller as you can see a little bit thinner as well and here’s a few others I’ve been using oh one other thing to mention too with this is that when you pull the pot out you want to pinch a bit like that. I’ve noticed sometimes if I just go to pull it out I don’t know if it’s gonna do it on this one no it’s not. let’s see if it does it on this other one here.

So if I just go to pull it out yeah it ends up pulling just the cap off and not the whole pod so you got a pinch and pull if that makes sense. That is it for the up-close, now let’s go ahead go up the top vape and talk about them a little more.

Drag Nano

Here’s the Voopoo Drag Nano. This one just has regular 5050 12 milligram nicotine inside let’s beep it, okay this one is a 25 milligram Knick salt. Let’s go ahead and bait that the vape off of this is very similar to that finesse Vega that I reviewed me earlier this month. This little tiny pod system doesn’t have many bells and whistles but a decent amount of battery life and it looks really cool so it’s similar to the finesse Vega. Let’s check out the top pros and cons of this device.


First off, when you go to fill on some of these pods, not all of them you end up pulling off so yeah I’m not doing it now of course I showed you guys in the up-close though you end up just pulling off the top cap by the way these pods are just pressed fit not magnets so they kind of click into place like so but anyway that’s worth mentioning so when you do pull it out.

I would suggest pinching and pulling also not a big fan of the fill port location where it’s on the side up there you kind of gotta tell it’s a little bit make sure your liquid getting over to the other side of the chimney you know you can get end up getting air bubbles stuck so you got to fill in a little bit slower than some other pods.

Drag Nano

I wish that somehow you know they would have just put the port on the very top another con for me is it’s a pretty slow charger it only has half amp charging which they would have at least done 1 amp or something so it would have charged up a little faster so that’s a bummer. That being said, this can definitely last you all day you’re gonna get 3 to 350 puffs off of this battery. Now, let’s talk pros.


the biggest one for me build quality it feels like a full-sized rag does you know those same materials solid metal feels like a little mini brick or something you know there’s no rattle or anything it just it feels solid you drop this thing it should be fine very very well-made and feels more premium than a lot of the other little pods like this flavors good on the pods it’s definitely made for a higher nicotine like. if I was using normal regular and conventional nicotine I’d probably want to use an 18 in it instead of a 12 or you know a 25 milligram salt it fits that bill a little bit more but the flavor is quite nice and you actually get a pretty warm vape off of it the draw is a medium MTL.

Now, on the original version of this, they sent me with the original puds is a little bit looser of a drop but then I think they tighten the drop a little bit I’m noticing which makes for a warmer vape and it’s more satisfying to me one other bummer though is that only one ml of liquid in the pods and it’s also a bummer that they only give you one pod would have been really nice if they would have given you two –  you can get this for $20.

Drag Nano

It’s a bit cheaper than some other pod systems out there but I would have rather just seen it you know twenty-three twenty-four dollars and have two pods. I would definitely put this in the category of mini refillable pod system it’s very similar to me to that finesse Vega that I reviewed recently. What I would love to see Voopoo do though is a drag an IO. I know they do have some other drag variant where it has like this tank that’s made to screw on and off it’s proprietary but I’m talking like a drag box an IO where you know your tanks inside kind of bill a boxy sort of style and you can replace coils in and out of it that would be really nice.

I’d love to see them go that route because I do tend to use those an IO style devices more than just your straight-up pods but this is nice if you want something super-duper small and stealthy. As I said, you’re gonna be able to get this for 20 bucks with one pot as far as pod longevity goes. I found about six or seven refills are about safe and then you tend to lose flavor lots of different colors you’ll be able to find this in as well. That’s pretty much about the Drag Nano. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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