DUKE II DNA 18650 Review

DUKE II DNA 18650 Review

Today I will review DUKE II DNA 18650. This box mod arrives is made out of pleather Inside everything is soft – even made a pillow for a box mod. How cute and the only thing we have inside besides box mod is warranty card and that’s all Specs.

Most of the box mod is made out of 7075T7 Aluminum This aluminum is used in the construction of spaceships and airplanes Aside from that, some design elements are made out of SS316 with satin finish and the main color is achieved with Ceracote.

This box mod is powered by a single 18650 and based on a DNA75C chip by Evolve but Vicious Ant also has a version with SX chip by Yihi But the SX version has been released earlier and even the design of it is a bit different Colors. As I understand, at this moment guys have two colors – Black, as we have now, and Grey.

DUKE II DNA 18650 Review

Also, they have Starwood versions, but they are very expensive Max height of this mod is 90mm, width is varying from 45 to 50mm and depth is 27mm Weight with a battery inside is 254 grams – that is without atomizer, so you can add another 20-30 grams So. We’re done with the intro. Let’s dive down and see what’s interesting guys have made and take a closer look at this box mod.

As always, we start from the top, where we have a 510 connector and spring-loaded gold-plated pin This part of the device, next to the connector, is designed in such a way, that it limits the fit of atomizers up to 24mm in diameter.

This wall may cover the bottom airflow, so be careful Next to the connector, on this beveled part, we have a Fire button – it’s made out of black Delrin Button is almost flush and have almost touch-typed of click, but you can feel it when you press it. This is the front panel.

DUKE II DNA 18650 Review

Here we have a logo, display of a DNA75C, buttons +/- and menu. And MicroUSB slot This part is made of SS316 and it has a satin finish. The side of the device looks so and here you can see all the ergonomics of the design. Look, even this side with a SS plate is curved.

This side is made for a comfortable grip with your fingers Because when you take this box mod in your right hand – grip is very natural. Also, on another side, we have a logo of Vicious Ant. On the opposite side, everything is the same except for the Vicious Ant logo.

Everything is clear with this side and on the bottom, we have a lot of interesting things First thing is engraving – it says that it’s Duke DNA V2.0, Manufactured by Vicious Ant, the serial number is 043 and the color is Graphite Black.

DUKE II DNA 18650 Review

That little screw is holding the whole body of a mod and here we have a battery cap – it holds a single 18650 battery. This cap has a fast-unscrew system – you can unscrew it with half-a-turn – you twist it and pull it out The cap has vent holes, small recess for fingers and minor adjustment screw It’s been realized by this screw – if you twist it clockwise – it’s screwing in.

Honestly, I don’t know if this adjustment feature was necessary since the contact inside is spring-loaded. So when you insert the battery it has some movement inside. Most likely company insured to prevent any possible battery rattle Because when I just got that box mod I inserted the battery right away without any adjustment, closed the cap and mod was ready to go.

DUKE II DNA 18650 Review

But in case if the negative side of your battery is bent – you can adjust the cap Also, if you feel that cap is heating up during usage – it means that you should adjust it. But overall – everything is fine for me. After you insert the battery, the box mod will automatically turn on, but it’ll be locked.

To unlock it – you need to press the Fire button 5 times One two three four five There’s standard info on the display – battery life, wattage, which you can adjust, resistance and voltage. When I just got that mod, I took it in my hands, put the atomizer on, started using it and couldn’t figure out how to hold it comfortably.

Like so, to press Fire with my thumb or like so, to press with my index finger I ended up choosing a way to press with my thumb But it’s really hard to change habits, especially after many years of using side Fire button After some time using such box mods, you begin to get used to it and you begin to enjoy it So you take box mod and you know where you should place your fingers and how to press Fire button So you should get used to it.

DUKE II DNA 18650 Review

When I got this box mod, I put the battery in, closed the cap without any adjustment, put atomizer on and it just worked In the process, when you use it, if you feel that cap is getting warm – you need to do that adjustment Overall this adjustment is unnecessary Overall I’m done with nitpicks and sidenotes Let’s talk about pros. Let’s go. The first pro goes for the quality of manufacturing.

You take it and just use it and enjoy it Especially after you’ve had a lot of different devices in your hands with various cons With problems, overhangs, the rattle of battery doors, damaged batteries. You take this box mod in your hands and you understand – it’s great.

DUKE II DNA 18650 Review

There are people who know how to produce such mods And there are people who are not afraid to make such a product in this era of Pod systems Although they make them in small quantities Overall, let’s finalize I understand that you are curious about the price because all reasonable people understand that this box mod cannot cost 30-40-50-60$. It just can’t.

DUKE II DNA 18650 Review

It cost 280$ and this is a normal price for it I’ll say this – this is a high-end device. High-end devices usually cost about the same. Let us know what do you think about this device?

DUKE II DNA 18650 Review

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