Dyadic 200W SQUONK BOX MOD Review

Dyadic 200W SQUONK BOX MOD Review

This is the Dyadic review and, in the box, you can see it’s all black I also have a silver one. The black is like gunmetal-ish right on top there you can see you got some dye attic branding now on top you can see there’s the dye attic branding four-star screws holding everything in place gold-plated swanking pin stainless steel threading around that short stiff throw to the squanching pin what you would expect from a typical squonk are the plate here not being circular kind of different I kind of like that it is metal I’m glad that it’snot stainless steel that it doesn’t you know I think if they made this stainless steel.

Dyadic 200W SQUONK BOX MOD Review

It would have looked at a place with the blacktop so nice job on that on the other side of the mod you can see has somewhat offal branding some Tony rebranding and some more star screws as well as some venting over here and here’s your fire button rectangular style fire button and minus button very smooth along with micro USB port there, of course, is your screen I do like the finish on this the finish is kind of like that smooth almost rubbery coating nice feel in the hand.

Dyadic 200W SQUONK BOX MOD Review

I do like it there, of course, is your squonk bottle let me show you how this works you pop this off just like that okay and now you can see there’s your squonk bottle this is how you fill your squonk bottle it has this little stopper here that stays in there stays attached so you just put it to the side and you kind of side fill it I like that a lotI really wish what WoToFo would have included this whole assembly with the spare so the bottom line is if you want to use the second bottle you got to take this top piece off and the collar in order to use it.

Dyadic 200W SQUONK BOX MOD Review

You don’t get a spare of and this collar part you don’t get a spare of so you got to pull this collar off and you got to use this and this with the spare that’s going to be a definite con. I don’t understand why they went ahead and did that’s a bad job by with WoToFo over here you can see this nice long pin here that’s the part that attaches to your squonk tube now over here you see these little gold-plated they’re like little gold-plated ball bearings that are kind of spring-loaded those little balls are going to snap into this little circular part right here so when you put the door on you’re going to hear it clicks like that those are those little balls slipping into those little holes so that’s a nice job with that I definitely like that we’re going to take it off we’re going to flip it over.

Dyadic 200W SQUONK BOX MOD Review

Here you can see where the batteries go okay batteries this comes off again this tray just like the one for the Swan caris you know feels like plastic has those little ball bearing holes in there right that you can see so you don’t get to worry about if your battery wraps have tears but you still want to check them before you put them in and then on the backside here you can see you got black-on-black battery indicator markings that’s a bad job but now you can also see all four of those little spring-loaded balls and you have four more over here so I just wanted to point that out okay here’s your battery strap plus-minus plus should have been done that’s a bad job white or silver or something spring-loaded gold-plated battery contacts on top button style contacts on the bottom.

Dyadic 200W SQUONK BOX MOD Review

It is very easy to install the batteries so in order to install your batteries positive side goes in first make sure your battery straps aligned a little bit negative side goes in like that boom make sure they’re nice and secure make sure that battery straps nice and secure take your battery cover and pop it on just like that put your squonk bottle in taking your Squonk door pop it on just like that you do have a little seam right here its pretty good I don’t see any issues with it the battery door and the squonk door stay on and click in very solidly now check out that screen and that geriatric foot.

Dyadic 200W SQUONK BOX MOD Review

I absolutely love it you can see itsays standard that’s your pre-heat yourwattage 30 watts your resistance yourvoltage and separate battery meters allyou need to know man that’s all you needto know it Scrolls in 1 watt incrementsall the way up to 200 watts it doesscroll on the slow side considering thatit Scrolls 1 watt at a time I wish itwas faster it does not round-robin okaybut you will get 200 watts out of thismod so that’s kind of coolespecially for a squonk err that dualbattery squonk a’ market you knowdoesn’t have a lot of devices taking upspace in that market it’s nice to seemore being released oknow in order to adjust the preheat right there you can see I’m in standard hitthe plus + power button together I’m in powerful hit it again I’m in powerful + hit it again I’m back to standard another thing you can do is if you wantto lock the mod hit the plus and minus button together you can see it says key lock now I cannot adjust the wattage andI cannot fire it so hit it again tounlock alright and that’s it folks that’s the whole menu system also included in the box.

You get a dyadic user manual a spare bottle with no collar but you do get a squonk tube that’s kind of weird man like why wouldn’t you just put the collar on that it’s definitely going to be a con I don’t understand why they wouldn’t give you just a full bottle assembly and you get this rather nice flat wire micro-USB cable for charging.

Dyadic 200W SQUONK BOX MOD Review

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