Everything you need to know about Mechanical Mods

Here’s everything you need to know about Mechanical Mods!

What are the different types of Mech Mods available in the market?

All Mech Mods in the market are generally pretty much the same as regular vape mods. So, what makes mech mods different? The mech mods offer a unique range of customization and are less popular than their automized siblings — this is also what makes it different.

The mech mod that comes in tube style is usually built with stainless steel and the battery power is single 18650, 20650, 20700, and 21700 batteries.

It offers a satisfactory voltage output ranging between 3.2 to 4.2 Volts, depending on the battery level and any tank (sub-ohm needs to be careful about) as per the connection that is based on hybrid or 510 connection is compatible with these devices. The new-gen mech mods can work well and complies with 0.07 to 2.5-ohm atomizer resistance.

It helps to stripe down the vaping device that provides you the ability to vape easily, simply and efficiently. The atomizer goes with it but they need to be bought separately and of course, they do not come in the mech mod packages. In the market, there two basic types of mech mods that throw up some minor differences. Taking that into consideration the unregulated box mods contribution one should check the device carefully.

Many mech mods are originally made by reputable companies, but there are counterfeits of these mech mods available in the market too. The duplicate ones are mostly the copy of the mech mod that offers its users similar features but at a lower price.

The problem with these duplicate devices is that they are not as safe as the original version that is manufactured by the company, nor do they offer as many quality features in the device. It is recommended should always go for the original mech mods if your budget permits you to do so. Of course, the original ones ensure your safety and give you a far superior vaping experience you ever had.

The best Mech Mod

The definition of the best mech mod available in the market changes from person to person, depending on what they are looking for in a mech mod. Some users might want something different, while others might look for something else, this is what influences the choice that they make and due to this, there is more than one choice for the mech mod.

Every collection offers the best option for different types of users. Consumers need to check whether or not the mod suits their fancies, which clarifies why it makes sense to check every mech mod’s specifications and features. Also, budget plays an important role and vaping preferences might have a different order but one thing can be ensured that no matter what vaper might require the mech mods on this list will fulfill all their requirements.

What are the frequently asked questions about Mech Mods?

Can the Mech Mods also explode like any other vaping device?

A mech mod can also explode too. Mech mod is no less safe than a regular mod but things can go wrong. Since the mech mods don’t use any circuit board that has safety built-in feature the mech mod user has to be active by keeping in mind that the mod is safe to use. The knowledge of Ohm’s law and the battery needs to be added safely to use in a mech mod.

What could cause an explosion?

The same reason that could cause a regulated mod to explode. In fact, in most cases, the batteries get damaged to start with.How to prevent mech mods from exploding?

The very basic thing to take care of is checking if the batteries are proper and not damaged or wet in any way, also if they are wrapped intact. Apart from this, check if any warning signs might indicate that something is wrong. If there is any sensation of getting current which is pretty much similar to static electricity current while using it then the user should stop immediately. Other signs include: if there is any fizzling noise while firing the device if nothing happens when you hit the fire button or if the battery gets very hot.

The key is to maintain and keep the mod clean. Ensure that the pin is protruding and clean. Use a multimeter or a reader to check if the build is working perfectly. Check for the coil bits that might have fallen in the device while building it and that might create a bridge in the circuit. Last but not least, stay under the limit of the Amp type of batteries that are being used.

What is an ideal wattage to use a mech mod at?

Well, it depends on many factors. How charged the batter is, what wattage the mod vapes are determined by the resistance of its coil and battery voltage. Use the Ohm calculator to check before vaping what wattage is supposed to be used. They can be found online too and these are simple to use.

How hard a mechanical mod can hit?

If we speak technically then let us make it clear that the mech mods do not hit hard compared to regulated mod. Although, the Ohm’s law is Ohm’s law and the regulated mods circuit boards are there for protection only. The reaction of the coil will remain the same as it gets the same voltage from a mech mod as it does from the regulated mod. You can understand that you are simply firing at a higher wattage if you find mech mod hitting harder than the regulated mod.

Can mechanical mod last for a longer period?

While it is just a piece of electronic device, cleaning and maintaining it will ensure the mech mod lasts longer. The mech mods do not have any circuitry that could fall through with time, and batteries are not a permanent part of the mod and it can be replaced easily when they are damaged or no longer able to hold a charge. This helps the mech mods to naturally last longer than a regulated mod. As far as the metal in the mod holds up, it will smoothly work. And how long that could be? Well, this depends on the material used and the mod builder.

What is the procedure to clean an aluminum mech mod?

Use cotton dabbed in isopropyl alcohol that will be effective to clean the gunk off an aluminum in the mod. Users can repeat the process on a metal surface such as coil and more. Although, one needs to ensure that the metal is completely dry before re-building the mod.

How to clean mechanical mods made out of copper?

It is similar to how you clean aluminum. Take cotton swab but this time dab it in white vinegar and salt then rub it on the copper. You need to be gentle to do this as the copper patina might make a difficultly in connection.

How to clean mechanical mods made out of brass?

Brass connections usually still connect well they have a slight patina, but cleaning it regularly is still recommended. Just like copper, the opt way to clean the connections made from the brass and threads is to make a paste of salt and white vinegar then use a cotton swab to scrub it gently to take the grime off the threads and wipe if there is any remaining of the salt mixture on it. After the initial cleaning of the threads, it might take a while to clean off if you use ketchup and a toothbrush like some people like to do.

Can tanks be used in mech mods?

Yes, technically tanks can be used in mech mods. Many people know how to equip their mech with an RTA tank to avoid the vape liquid from dripping.

However, safety is a bigger concern if you are trying to use an RTA or any tank on a mod. As many times, when the 510 pin does not get connected well with the atomizer and that can cause a short that can lead to an explosion.

There are also security concerns knowing about the coil builds while building one. Users can check shorts for the one which is self-built than what can be found in a factory atomizer. There are cases in which the vape tank is outfitted mech mod and done safely but that should be determined by an expert who has been vaping for long and not by someone new to vaping a mechanical mod.

What are safety concerns one should keep in mind while using the mech mod?

It is recommended to invest in a multimeter and ohmmeter to understand if the mech mod is working in the safety zone. The multimeter indicates what volt the battery is charged up to so that one can avoid using a battery that is overcharged or almost dead. Usually, a battery should not go under 3.3 volts and not over 4.2 volts. An Ohm’s meter will help you understand the resistance of the coil and if there is any short anywhere it will indicate immediately.

In the case of short, the mechanical mod won’t shut off automatically because it does not come with any safety precautions. You need to ensure that you have checked for all kind so measures before you start to vape. Keep the mech mod in a bag which will prevent the misfire.

Although, few mechanical mods has a feature that makes the mod goes off automatically when it is being fired for more than ten seconds. Apart from this, try and keep the batteries cool by allowing the airflow open. Even by mistake, do not block the vents while vaping the mod. Last but not least, ensure that the battery you use in the mod is proper and not damaged in any way.

Is there anything that we missed in this article about mechanical mods? If yes, then let us know in the comments section below as we’d love to hear from you and learn from your experiences.

Source: https://vapingdaily.com/mech-mods/

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