Flowermate Swift Pro Portable Vape Review

Flowermate Swift Pro Portable Vape Review

Now one of my all-time favorite portables vapes that didn’t actually make it to our Best Vapes 2018 list, is the Flowermate Swift Pro and the Swift Pro is a super simple device to use, but it has a couple of ultra-premium facets that help just elevate into that premium portable vaporizer category, along with the likes of the Solo II, the Crafty, Hydrology 9, etc.

So, this device was notably the first device to feature interchangeable chamber rings. Now I know the Boundless CFV version one, did also offer similar interchangeable rings, but the Swift Pro is the first device that I’ve used, that uses this form of technology.

When I talk about interchangeable chamber rings, when we look at the vaporizer chamber, the most usual components that we find in vape chambers especially in portable devices, come from ceramic, aluminum, stainless steel, even quartz, in some devices and with the case of the Flowermate Swift Pro, they’ve included four interchangeable rings that have constructed from borosilicate glass, African Palisander and American Palisander Wood and Bamboo.

Flowermate Swift Pro Portable Vape Review

Basically, what you have to do, to replace the chamber wall, is you take this little Flowermate branded tool, that they’ve included with it, you stick it in the chamber, give it a little turn, until the O-ring comes out and you’ll see I’ve just had the borosilicate glass ring in there. Here just fits snugly into the chamber and that’s where you’re going to put your herb.

This is actually the wall that surrounds the herb and this is a full convection vaporizer, as in the chamber doesn’t reach the temperature, that the device displays it’s more than air that’s being generated as pulled through the ceramic heating element in the bottom of the chamber and that subsequently helps to heat up the herb. So, this device as I mentioned is these four-chamber rings, so I usually like to go with the Borosilicate glass.

It gives you the purest tasting vapor I’ve found, but these other rings so the American Palisander like I have here, that sort of slides right into the chamber like this, they offer some sort of differences that I find, very subtle differences. For example, if you’re vaping with herbs, it’s a little bit moister, I’d go with a bamboo ring because moist obviously has not the full terpene flavor you’d expect from dried cure herb, you got something that’s maybe a little bit more regular and not so top-shelf.

Flowermate Swift Pro Portable Vape Review

I find that using these wooden rings impart subtle flavors that just helps to make it a little bit denser, perhaps increase the terp just a little bit, a little bit more woody notes, to it but really if using the borosilicate glass ring, you’re going to notice no difference. It’s almost like you’re using a Solo or even the original Flowermate, which was always very good for its flavor.

So now as I mentioned this Flowermate Swift Pro is actually the first Flowermate device to break out of that traditional box style and so they came out with a V5 Nano earlier in the year and although that is an awesome device, it’s quite similar and basically just an improved version of the original Flowermate V5 OS line.

So, with a Swift Pro, they’ve gone more down the line of the Xvape FOGs, Storz & Bickel Crafty, and Mighty, so they brought in that traditional sidewinder style. So, it’s got the straw mouthpiece on the top and the top cap here is referred to as the cooling unit.

Flowermate Swift Pro Portable Vape Review

So that helps to cool down the vapor, it can be taken apart into a number of pieces for an easy clean and so basically it’s in the chamber here, if you look further than the inside of the Swift Pro’s chamber, you can see in the bottom as I’ve got this screen out right now, there’s ceramic heating element five-pin, so the air that is drawn through this little air hole pocket in the bottom, which is perhaps the only real flaw I see on the device.

It’s if you’re covering that with your finger or whatever where you’re having a toke and no vapors coming through well that probably explains it. So with this one, as I mentioned it’s got the little ceramic element at the bottom in the chamber and then you just choose either the wood or the borosilicate glass, whichever insert you have based on your preference.

Flowermate Swift Pro Portable Vape Review

There’s very little contact between the heating element in the herbs, you’re not actually getting any chance of combustion or anything like that. Now although this one does take a little bit longer to heat up than say a Crafty or a Mighty and the amount of time it takes to start blowing clouds maybe in a second a third large draw, but the vapor that this one generates is really phenomenal, it’s just up there with the Hydrology9, the DaVinci IQ, for the best tasting vapor that I’ve come across in a portable vape.

If you’re a flavor- connoisseur, someone that’s really into terps or having a good tasting weed, or using a vape that’s going to do that top-shelf flavor justice, the Flowermate Swift Pro, is definitely the device for you. So, it’s a little bit pricey and it is a little lightweight, it doesn’t have a removable battery.

Flowermate Swift Pro Portable Vape Review

So, people sort of don’t associate that premium class to it, but really is, I had the same impression before I started using this and after the first session, I was just hooked. It’s the flavors that this thing is able to create is fantastic and I’m talking about the battery life, it’s quite substantial you can get a 45-minute, a lot of bursts of sessions out of this before you get a whack it back on charge and it does have that micro USB port in the bottom. So, if you want to load it up on the go, using a laptop or a power bank or whatever you wish.

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