Freemax Twizter 80 VW Mod with Alpha Tank (Green Edition) Vape Review

Hey there guys! Welcome to another vape review. Today, we’re looking at the Freemax Twizter. This is a device that comes to the Freemax battery and it comes with the Freemax tank – all in one package.

In all honesty, if you’re looking for a new tank and your buddy’s looking for a new battery, this is the perfect thing you guys both need to shell out $30 down. For $60, he gets a battery you get a tank. A win-win situation for both of you. it’s an amazing thing.

Freemax Twizter 80 VW Mod

So let’s dive right into the details. We’re going to start with the unboxing. Surreal is selling this for $59.99, which I think is quite a steal when you compare it to how much it’s going for in other places. I’ve seen this selling for $80 in some stores.

I’ve also seen it going for $90. So $60 is a comparable ready to own price in all honesty, and I’m going to be just nice and easy while taking this label off — just like that. So that way, I don’t damage what they want to go, we’re going to go and take this and we’ll just throw this right here so that we’d still admit retains its $59.99 price tag.

So let’s open this device up just like that. When you open it up that’s what you’re gonna get inside. We’ll put this like this hold that likes to the side and let’s get right into this first thing. I like to do is I like to look at the battery first that that’s so cool. I’m not going to lie that is a cool looking battery.  The green design on it stands out. It says Freemax on it and it also says what tank comes with Fireluke mesh too.

Freemax Twizter 80 VW Mod_fireluke

So when you get this device it starts at 5 watts then you’re going to click it around so it starts on 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 and it doesn’t go any more past set. So we’re going to crank this device back down to 5. It clicks each time you increase by 5 watts turns it on. I like this little teardrop right here button 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 turns it on.

Look at that! A little alien head. It’s going to glow red because there’s no coil on it to fire so it has that safety feature. It does have a micro USB charging port on the back. I didn’t say that on one of the other fire loop reviews as didn’t happen to catch it then. I’m curious to see if there’s anything underneath.

Freemax Twizter 80 VW Mod_red light

Underneath you have all of your o-rings free max oranges are underneath the battery in addition to having a charging cable and you have your warranty and all your other goodies underneath where the battery would be held. So close that up nice and easy. Perfect!

Let’s take a look at the tank. That green tank just does something to me. It’s the green in the red glow. In all honesty, that’s really what does it to me. that is a vibrant drip tip on the cover of this. If you notice, it does have that red dot.

The red dot symbolizes where you’re supposed to push your finger to open the tank. I’ve got that red dot right there. You literally, that’s where you’re going to fill it inside. It does have the dual mesh coil which this coil is perfect.

In all honesty, you could just rip this thing all day it recommends that you can go 40 to 80 watts so crank your free max up go up to 80 have that powerful vape explosion of flavor that you’re gonna get with these coils cuz these are the Freemax Fire Luke is by far in my opinion.

It’s either that or the Falcon tank is the best for flavor in my opinion and it’s it all comes down to the coil design in all honesty and I feel like these coils they’re just the way that it’s funneled up to the top you get the best flavor coming off the top of these coils in my opinion so I really I’m a fan, definitely a fan. So inside it comes to the preinstalled dual mesh.

Freemax Twizter 80 VW Mod

Your replacement coil is a single mesh. This goes up to 90 watts steam style the mesh on both of them so you’re not going to have too much difference in that. It does not it’s not cross-compatible with SMOK coils.

Not that I know, for example, this was the dual mesh this is a baby T8 SMOK, it does not that it is mad loose so you’re going to have the buy Fire Luke oils for this one. I don’t believe that there is anything cross-compatible although if there is something cross-compatible you guys don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment box down below because I want to know if it’s for if there’s a cross-compatible coil there. might be.

Possibility of me buying a Freemax throwing end up on the channel and throwing some juice through it so let’s see if you guys know of any cross-compatible coils with this because that would pique my interest on the Freemax. So I mean overall this is what you got battery tank. The tank but it looks like it blends in really good with the design and in all honesty, I don’t know if that was just beginner’s luck where I got that to blend in almost seamlessly but the tank goes with the battery nice.

I am extremely happy with this design so this has been the I guess this is the green and black fire loot mesh unboxing uh twister 80-watt variable voltage device Remax twister with the Fireluke.

What did you think about the Freemax Twizter 80 VW Mod? Does it suit your fancy? We’d love to what did you think about our review of this Freemax Twizter 80 VW Mod Green Edition, so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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