Geek Vape Aegis Boost Kit

Geek Vape Aegis Boost Kit

An IP67 rated waterproof dustproof shockproof AI and it’s called the Aegis boost. It is from the easiest line you know geek face line that you just legend the easiest mini, those devices that are pretty much indestructible this is part of that line now and like I said it’s an AI o kit all-in-one so if you’re one of those neighbors out there you’re like a construction worker.

First of all, here’s the sample packaging mine came in and inside that packaging you’re going to get your boost kit comes to the USB cable to charge it now that’s another thing a USB cable come on man I wish these devices upgraded USB C port geek vape talking to you with this kit you get an additional mesh coil head a tool to take the cool out and last but not least an additional mouthpiece the aegis boost has a builtin 1500 million of our battery has a zinc alloy frame with stitched leather and it’s rubberized.

Geek Vape Aegis Boost Kit

It got that rubberized coating around the outside just like the Aegis legend in the II just mini in the whole Aegis line same materials guys oh yeah and then on the side you got the control so you know the Firebug the menu screen the wallet Waterdown button it’s got venting on both sides of the base with the charge port on the right here at the base the device is pretty simple playing at the top it’s got aplastic cover that obviously keeps the mouthpiece covered do pull that cover off.

Geek Vape Aegis Boost Kit

Where you got one of two mouthpieces this one is the flat kind the flat comfy and then geek vape offers the second rounded mouthpiece which in my opinion is not as comfortable I’m a bigger fan of flat mouthpiece but hey man teaches their own if you don’t like the flat they got surrounded oh yeah this is not a 510 drip tip compatible device just letting you know and, to be honest with you that may be a con some for you guys, but to me, each tip press fits in just like a 510 connection drip tip would now to give this refillable pot section off you press where it says press right here or press button press it and boom the pod pops right off of course here’s the inside of the mod where the kidney Paquette the pod goes whole does that rip you got your connections and everything is nice and clean as far as the pod she’s got a3.7 milk you see that is a lot of juice.

Geek Vape Aegis Boost Kit

What you do is you take a tool place it here pop the coil head out easy-peasy water squeezy so the core that comes pre-installed into this puppy checker is a point 4-ohm mesh Kanthal mash coil great flavor great vapor you’re going to see in a second actually know what I’ll show you right now how about that I’m vaping her at 5watts now they aren’t going to fly go take her up let’s try 27 airflow wide-open flavors OnPoint vapor you guys see it’s crazy for an AIO kit its sub-ohm tank territory.

This is a brand new coil hadn’t even broken it in top-notch flavor for an ail kit now the other koi that comes this is a point 6-ohm Kanthal mesh coil and that also good for restricted long history our actually both heads are very similar I mean you can’t tell a difference maybe the point six is a little bit smaller but as far as vape qualities they vape about the same, oh yeah, it’s speaking of mounts Alone’syou got adjustable airflow got this adjust boy airflow doll where you can adjust one way or the other and since it’s got to just wear flow you can’t close it off to do mount to lungs as I said but when you close this check her off.

Geek Vape Aegis Boost Kit

The beauty of this thing this is another device another AIO kit that’s legit that’s the very versatile point is it’s super durable it’s light compact discreet putty. As I said, you get to mesh coil heads if they’ve great man great flavor great vapor tank holds three-point seven meals that you liquid that’s a lot as used for anAO kit but the best thing about it is not the stuff I just mentioned it’s the fact that you could dial down and do legit math lungs or take it wide open and get a massively restricted lung yet there are so many papers out there that love their mouth lungs and there are so many flavors out there that love their lung hits.

Geek Vape Aegis Boost Kit

This can cater to any of those people out there mean that’s really good we’re really good for how much airflow and how big the bore is on these cool heads but you guys know me I prefer my restricted lung yet so I’m going to take her wide open get that mother check her gallon take the waters back up let’s goto 36 watts I know I was that 25 we’re going to take it up even more here we goI mean she will take it 36 watts and it goes up to 40 as you guys saw her did you see it no you aren’t seen it yet you better see it but here she is at 40watts 0.4 mm that’s really where you’re going to get the most flavor vapor man yeah that’s the most paper I’ve gotten off the nail kit.

Geek Vape Aegis Boost Kit

Right at the top of the pod it’s got this little plug that you pull out and you fill up as it’s easy to fill her up now I will point this out when you fill her up maybe a little bit hard to see the level your juice because it is tenant it would have been better if this were a clear pod. That’s it for the Kit Review if you have any queries comment down below!

Geek Vape Aegis Boost Kit

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