GeekVape Aegis X Review: The Ultimate Box Mod

The GeekVape Aegies X 200 W is a box mod that comes with innovative features. It allows you to get the fastest response time, accurate temperature control, and maximum high output with the help of 2.0 chipset.

The wide range of temperature options available helps you to select what suits them best on different e-liquids heating preferences. The colorful screen is vivid which is easier to use on vape mod. It is less likely to break and easy to handle, thanks to various safety features enabled in the device.

Overview of the GeekVape Aegis X Vape Mod

The device can generate an output of up to 200 W with the help of 18650 dual batteries. When it comes to choosing the temperature, the AS 2.0 chipset allows you to run the vape mod more efficiently by making it even more responsive for the users.

The device temperature range is from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Powerful, Standard and Soft modes are output modes available in the Vape Mod. The size of the screen is 2.4 inches with OLED color screen technology which is one of the best screen types in the market. The OLED screen makes the vape screen looks like a smartphone’s screen, which is a great compliment to the device.

The highlight of the box mod is it’s worth noting safety features. The device has been incorporated with all types of typical safety features that come in a box mod such as short circuit, overcharge, 10 seconds cut off, over current protection, and overheat protection. In addition to these regular safety measures, it also has an additional safeguard that makes it more durable.

The box mod can submerge in up to one meter of water for about 30 minutes and it is shock-resistant, which means it can survive a bit of rough handling. Additionally, the box mod can operate with ease even in dirty surroundings, thanks to its design that is dustproof helps to vape even in a dusty environment.

This is a perfect box mod for vapers because of its highly unique safety features as it led to highly active lifestyles. It is an ideal device for members of the military on deployment, hikers who did like to be in a dusty and wild environment for weeks, and people who actively go out in general.

While users get an option of using 18650 batteries, no portable chargers are required to be lugged around. All you need to keep with you is a few extra batteries and e-liquid bottles, and that’s enough to get you going for several days without any worries.

The Kit of GeekVape’s Aegis X

There are various accessories available in the kit that is essential to the device’s working. Additionally, it comes with a USB cable that can be used to update the firmware.

The kit also includes a Cerberus tank with mesh coil, spare glass, and a screen protector. You also get a user manual to understand the operation details of the box mod. It answers all the necessary questions that a user might need to know before they start vaping the device. So, ensure that you read the manual before using the device.

GeekVape Aegis X Battery

The Aegis X is not backed by an internal battery, rather the device draws its juices from dual 18650 batteries.

If you are looking forward to buying new batteries for the device then we would recommend you to go for Sony VCT4 batteries as they are a great option for this type of device and also, they are affordable as they cost you $8.95 per battery and they have a capacity of 2500 mAh.

Vaping Modes of GeekVape Aegis X

There are several ways to vape a box mod Aegis X device. It has a temperature control (stainless steel, nickel, and titanium coils), variable wattage mode, TCR, variable power curve, and bypass mode.

Thanks to bypass mode as it allows the vape mod to be rigged to harness the raw power of the cells as the wattage goes up to 200 W and the range of the temperature is from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

For each second of operation, VPC allows the vaper to control the wattage. You can easily raise it or lower it to get hard hits on the throat or pleasurable and mellow experiences.

For instance, if you run it at 80 watts for a couple of seconds and then let it go down to 50 to 70 watts then the wattage will go down for the entire remaining vaping session. This feature is customizable that can be modified for vaper’s requirements.

Coils durability: How long it can last?

Depending on how often the vaper uses the coils, generally it lasts for a week or two and if they are properly broken in. With proper care and maintenance, the life of the coils can be increased.

The Tank of GeekVape Aegis X

Cerberus sub-ohm tank is included in the kit which is designed to be used along with the super mesh oil. The coil makes the most of the heating contact with the surface area which results in better cloud production and a more fulfilling flavour. It allows you to hold a lot of e-juice. The glass holds 4 mL which is a standard size but when the bubble glass is used then it holds 1.5 mL additional which makes it 5.5 mL of e-juice.

How to use Aegis X

• Insert the batteries of 18650 while opening the spring-loaded door at the bottom of the device.
• Push the fire button to turn it on at the top of the device: Press it five times.
• To enter the selection screen, push the fire button three times in a row.
• To switch between the settings, push the fire button; adjust the settings by using the buttons of navigation.
• If you hold the fire button for two seconds or do nothing for five seconds, it will automatically exit the modes screen.
• Push the two navigation buttons at the bottom to change the wattage level.
• To lock the screen, push the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen at the same time and then repeat this step to unlock.
• Hold the fire button to adjust the brightness of the screen and the plus or minus button.

The experience of vaping

The mods of GeekVapes always offer excellent flavours and a good amount of vapour and the Aegis X is no exception. The option to set a precise temperature and wattage level help to get the perfect flavour. The production of the cloud is fantastic with this robust little box mod.
Just one drag and exhaling it off is more than enough to clear the room. The cloud chasers and flavour lovers will be pleased with this new model of GeekVape.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Aegis X?

The pros include the fast response time because of the chipset upgrade, the total e-juice capacity of 5.5 mL, high vapour production, great flavours, durability is good for active users, and comes with a large screen which makes it easier to read. There is only one drawback of the device is that it gets scratches on the screen easily.

• Fast response time thanks to the chipset upgrade
• 5.5 ml of total e-juice capacity
• Great flavor and high vapor production
• The durable build makes it great for active users
• Large screen that is easy to read

• Screen scratches too easily

Let’s compare the device with its competitors:

Aegis Legend Vs. GeekVape Aegis X

The GeekVape Aegis X and the Aegis Legend both are similar mods in terms of functionality and design. They both have many of the same power modes and both are durable. The significant differences in both the devices are that the Aegis X is more responsive, slightly. Why? The reason is that it is incorporated with an improved chipset and comes with a much larger screen display. Although, both of them are good for buying but the Aegis X is the best option if you did like to enjoy the latest features and updates from GeekVapes.

Voopoo Drag 2 Vs. GeekVape Aegis X

The Voopoo’s Drag 2 is a fantastic looking box mod that comes with a lot of great features. It is in-built with a good chipset and has great flavors with good amount of cloud production. However, Aegis X performs better than Voopoo Drag 2 in various critical areas. Aegis X holds a total of 5.5 mL with the extension glass, on the other hand, Voopoo Drag 2 can hold 5 mL. The Aegis X is available in a higher wattage level versus the Drag that has 177 wattages. So, here we have a clear winner.

What are the final thoughts about the GeekVape Aegis X

GeekVape Aegis X has been collecting a lot of positive response since its date of release and these reviews glowing all over the internet is well deserved. The firmware and chipset upgrades make it more responsive for the user compared to other mods available in the market, designed for a better vaping experience. Additionally, the Cerberus sub-ohm tank is amazing and the flavor that comes out of it is outstanding, the amount of vapor is phenomenal.

The cherry on the top is its durability which makes it great for the vapers who are active in their lifestyles or travel a lot. If you have tried this amazing device, then let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.


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