Geekvape Alpha Subohm Tank Review

Geekvape Alpha Subohm Tank Review

This is going to be a long-term review because I’ve been using this tank for three months now so I’m going to take apart the coils we will have a closer look at it I will tell you my pros and cons and so on.

You can see it comes in a sleeve and on the front side you have a Geekvape logo alpha tank the picture of the tank and mesh mallow coil system. On this side, we have a Geekvape logo social media, on this side of a tank branding, and if you take a look at the bottom side of the sleeve here, we have some marketing information, package contents, copyright, regulatory information, scratch, and barcodes.

Geekvape Alpha Subohm Tank Review

lift the lid here was the tank, yeah and we know the phone we have a tiny little box and in this box, we have a bag full of spare silicone O-rings and the silicone gasket for the top fill two spare silicone gasket for the top fill well. I wish companies would forget about using these silicone O-rings because they tend to get yellow over time and they are very easy to strip.

All right, that’s the spare parts bag and there’s another plastic bag inside that contains the spare four milliliter glass tank huge Pro for that and obviously as always silica gel package do not eat that underneath the foam we have an alpha tank user manual an exploded view of the tank how to fill it in several different languages and also how to check the authenticity of the tank and on the very bottom of the box.

Geekvape Alpha Subohm Tank Review

We have a small black envelope and if we open this small envelope we have a couple of things inside if I manage to pull them out great so on top we have the warranty card and warranty terms we also have a small advertisement of the Geekvape blade mod and different colors the alpha sub-ohm tank comes in five in total.

I picked up this one because this is the one I love the most out of all but they are all great looking what also comes is a warning card and here is the tank you look how gorgeous it is I think Geekvape out of all the other sub-ohm tank manufacturers chose the best resin you know I mean I could have easily picked up the Horizontech tank sub-ohm tank or the free max sub-ohm tank but I just couldn’t stand how the resin looked on those tanks but this one.

Geekvape Alpha Subohm Tank Review

I mean really nice look at the pattern of the resin the Blues the oranges how shiny glossy it is it’s just simply beautiful in my opinion so this is a 25 millimeter diameter tank at the base but it quickly bulges out to 26 and at the bubble tank we are looking at 28 millimeters then it goes back to 25 on the top cap.

Geekvape Alpha Subohm Tank Review

Looking at the top, we have an 810 resin drip tip goon style so without the O-rings come on focus there you go as you can see it is nicely machined polished on the outside except for the connecting piece inside. Here we have the same diameter as the chimney which is going to reduce creating condensation then it bulges out inside but overall a nice design is one of the most beautiful 810 drip tips that I’ve seen coming stock in a sub-ohm tank.

Geekvape Alpha Subohm Tank Review

As you can see the connection is a goon style connection with the O-ring and I wish all tank manufacturers would use this solution but obviously with rubber O-rings because the huge advantage of this 810 connection whereas the one without the O-ring is that you can use both the 810 tips with O-rings yep as you can see it fits really nicely without any problem fits safe seats safe inside so you don’t have to make a compromise.

You can use both 810 drip tip styles or types other than that the stock 810 drip tip, in my opinion, doesn’t sit well inside of that slot it comes out pops out very easily.

Geekvape Alpha Subohm Tank Review

Let’s go on top and let me tell you what I think about this thing and here we are back from the close-up and it’s time to discuss what I think about this gorgeous Geekvape alpha sub-ohm tank I’m going to start with cons I’ve got two cons and they are both nitpicky ones. The first con it’s going to have to be the O-rings, unfortunately, the tank uses silicon O-rings everywhere and I told you in the close-up what I don’t like about silicone O-ring so I’m not going to go into details again but I wish they would change the O-rings to something like rubber.

Geekvape Alpha Subohm Tank Review

The other con is going to have to be when you have your tank on the mod like in case of my setup here. So when you lay it down on the table like this liquid can come out through this little opening where the shaft for the top cap is as you can see there is some liquid on it already so as I said they are both nitpicky cons.

Geekvape Alpha Subohm Tank Review

So that’s it, we can go on and discuss about the pros well let me have a vape that’s going to be the first pro these mesh tanks both the MMX1 and the MMX2 give out punch out a lot of flavors and a lot of clouds I’ve got here the bigmouth lime and cherry taste which I mixed myself and I’ve got to say it brings out both the cherry and lime tastes from the liquid perfectly.

I love this open button that you have to push and then it swivels to the side I mean if you are out and about and you have nowhere to put your top cap this is just staying on the tank and you can grab your bottle and refill it really nice and I have to say out of all the all these simpler simplified top cap designs.

Geekvape Alpha Subohm Tank Review

I’m going to give a nine out of ten I have to deduct half point for the silicone O-rings and another half point for this small leak through the latch basically but other than that excellent flavor rating I would give an 8 out of 10.

Geekvape Alpha Subohm Tank Review

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