Get 40% OFF on TFV Mini V2 Tank by SMOK

The TFV Mini V2 Tank price drops down to £13.99 while the original retail price is £22.99 which means you get 40% OFF on the 2 mL Mini V2 Tank on

SMOK has added TFV Mini 2 to their stunning repertoire of tanks that is compact and light in weight sub-ohm tank. It also produces amazing clouds.

There is a unique cap “press-top” that keeps the tank secure and almost vanishes the risk of any leakage.

The TFV8 Baby Beast is an increased heating area that allows the device to heat up quickly better than its previous models that generate pure and even flavor. It doesn’t make you wait for very long.

The device also features a top-fill cap enlarged than before which makes the tank filling with e-juice extremely clean and easy. The improved inlets of airflow make the V2 Tank capable of producing massive clouds pack which is pack with clear and amazing flavors.

The SMOK’s latest V2 is compatible with its V2 A1 coils which provide unrivaled vapor production and payoff flavor. The A1 comes with a large hole in the coil which is covered with robust mesh that allows faster and more even distribution of heat for a delicious satisfying vape experience every time.

The SMOK Baby V2 A2 sub-ohm coils are compatible with the V2 Tank which helps to boost the innovative two-hole design. Cobra mesh offers increased airflow which is covered with holes and huge clouds bursting with rich and pure flavors.

It is a perfect companion for your sub-ohm setup. Baby V2 A3 coils can be used with V2 Tank which has an innovative triple core.

The SMOK V series, each one of them contains medical-grade anti-bacterial cotton that helps to reduce bacteria and promote the hygienic experience of vaping.

The tank has a wide range of color options such as Matte Black, Gold, Green, Prism Blue, Red, 7 Colors, Stainless Steel, and White.

The size of the tank is 32 mm x 64.5 mm and it weighs 94 grams with a capacity of 2 mL. The tread is 510 and the coil resistance range is A1 0.17 ohm.

Get your TFV Mini V2 Tank by SMOK here.

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