Ghost MV1 Review & Vaporizer

Ghost MV1 Review & Vaporizer

Today we’ll be taking a look at the GHOST MV1 Vaporizer. It’s a portable vaporizer that produces some of the best vapor of any vaporizer on the market right now. It’s been making waves as being the possible Mighty killer. In this review, I’m going to show you how it works, how to clean it, and I’m going to compare it to the Mighty and Firefly 2 vaporizers for you.

The box is well designed and looks pretty nice. Inside is a picture of friends having fun, which is nice, I guess. The box does look good. And the GHOST MV1 feels good right out of the box. It feels well-made and it’s heavier than a lot of vaporizers but in a good way. It feels well manufactured. Then also we have a Quick Start guide, so just a little manual.

Ghost MV1 Review & Vaporizer

Look inside of here we have, we have some accessories, so that includes three cleaning wipes, three picks, three cotton buds, one crucible, one crucible lid, and one concentrate pad. So basically, some extra, one extra crucible for you, and then also a concentrate pad if you want to use concentrate, and a couple cleaning things. And then also there’s the USB charging plug. So that is not the fast charger. That one it’s going to take around eight hours to charge the vaporizer from your computer or from your iPhone plug or whatever you’re using with the USB. And that’s pretty much it.

There are only four real things in there. Now I just want to go over some of the pros and cons of the GHOST MV1. It’s been highly touted by almost every vaporizer review blog out there. And the number one reason is that the vapor quality you get from this thing is incredible. It hits super, super, super hard. You can get massive clouds from just a small bowl. The crucibles in here only hold 0.1 grams of dry herb, but you can pull huge rips from that.

Ghost MV1 Review & Vaporizer

So, it is kind of worth the hype. I haven’t had as good of hits from any other vaporizer or portable vaporizer than the MV1. And the flavor you get from it is also really, really good. The second good thing about the GHOST MV1 is that it has on-demand heating. It heats up almost instantly or within around 10 seconds. So that means you can go from just nothing to vaping quickly. That also means that you can take microdoses from it as well.

If that interests you to take less amount then definitely look into GHOST MV1 because you can put a crucible in there and then only take one hit and then put it away if you only wanna take a smaller amount at once. It feels really good in your hand. You know that it’s well built from the moment you pick it up. It feels like a high-end device. It does. And it also fits perfectly in your hand.

Ghost MV1 Review & Vaporizer

They designed it so it’d fit perfectly in your hand. There’s the thumb notch there where you press to inhale. And yeah, it just feels really good. The fifth benefit of it is that it uses dry herbs and concentrates. I prefer to just use dry herbs myself, but it does do a decent job with concentrates. And do use concentrates with it should be a pretty good experience. Number five, this is a contentious argument, but I like the crucibles.

The reason why is because you can keep a few of them with you at once. If you’re even just sitting at the couch, it’s easier to just have a few crucibles handy rather than packing a whole bowl. It also lets you use less material at once, which I’m a fan of. And number six pro to using the GHOST MV1 is the battery life. The battery life myself after testing it has lasted around 60 to 70 draws.

Ghost MV1 Review & Vaporizer

This highly depends on the temperature that you use it as well as other factors. So, myself it’s gone around 60, 70 draws per battery. On the con side, the crucibles are kind of finicky. When you’re using this thing it’s not easy to get the crucibles in there. I wouldn’t recommend, you can see there, it’s a little finicky.

Then we have the glass mouthpiece, and then the ceramic heating chamber. And you can just put those in isopropyl alcohol as well as this. And just mix them around in isopropyl alcohol, and that should get rid of most of the gunk on them. You can wipe them around a little bit. And make sure you treat them carefully when you are treating them in isopropyl alcohol because they are a little small, and they might break.

Ghost MV1 Review & Vaporizer

The inside might get a little gunky, too, so you can always rub the inside of the crucible holder with a Q-Tip and isopropyl alcohol. And if the inside there gets too dirty, make sure you hold it upside down when you wipe it out with isopropyl alcohol. It shouldn’t get too dirty, though, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that. And don’t take out either of these silicone pieces or don’t touch them because that’s what creates the air-proof seal and that’s important that those are on there properly.

Ghost MV1 Review & Vaporizer

So, close up the top or close up this lid when you’re done. And then once you’re done cleaning those pieces in isopropyl alcohol and you just put the top back together and then push it back in there. And that’s pretty much how you clean the GHOST MV1. Overall the GHOST MV1 is an exciting new vaporizer. It is worth the hype.

Ghost MV1 Review & Vaporizer

If you have the money to spend and you want to get crazy clouds from a small amount of herb, then definitely check out the GHOST MV1. I just wouldn’t check it out if you weren’t that dexterous and you wanted an easy to maintain vaporizer because there are a lot of finicky parts with it, you can lose things. You’re probably going to need to replace some things with a GHOST MV1, so if you’re a person who’s on top of it and is ready to spend a bit of money, it’s an incredible vaporizer.

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