Golden Ratio AIO Kit by ONE Review 2019

Golden Ratio AIO Kit by ONE Review 2019

Today we take a look at the one gold ratio a high yield type of device opening the box inside we get the golden ratio. This is silver and black. And here is the rainbow in black but it’s going to be a fingerprint magnet.

Inside you will also find two coil heads because this they are your type of pod device in the pod comes empty. And then if we get the golden ratio using manual with instructions and the main specs you also get a warranty card with a QR code to activate the warranty if needed.

And last but not least, a rather short micro USP charging cable. The golden ratio is a pod system more specifically an AOE type of port system meaning it is refutable and also uses replaceable coil hence the black frame is made out of zinc alloy.

Golden Ratio AIO Kit by ONE Review 2019

But on the silver version, the silver panels are aluminum. The shape resembles the Orion and the Orion Q. A lot and that’s why we start off comparing them both and you can see the golden ratio is taller.

Apart from the aluminum C shape covers, there’s a little bit of resin on the side on the black frame. The only thing holding the aluminum covers are two screws and removing them shows us the LiPo battery pack used.

We can also see the rather basic circuitry using to provide the usual safety features but in my opinion the black frame is a waste of space the overall size of the device could be reduced shrinking that part of the frame is making it open inside getting enough space to actually assemble a bigger capacity battery at the bottom.

Golden Ratio AIO Kit by ONE Review 2019

We have a bunch of ventilation holes for the battery and two tiny holes in the corner for a lanyard on the side. We have one which lights up with either blue or red. When you turn the device on the part is removable of course and it is secured in place with a spring-loaded latch much like the Orion.

Q In Trinity alpha by smoke. But even those secured really well still has some wobble but the two really cool things about these boards are first the mouthpiece being skinny and very comfortable and second the airflow isn’t just adjustable from the side with the little will but it is also enclosed inside the pod going straight into the coils without having any opening in the Neath making it.

Golden Ratio AIO Kit by ONE Review 2019

Even if you flood your coils there won’t be any leak with our condensation inside the device. Cool, indeed the coils will be the ones making straight contact with the moth. None of this state the material the calls is made of.

And as always that’s a big con. The zero points six on coil have has a mesh coil inside and it is more suited for Derrick’s lung and the one point two-ohm coil having the other hand just a simple round wire quarreling side using ceramic as wicking material and more suited for mouth length.

But one thing that annoys me a little is how hard it is to pull them out once you plug them and push them in. Also in regards to how should you align the bottom of the coil it doesn’t matter.

They make the connection either way but I would still recommend you two will line them like this to be a more direct path for the airflow. I think these coils should latch into a slot or be a screw-in type of coils even though it gets a little easier once you leak with the inside of the plug once to fill it.

You have to remove the little plug and fill it up the hole is oval and quite wide but may still create bubbles when you refill it. Being in a single hole and not to like other pots.

And now that the party is full you can see the left side airflow channel going all the way down to the coil hand. Once you plug the power back to the mod press the fire button five times to turn it on fire button which is super-duper cliquey and super loud it protrudes from its recessed area where it is assembled but is still overall flush with the C shaped aluminum panels.

Golden Ratio AIO Kit by ONE Review 2019

And again, super cliquey with barely any travel whatsoever with this fire. But then we have the usual 5 cliques on 5 cliques off you have to press it to fire the coil and vape and when you do DLC deal will tell you the battery level you have remaining the same elevator will also indicate the charging process when you plug a micro USP cable to charge it but it can still vape while it’s charging.

There are no power levels or anything else. It’s just a direct output device. But remember we have some just ability as far as airflow and a little airflow will are rather stiff and it won’t be adjusting on its own and that’s a good thing.

That was the golden ratio by one. Let’s go back on top and vape on it. Oh okay. That’s the golden ratio available in silver black blue gold Rose Golden Rainbow around thirty-seven dollars in places like element five.

If you don’t know what golden ratio is it is a mathematical pattern inspired by nature and art often used in art photography and many other things in life? And it means two quantities in the golden ratio.

Golden Ratio AIO Kit by ONE Review 2019

If that ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities. This is the figure that illustrates that geometric relationship. What does that have to do with this device? Well, maybe it was their inspiration or the foundation of their design.

For starters with both coils heads the derrick lung and the muscle on coil heads it is a warmer vibe throughout the discharge of the internal battery even though it still drops off a little more noticeable so with the mesh coil have less noticeable with the mouth lung Quayle had so.

This is indeed still a direct output device. What you get is straight from the battery and what you have available at the time you take a puff. The mesh coil has considering it is an AOE style of the pod system.

It’s surprising the flavor is great and the flavor is mildly warm but apart from the fact that we have airflow control it only performs its best with the airflow wide open. Don’t get me wrong adjustable airflow is awesome.

That’s an awesome feature on this device but with the mesh, the coil has installed. If you start closing it down you start losing flavor. Wide-open by the way. It is the same restricted direct lung airflow from the lira in the same as the Orion and the Orion Q wide open.

Golden Ratio AIO Kit by ONE Review 2019

The one point two ohm coil have though dead coil actually performs well to slightly colder of a vape in comparison to the CO but a lot more flavourful than the literalist one point two on coil head and the other good thing about the one point two is the fact that it performs well no matter the airflow you pick on the side but also closing it down very tight.

You’ll get a very respectful month-long draw with nicotine ratios higher than 12 mg or 20 mg if you are using the solid base the liquids overall.

As far as club performance I would say they achieved function over form the internal battery is a 1001 one hundred and twenty-two million power capacity battery charges averaging pretty much one amp and in one hour and 19 minutes and again.

I would like to see that charging time around one hour for the pot system with a battery around these sizes, I like the flavor. I like how well the coils perform. I like how the airflow is designed coming from the top and preventing condensation underneath the pump the mouthpiece is thin enough for me to consider comfortable.

It is an AOE which means we can replace the coils and reuse the same. And I also like the little latch keeping the pot in place much like the Orion urine Q and the Trinity alpha by smoke. I like that little latch on the downside.

Golden Ratio AIO Kit by ONE Review 2019

I don’t like the shape and how it feels in the hand the choice of materials also makes it look and feel how premium how cheap. It’s weird to explain but that’s what I felt lately with the aluminum panels and then the frame.

I can explain how I feel better about this device and the choice of materials. Also, there are not enough battery indication levels better than none to be honest because when I see red it’s about to die.

I get about three or four puffs with a mesh coil hand and about 10 puffs with a mouth lung coil. The charging particle could already type C instead of type B micro and last but not least it’s not a constant output device which means the performance will decrease along with the battery even though almost none.

Almost no noticeable with the one point two-ohm monthlong coil head. If I was to write this one, I would give it a B minus maybe a B if it had constant output in 3 or more battery indication levels.

What do you think about the Golden Ratio AIO Kit by ONE Review? Let us know your thoughts about the kit in the comments section below. We’d love to know your experience with the kit or even any other vaping product that you did like to recommend us for review.

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