Hava Health is Gearing Up to Launch a Vape Pen that Help People Quit Smoking

Hava Health founders are gearing up to launch what they deem as the first vaporizer that helps people to quit smoking. The launch is slated to take place in a small corner on the second floor of roughshod maker space, which is located in Philadelphia.

Robots roaming around in the open floors is common sight in the offices at NexFab, where two serial entrepreneurs and college friends, Josh Israel and Devin Serago are leaving no stone unturned in a bid to nail down the technical aspects of vape that would methodically minimize nicotine concentrations over time to reduce the addiction of nicotine in smokers, as well as vapers.

Israel says, “We’re not revolutionizing a completely new product, the understanding of vaporizer has been around for 10 years plus… patented a new design to let people do what we set out to do which is to actually help people quit smoking.”

Hava Health and it’s Hale vaporizer unlike other electronic cigarettes currently on the market are already in the process of getting approval from the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The product will be classified under smoking cessation treatment.

The company founders do not consider Juul Labs (vaporizer vendors) as their competitor. Their product is more likely to face competition from patches from brands like NicoDerm and Nicorette.

Israel added, “We’re not another vape device or another e-cigarette, our mission is to actually help people quit their addiction to nicotine.”

The timing for Hava is simply commendable. Over the summer, regulators have started taking actions to curb the increasing usage of e-cigarette among teens, who haven’t even smoked a regular cigarette before.

“We started this because his grandmother died from lung cancer and his little brother expressed frustration that he couldn’t quit using the vaporizers and was smoking more than he would have if he had used a regular cigarette,” says Israel.

After building the company, first in the United States, and then in India, the two entrepreneurs came back to the states and are exploring their next big opportunity.


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