HellVape Passage RDA Review

Today we are going to take a look at an RDA. This is a dual coil RDA and called passage which is a collaboration between suck my modern how to vape. I’m going to show you all the ins and outs. I’m going to show you how to build it and wicked.

HellVape Passage RDA Review

When you open the box the first thing you see is the passage RDA. This one is the math black CALLER 1 by the way below the RDA. You have a little box with a bunch of goodies and they are two tools and Alan driver and a flathead screwdriver but also another bag with a spare frosted colored drip 510-drip adapter spare post screws a spare o rings and this one pin underneath you are also going to find a little passage sticker and last but not least a rather extensive user manual with a bunch of different languages.

HellVape Passage RDA Review

The passage RDA is a rather sleek looking 24 Mm diameter dwell coil RDA very clean looking with a clean and discrete logo the airflow area does actually bulge out to twenty-five millimeters in laminate and below we have a 510 connection with the gold plated positive contact which does protrude enough to be used on a hybrid and mechanical muddy if you are into that the drip assembler the with the mat black color one is a red drip with a very nice and classy.

Black Beauty ring the beauty ring has engraved a G please which is a new material how vaping is using on their new drip tips because it is an antibacterial material bacterial material anyway the dream tip is an 800 tip and good compatible and so is the frosted called drip included but because it is good compatible you can use on these RDA any other collagen compatible drip tips you may already have the airflow slots are two one on each side and literally where the magic happens as far as airflow we literally have three main channels per side our three passages if you will.

Hence the name passage RDA. These passages literally make the airflow point of entry higher in the RDA more leak-resistant but then direct the airflow down in n through a honeycomb style airflow situation which is usually responsible for the smoother airflow in these RDA is no exception.

The nurse on the top cap is absolutely beautiful too and really a handful to turn the cap and adjust the airflow. The burial is held in place with two o rings and does have the perfect amount of restriction which is just a little more restrictive than the top cap makes total sense. You want to adjust the top cap and not have the barrel spinning it has a lugging system and so it does look in place which is super convenient.

But even though it will lock in place they still machine the little rail in order to let you twist the barrel just a little bit just enough in the situations where you may decide to go with the closer or more restricted airflow to passages are just one and that little bit of play will allow you to spin the barrel and make it so the airflow you picked will still be aligned with the center of your car.

The build deck is a very basic two-post style build deg yet and with some pretty neat innovation on the posts we have a decent just well not too deep but remember the airflow entry sits pretty high anyway and the post screws are two and assemblies on the top of the posts screws which will release these little blocks that work inside the post.

They don’t come out but they do work inside the post just to make your life easier when you are assembling your coils on these RDA. This system implemented on the post is pretty unique and super useful in my opinion because if your coils actually came with pre-bend leads you can assemble them on the top of the block.

But remember both coils will be sharing the same holes which are not the best thing and you will have to measure in 3M your leads in advance before you assemble the clauses in place if that’s the case but if your coils do not have the leads pre-bend you simply only have to assemble the top lead on the top hole and the bottom leaves on the bottom hole which is pretty much what you would do on the velocities style post situation and reason why velocity style posts are favorite and the favorite style of posts amongst the vastly large crowd of vipers now since this article doesn’t include coils are cut to help actually has a few different coils available for you to buy separate.

These are nitro 90 fused cleft and coils and to be honest, even though they aren’t they do have some loose wraps. They’re not the worst I’ve seen coming off of China. To be honest they also have micro 90 triple car fused Clapton coils.

Also, with all the spec on the package and with a few loose wraps overall clean. But these are a bit worse with more visible loose wraps. To be honest but personally I’m going to use some handmade Viper Hall leaks and anonymous coils. These are 360 nails stainless steel fused Clapton coils.

Also, three-millimeter diameter coils but come on you have to include the inner diameter on the label. It’s missing the diameter of the coils but looking at the coils very close you can see there’s no comparison possible.

These are super clean and super nice and evenly wrapped. Great. Great job but these are contact coils and because I prefer them spaced and we actually have enough space between the post to space these I will actually use a coil Rod to help me space them both.


HellVape Passage RDA Review

If you want to use this RDA as the bottom feeder on top of a squat log you can remove the stuck bin and install the bottom-feeding pin instead you have to use the included Alan driver to install the bottom fitting pin after the removal of the regular one but make sure you hold the positive post in place otherwise it will fall out because the positive being is the only screw holding it in place.

As mentioned previously if your coils don’t have the leads already prevent you can slide them both the same way you would do with the velocity style build back which is very nice.

I will still recommend to space them both from the posts just one millimeter or two and then all you got to do is screw the post screws to secure the leads and they will be secured the post the logo block inside the post will adjust itself and they will be secured very well once you have the coil secure simply go ahead and trim each leaf flush with the posts and I will also recommend that you raise both coils just a little bit because the first two times I’ve built it.

I wasn’t getting that much flavor without raising the coil so strongly recommend that you raise them both a little bit. This build came at zero point two arms and using a very low wattage to make them glow and clean any possible debris you can see they are glowing nice and even from the inside out because they are spaced coils anyway.

But if you assemble contact goggles you should work out the hot spots first too weak these coils, I’m going to be using some vape fly fireballs caught them which pretty much like the cotton threads by getting cotton the shoe lifestyle of weeks. These are also super convenient and they already come pretty cold with these.

All you’ve got to do is slide that the AG blitz through and push the remaining week through the coil and repeat the process on the other coil to measure when to drain the weak so you can do so measuring and trimming the wicks aligned with the top of ring that holds the cap in place.

Once you do once you trim the week simply feed them in and into the juice while always paying attention under the coil and leaving an air of passage underneath each coil for air to circulate around the coils.

Let’s go ahead and primed. These coils in weeks leaving them moist and saturated, now after replacing the barrel I can squeeze the bottle as hard as I can in doing so. You can see how this RDA is going to be very leak-resistant due to how high the airflow slots are on the barrel. Once you have the barrel and the top cap in place.

This is indeed a very leak-resistant RDA even used as a bottom feeder and I like that a lot. So now that it is built and Wick let me replace the top cap, I’m also going to go with included the red antibacterial drip tip. Let’s go back on top and vape on it. That’s right. The passage RDA by sucking my mouth and how to vape available in nine different colors for 38 dollars in places like element vape. Overall to be honest an awesome job with these ones.

One thing I did not catch when I shot the close-ups was a situation that may happen when you squint with some squash anchors because the posts are separated and there’s a gap between them. You can actually see the skunk being when you look at the mouthpiece since the skunk Bean is an open hole inside the back and pointing up one or two times I did squawk way too fast and with another one I think it was the Poles duel I literally shot illiquid through the drip straight to my face at that time and all over my desk as well.

It would be really nice to see an Abbott spacer between the posts like a pic insulator or peak block between the posts creating a bridge but also acting as a block of both. This won’t be in for the liquid you squat to bounce back into the build back instead of coming off of the draft Right now I have it on top of the bass and I think just because the liquid channel on the best near me is a little bit more restricted in comparison to some mods like the pulse and the Post duel.

That problem doesn’t happen with these ones but with this one well it literally did I. I have liquid all over the place but it did Right now it did because I’m actually running out of liquid on the bottle and reason why it did because when I had the bottle on the bathroom full of liquid it wasn’t happening to me.

HellVape Passage RDA Review

So, you were now you were finally able to see it actually coming off of the drip. And luckily this time it did and comes straight to my face as it did before. But I have a bunch of liquid all over my desk to clean though it happens a lot more with some other mods that have liquid channels that are a little bit more unrestricted.

I guess it doesn’t happen as much with the bathroom but now running out of liquid it actually did. Other than that, these RDA have become one of my favorite RDA is in the past couple of days just testing and building assembling different builds and using it.

It has definitely become one of my favorite RDA. The flavor coming off of this thing and it doesn’t really matter the airflow setting like for instance is right now I have two passages or two airflow channels on each side.

The same build from the close up at 80 watts Flavor is so the ham on point the flavor on this one. It is great and not just great but great with no matter the airflow setting. And probably because of the independent airflow passages that were built into this top section directing the airflow perfectly into the chamber.

I really believe the three different air channels or air passages really made a huge difference in directing the air perfectly. Even when you close down the number of airflow channels instead of having the airflow just bouncing all over the place before entering the chamber and reaching the coil.


So, I love the looks because it looks clean and the branding is not over the top. And even though I’m not a huge fan of how much it bulges out I’m not a huge fan of the bulge out section. Not a huge fan.

It comes with two different drip tips and five then three people after it as well as all the necessary spares and that’s another pro the airflow is smooth all across the board no matter the airflow setting regardless of the airflow setting, the barrels still spins just enough to allow you to have the airflow you picked aligned with the center of your coils.

The build deck is stupid simple and almost like a velocity style configuration due to those little blocks built inside the post but only if you don’t prevent the leads on your coils and the flavor card the favor has to be mentioned once again on the downside.

If your coils have indeed pre leads and you feel Dawn kind of fix that situation and you still want to assemble them that way both leagues will be sharing the same holes so you have to train the leads in advance before you assemble the coils and capture them and secure them and screw the post crews down.

And last but not least because to be honest I can’t really find any other cons or downsides depending on how loose or how tight is the liquid channel on your squad. Mind if you use it as a bottom feeder. You may see a liquid fountain shooting liquid off of the mouthpiece like what happened into me which I could reproduce once again even pointing it to my face but I don’t want to because when I went and it happened to me, I had liquid spread all across my desk and all across my face to clean.

Even though I still ended up having some when it happened and a few minutes ago which I had to clean but again would be really nice to see a separation block between a separation block added between the posts because as it is the swamp thing is just exposed and pointing straight up with no obstacle in between. Still, if I was to write these RDA.

There is absolutely no reason to write this one. Anything less than an A-minus may be converted to a solid A if an obstacle or a block was added between the posts for the liquid to bounce back into the build deck instead of potentially being shoved through the drip.

Let us know what do you think about HellVape Passage RDA Review. Comment down your views and thoughts below, we’d love to hear from you.

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