How to avoid battery explosions while Vaping

It is no secret that e-cigarettes or “vapes” can explode, leaving the user seriously injured. While chances of these devices exploding are rare, they are dangerous, nonetheless. While information about the exact causes of these incidents is few and far between, there are some shreds of evidence that attribute the explosion to the battery that powers the e-cigarette.

The safety tips listed below have been provided by the FDA and can come in handy to avoid a vape battery explosion. It is imperative for users to bear in mind that they can directly report a vape explosion, or any other serious health or safety-related concerns with a vape to the FDA.

Consider using vape devices with safety features

There are various features available in vape devices that help you avoid an explosion. These features include firing button locks, vent holes, and protection against over-charging of the battery.

Don’t keep batteries close to metal objects; keep it loose in a case to prevent contact with metal.

It is recommended that you don’t allow batteries to come in contact with metal objects. This is particularly important as we are always surrounded by metal objects such as coins, and keys.

Avoid using your smartphone/tablet charger for charging your vape

While it seems to make sense to use your mobile device charger to charge the vape, given that they both have a USB port for charging, It is important for users to bear in mind that a vape should always be charged using the dedicated charger that came with it.

Charging overnight is not recommended

Unlike some mobile devices that automatically turn the charging off once it is fully charged, vapes do not have that feature. It is, therefore, important for you to not charge your vape device overnight, or leave it charging unattended.

Replace damaged or wet batteries

Ideally, users should avoid using vapes in places where there are chances of it getting wet. If the device gets damaged or wet to the extent where the batteries are not replaceable, the user should get in touch with the manufacturer. In all other cases, it is advisable to simply replace the battery.

What else you can do to avoid a battery explosion?

Until all vapes and the batteries used in them comply with consistent safety standards, your best chance of protecting yourself from a battery explosion is acquiring as much knowledge as possible about your vape device. It is equally important for you to learn to handle and charge the batteries properly.

  1. A lot of regular users avoid reading the device manual and recommendations. Don’t be that person. Despite sporting almost identical appearances, every vape device undergoes a unique manufacturing process that is carried out differently by different brands. Make sure you understand the manufacturer’s “how to use” manual properly and care for your vaping device. If you do not see any instructions on your vape or if you have any further questions, feel free to contact the manufacturer of the device.
  2. Users try to turn off or remove certain features in a bid to enhance battery capacity, and that is not recommended since every battery is integrated into the device based on compatibility and various other factors. Don’t disable or remove the safety features it originally came with – avoid trying to overhaul the vent holes and fire button locks which are actually designed to prevent the batteries explosions and overheating.
  3. Just because it fits in doesn’t mean it was meant for it. Use the batteries that are recommended and compatible with your device. Don’t go for a cheaper, or even an expensive alternative made by a different brand. Use the batteries with different charging levels or else you can use the old and new batteries at the same time.
  4. Make sure you choose the right place to keep your vape on a charge. Keep it on a clean and flat surface and away from anything that can easily catch fire. Avoid keeping it on a couch or a pillow where it is likely to catch fire or prone to overheat or even it can get turned on accidentally.
  5. Don’t test your vaping device in extreme temperatures. Avoid keeping it in direct sunlight or in freezing cold temperature.

How to report a battery explosion to the FDA

The FDA is well-acquainted with the explosion events. It is currently gathering data to fix the issue. You can report a vape explosion, or any other health or safety-related issue with a vape to the FDA via its Safety Reporting Portal. Here are the details you need to provide while filling out the form.

  • The name of the vaping manufacturer.
  • The model, serial number, and brand name of the vaping device.
  • The model and brand name of the battery used in vape.
  • Where it was purchased.
  • How the product was used? In case if it was used differently than intended by the makers of the device.
  • If the product was modified in any way.

What are the preventions you think are necessary for avoiding vaping explosions? Have you experienced a vape battery explosion, or any other similar issue related to vaping? Let us know in the comments section below.


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