How to Vape like a Professional

With vaping coming in the spotlight after the United States banned vaping products citing vaping related deaths, a lot of people are inquiring about vaping, and more importantly, many are now curious to find out how do you smoke a vape?

Not too long ago, vapes, which alludes to personal vaporizers (a.k.a. electronic cigarettes) were rare, with only a few using them. Fast forward to 2019, “vape” has made its place in the Oxford English Dictionary, and has become a common topic in newspapers, TV and doing the rounds on the internet in the form of online discussions. Is your curiosity about smoking a vape wrong? Let’s find out.

Why it is called Vaping

Touted as a safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, vaping is done using a device that creates a smokeless cloud. Smoke is generated when you burn something, which is not the case in vaping as nothing is burnt when you are vaping. The liquid gets evaporated and transforms into a cloud comprising small droplets, which are then inhaled by the user.

While people usually refer to this as “smoking” e-cigarettes, people who use them do not like that word. Using the word is inapplicable given that a lot of vapers have either reduced or completely given up smoking cigarettes. Vaping is unlike smoking a cigarette, so it makes a lot of sense to call it vaping a vape, rather than using a word like “smoking.”

That been established, it is important for people who want to try vape to bear a few things in mind.

Vaping is not same as smoking a cigarette

An electronic cigarette is usually used by people who are willing to quit smoking and by finding a replacement for traditional tobacco cigarette that they have been using for a long time. The electronic cigarettes can turn out to be a big disappointment for those who assume that an e-cigarette is used exactly in the same way as a traditional cigarette. Nevertheless, e-cigs can prove to be equally satisfying provided you know how to use them.

First off, it is important to acknowledge and understand that e-cigarette is not your regular tobacco traditional cigarette. The e-cigarettes have turned out as a marketing nightmare because the name made sense only when it was new in the market because it was important for them to let people know what this device was created to substitute. As a downside to this, some people who weren’t well-acquainted with the device assumed that the device is a cigarette.

Well, it is not. What is a cigarette? It is tobacco wrapped in a piece of paper.

The paper is different than the one used in cigar where the tobacco is wrapped in a leaf made out of tobacco. The best part about e-cigarette is that it doesn’t have tobacco in any form, which makes it a completely different product than a cigarette. It is simply impossible to twist the definition of cigarette by any chance to fit the vaping device in it.

So, what exactly is an e-cigarette?

The comparison of an e-cig with a traditional cigarette exists only because it is designed to replace a cigarette. Let’s think about what a cigarette has to offer: Nicotine, something to inhale, keep your hands busy, and the rituals you enjoy. You can get these same things from the electronic alternative, an electronic cigarette, as long as you know how to use it properly.

The thing many smokers do wrong while vaping is that they use electronic cigarette just the same way they use a traditional cigarette and they also feel that the vapour isn’t satisfying them and the cravings for nicotine still exists. If all these stuff sounds familiar to you, then there is good news for you. All you need to do is to change couple of things during vaping and you will achieve the same satisfying experience that you have been looking.

Vape like a professional

Using the right equipment is the first step for a satisfying vaping experience. Don’t pick e-cigarettes like “Cigalikes” which are old style and look like a real cigarette. They are usually the same size and shape as what it used to be but they are not powerful enough to deliver the desired experience.

I would recommend you to go for a pen-style device or maybe a mod. Avoid using extreme sub-ohn atomizers and drippers because they are designed specifically for people who use it as a hobby and not for people who want to resort to vaping as a smoking replacement.

Secondly, use the e-liquid (known as juice) that has the right content of nicotine that you need. As per the trend people have attracted to a low nicotine level and it might sound like a healthy option but it isn’t. Being a smoker, you will require a much higher level of nicotine that will help to satisfy your cravings, just like the traditional smoking use to do. As per the EU (European Union) law, it is legal to limit the e-liquid to only 20mg per ml, you can get as close as possible to that limit. People-based outside the EU region can go for 24ml which is ideal.

Usually smokers who take a puff of a cigarette take it hard and short which doesn’t really work with vape. While you stop puffing, the coil has just started to reach the required temperature. To vape properly, you need to take longer, gentle puffs instead so that the coil can reach the temperature and generate a proper vapour of cloud.

It might take few days to get use to the style of vaping but trust me it is worth it. Maybe initially you will still crave but do not worry about it as soon you will get hang of it.


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