IQOS 3.0 Smoke Free E-Cigarette Review

IQOS 3.0 Smoke Free E-Cigarette Review

Today we are going to be unboxing and reviewing the IQOS. The IQOS here comes from Big Tobacco, so after years of research and following the vaping industry and millions of dollars in research and development, this is what they come up with.

Now unlike in the vape industry, Big Tobacco has successfully been able to get this product approved by the FDA. All that lobbying and bad press about vaping could pay off, I guess. The IQOS is manufactured by Philip Morris International and it claims to be a cleaner and safer way for nicotine consumption, as opposed to using regular cigarettes, which require combustion in order for you to consume tobacco.

This does not use combustion; it uses a heating method. IQOS stands for “I Quit Ordinary Smoking”. This is the new IQOS system. The third version and it says here it’s discreet and personal.

IQOS 3.0 Smoke Free E-Cigarette Review

At the bottom, it says tobacco heating system 20 single moments 20 single moments Millions of dollars poured into marketing and this is what they come up with ok I go so you know best all right let’s dig into this thing all sides here very similar very clean very new-age with a picture of the device the IQOS is just the device itself.

It uses these things they call HEETS which I’ll be presenting in a little bit, but the device on its own retails for about 150 to 200 dollars depending on where you get it. And since it’s just been cleared by the FDA, you’re going to be seeing this thing everywhere shortly.

IQOS 3.0 Smoke Free E-Cigarette Review

Open this thing like a jewel box that 150 dollars have to feel worth it very nice this is the device itself very sleek. You charge it via USB see and there’s a power button over here which also is supposed to tell you the level of the battery.

There she goes now it’s on and it looks like it only comes charged with one bar and to pop this thing open you just press down. This is the actual device you’re going to use to insert those HEETS and this is basically just a charger slash carrying case for the device itself.

You just insert the device and when you pop this it starts blinking to let you know that it’s charging. This heat container or cigarette device thing, excuse me “alternative cigarette device” thing ah interesting.

I guess it comes with some sort of tampon of sorts. I see; this is the tool that you have to use to clean that cigarette holding contraption and according to the website for an optimal experience you have to clean the device at least once a day, so you’ll be using this tampon thing daily.

IQOS 3.0 Smoke Free E-Cigarette Review

Make sure you carry it with you everywhere. And below that, we’ve got the USBC cable and the power brick. And of course, there’s an instruction booklet. And here’s a pack of HEETS. This is what you insert into the device to get your nicotine fix.

It comes with 20 tobacco sticks, very similar to a pack of cigarettes, and they have a couple of different options based on your flavor preference. I’ve got the bronze label and the yellow label and I know for sure they also offer a menthol option.

IQOS 3.0 Smoke Free E-Cigarette Review

I’m going to try the yellow label. And opening this is very reminiscent of opening a cigarette pack and inside you get your HEETS. Well, these things are pretty tiny. Now you got your filter, just like a cigarette, and then this is what the supposed to backhoe looks like.

Wonder why there’s a filter. I mean if there’s no combustion and you’re not burning this tobacco stuff, what do you need a filter for? I wonder what they’re really filtering out. I’ve been very privileged to receive some insider information about how these things are made.

I guess it’s become a common understanding or assumption by people that this is like a mini cigarette and it uses regular tobacco and no liquid-like in the vaping industry. Let me tell you how this tobacco is made.

The first step of manufacturing the HEETS is they collect a lot of tobacco leaves. Those tobacco leaves are ground up into a powder and combined with liquid which has flavoring inside. That’s right, a liquid.

At that point, that concoction resembles a dough-like substance and they take that dough and roll it out and press it until it’s paper-thin into a long sheet.

The dye that sheet with color, adding more flavor and they cut it up into strips. And then those strips are crumbled together to resemble the look of tobacco. Alright, so let’s try heating vaping.

So, all you do is take this tobacco stick and insert it into this device and push down yep done. At that point, you need to press and hold this button-down that’s blinking is to indicate that the element inside is heating up the tobacco stick. When it’s ready, it’s going to vibrate. Alright, the second round of vibration has occurred.

That means it’s ready to go. Alright, let’s give it a whirl. No direct along with this mouse tool and all the way. This really takes me back to the smoking days. I sort of feel like a familiar feeling, so I’m kind of inclined to say this is nice, but it’s not.

Already my mouth is starting to feel like I’ve been licking inside an ashtray. Nicotine rush is coming on and you can get a total of 14 puffs out of one tobacco stick. It’s six minutes or fourteen puffs, whichever comes first. I got to be honest; I would take vaping over this any day. I feel like I’m smoking again.

After this, I may just go and buy a real pack of cigarettes. So, this is Big Tobacco’s method to get a chunk of the vaping market, huh? 150 plus dollars just for this thing. And then the HEETS are separate.

Do you know how much vape gear I can get for $150? If you’re trying to quit smoking, maybe this is a step in the right direction. But I would highly recommend you go with vaping. Get yourself nice salt nicotine and go with that.

I’m done with this thing. Alright, now I’m just going to take this thing out and dissect it to see what this is really made out of. And if you look inside you could see it’s quite burnt up already. I’m not really sure you end up using most of this tobacco stuff.

You could actually tell that it’s not quite tobacco that it’s so fine paper just crumpled together and it looks quite burnt up actually. Concerning their combustion, this is kind of strange. Even my hands smell like I’ve been smoking a cigarette so this is what’s inside here is you could see the majority of this is the filtration part and below that is this gunk here they call tobacco.

Recently there was a pretty significant study done in England on vaping versus I Coast versus smoking cigarettes. I’ll leave a link for the study in the description down below. It was determined health-wise that if cigarettes caused 100 percent damage in comparison to that 100 percent vaping is only 5 percent versus the IQOS is about 10 to 30 percent.

IQOS 3.0 Smoke Free E-Cigarette Review

So already vaping is significantly healthier not only than cigarettes but definitely more so than the IQOS. I unboxed the gold version but the 150 plus dollar price tag can also get you black blue-white. Maybe there are even some more colors I couldn’t get my hands on. And as I mentioned earlier, this is the IQOS 3, the third version.

I have the first version over here as well and you can see they’ve made some improvements. It definitely looks a little bit sleeker and likes it could fit in your pocket better. I should also mention that that 150 plus dollar price tag comes with some more options.

The IQOS 3, as well as the original IQOS both, comes with Bluetooth functionality. I’m not really sure what sort of Bluetooth functionality is available for this. Maybe to see the battery level or maybe changing how the heating element works or maybe it’s for the device to tell you how dirty it is inside? Probably not.

But you have to justify that price tag somehow, so I assume Bluetooth functionality is one of those methods. My overall conclusion and the IQOS devices I just wouldn’t recommend it. It’s far too close to the smoking experience.

But I suppose it could help those who are trying to quit smoking and need that ashtray to feel in their mouth to you know to switch over. There’s a really interesting alternative to the IQOS. There’s a company in China called quadrants.

I hope I’m saying that correctly. Anyway, that company is producing a device called the V stick and this is soon to hit the US market in competition to the IQOS. I’m not sure if they’re going to actually go with the V stick name on this device because I’ve seen other vape companies already using that, but nonetheless, this is an amazing alternative.

What’s the real difference, as you can see, it’s very similar to the IQOS, but the V stick does not have any buttons and it doesn’t actually use tobacco sticks and the most important part is it’s disposable.

This V stick has a 500-milliamp battery in two and a half milliliters of a liquid. And this white looking cigarette thing over here is just to give you the illusion that you’re going to smoke a cigarette.

It actually doesn’t serve any real function and if you pull it out you could see it’s not even really a filter. In fact, there’s a hole that goes directly all the way through, which means instead of having that nasty cigarette taste in your mouth, you could just vape with the V stick. Oh! This is so much better than the IQOS.

I’ve got the mango flavor in here and it’s incredible. Absolutely delicious! I would take this over the IQOS any day. Now as I said, this is disposable and since this little white component doesn’t really serve any function with the device you could use it without it.

After hitting the IQOS, this is such a refreshing experience and the V stick here is going to be released with a V stick Pro and the major difference there is it’s not going to be a disposable device.

It’s going to be a rechargeable battery with a pod that you can refill two and a half milliliters of juice anytime you need. Also, the shape is going to be a bit different; it’s going to be a flatter device and won’t resemble the IQOS as much.

Here’s the closer look at the V stick and here’s that manufacturer of brand qua ones the V stick is not going to require that type on looking thing to clean it every day. Therefore, it’s going to be a lot less of a hassle to use. I love it! I’m definitely going to get the V stick Pro when it comes out.

What do you think about the IQOS 3.0 let us know in the comments section.

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