List of Top 9 Mods of 2019

Pod mods comprise “pods” that are either empty or pre-filled with liquid (e-juice), and a compact, hand-held battery. Pod bay in the battery is designed to accommodate the battery.

Usually, pod mods do not have buttons but are activated by pulling. For charging purposes, it offers a USB charging option and has low-amperage batteries. The compact form factor of pod mods is what makes them so popular aside from the user friendliness, and high portability. There are no settings to fidget with. This also ensures you do not end up spoiling the refills. Check our top 9 list of pod mods system vapes below:

Lost Vape Orion Q Pod Kit

A Mouth to Lung or Directly Lung Pod System

The mod is beautifully designed and will turn heads everywhere you go. The capacity of the battery is pretty decent as well. It is made from a stainless steel powder metallurgy with real carbon fiber and abalone for panels on the side.

The MTL Delrin drip tip is also genuine. The pods can snap off and on very easily and the filling of the pod is easier as the user needs to just unscrew the top of the stainless steel. The two shortcomings of this mod are the AFC (Airflow Control) tends to be stiff on few pods and you can get dry hits sometimes.

The simplified compact kit of the Lost Vape Orion Q Pod Kit is for beginners as it is easy to use. It is small in size and fits well in hand. It is solid yet light in weight.

The device is pre-programmed with a finely tuned range of firing modes. The panel is made out of carbon fiber that gives an excellent grip with a premium alloy shell in Q pod. The user just needs to open the cap on the top next to the drip tip and that’s how easy it is to fill the cartridge. There is an easy slide-off button placed on the device for changing the cartridge whenever you want.

The best part about the Q pod is that it does not have to rely on the performance of the chip, as it uses direct voltage based output where the battery capacity of the current level determines the output of power. Orion Q pod has a reach up to 17Q and you can make use of 1.0 Ω refillable pod with 2 mL capacity that will lock in it and Orion uses.

There is a full safety suite integrated into the device which includes short circuit protection, temperature protection, weak battery protection, and even low/high resistance protection. The one-button design on the Q pod offers a much simple vaping experience. The LED comes with a multi-colored battery life that indicates while making current checking of the battery level easier. Just one glance, and you know it. That’s how simple it gets.

The device draws its juices from a robust 950mAh built-in battery that can deliver about 450 puffs with a single charge.

myBlu Starter Kit

Sporting an elegant outward appearance, the kit is highly portable, thanks to its compact form factor. You can choose from multiple flavors and the hit is good on the throat.

The battery lasts longer than most of the mods. On the downside, the intensity offered by the nicotine content of the myBlu Starter Kit is high and the pods are not refillable.

This starter kit is AIO, hybrid, and a pod device that provides an MTL experience of vaping in an easy to use and portable unit. The myBlu comes with a battery section where users can insert their pre-filled pods. Users need to inhale the mod to start the battery as the mod has no buttons on it. It is known to be a draw-activated pod in technical terms.

The device is backed by a 350mAh battery that delivers minimum 400 puffs on a single charge. The pods of e-juice can hold up to 1.5mL of e-juice. The range of flavors is pretty good as they offer about seventeen different types of e-liquids that feature Mint, Mango, Menthol and even Classic Tobacco Flavours.

The LED has a section for the battery where it shows the battery life of the cell in different lights.

For example, if the battery is full it shows blue light, if the battery is halfway through then it will show orange light, and if its time for you to recharge the battery it turns red. According to the official website of myBlu, the charging time of the battery is only twenty minutes. The starter kit comes with a USB cable for charging.

Kilo 1K Ultra Electronic Cigarette Pod System

The mod that comes with a portable system and a sleek design

The advantage of the pod is that it is made with impressive craftsmanship and is touted as one of the most luxurious vape devices in the market. Moreover, it is extremely easy to use, stealthy, and small in size.

The device uses nicotine salts that are known to be more potent than regular nicotine juice freebase. It has an easy and tight mouth to lung draw.

Regrettably, the Kilo 1K Ultra E-Cigarette Pod System sells without the pod and occasionally it hits dry. The pod measures 109mm x 9.5mm x 18mm which means it is an ultra-compact closed device system. It has a comfortable rubberized grip and matte black finish on the panel.

The Kilo 1K provides magnetic connection pods which have a simple plug and play ecosystem. The draw activated feature that fires mechanism helps to get a tight mouth to lung-draw. The weight of the device is just 26 grams that gives more substance. It creates a perfect balance between the optimal ultra-portability and performance.

The replacement pods can hold up to 1.5 mL of pre-filled juice in Kilo 1K as it also consists of 45mg of nicotine that comes in six flavor profiles: strawberry, butty, lemon berry ice, smooth tobacco, dewberry, and menthol tobacco.

The pre-filled pods are incorporated with organic cotton and atomizer core. The Kilo 1K comes with an out of voltage-based and an atomizer resistance of 1.8 Ω as the device is draw activated and no push buttons are available.

There are dual airflow slots that come with a tapered mouth for flavor and optimal vapor. Every pod is made to be spill and leak-free, ensuring that user enjoys their flavor of choice to the very last drop.

There is an LED indicator that helps the user to know when the device is fully charged and indicates when it is time for you to recharge it. When the device is charging or in use it lights up automatically.

The battery capacity is 350 mAh and it is fully charged within one and a half hours that can give you almost a good vaping experience throughout the day with moderate usage.

Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod Starter Kit

The innovative electronic vape that is ultra-portable

The advantages of this starter kit are that it provides vapor production together with a very smooth restricted DL draw. There is a window on the Mi-Pod that helps you to keep an eye on the e-juice consumption.

The Mi-Pod is light in weight, small in size, and its overall build quality is pretty good. It has a long battery life and it charges really fast. The making of the mod is very light and easy to use, the Pod material is made out of plastic and aluminium.

Nevertheless, there are drawbacks in the mod such as the airflow inserts are small in size and feels like a hack. The mouthpiece gets a little warm and the power button is not practical along with the battery LED can’t be seen while vaping.

The Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod Starter Kit is beautiful, stylish and portable pod system device. The Mi-Pod has a feature that lets you switch on the auto-draw manual activate to simplify the process of vaping simple.

The best part about the 2 mL salt-based e-juice capacity is that it allows both kinds of pods, replaceable and refillable. It comes with an anti-leak system that is an outstanding top fill design.

The pod has a better grip on both fins when pulling it out. The Mi-Pod comes with LED indicator with three different light colours. The blue light indicates a fully charged battery, the purple light indicates that the battery is 50% , and the red light indicates that the user needs to charge the battery as it is low. On the other hand, the vertical viewing window lets you know what amount of juice is in the tank.

The voltage output of the Mi-Pod is 3.0 to 4.2 and it has a resistance in cartridge of 1.3 Ω. The stealth mode mechanism provides you the privacy that you look in it, there is ten seconds cut off time with several safety protections like short circuit protection, low resistance protection, overheat protection, and low voltage protection. It prevents from leaking of e-juice with the help of OAS (Oil and Air Separated) system. The device is fuelled with 950 mAh lithium high drain battery that could easily last throughout the day or even more than a day.

Suorin Edge

The pod mod that charges really quick

The advantage of the Suorin Edge is that it includes two batteries that you can use all day long without being worried about the recharging. It is slim and lightweight which makes it easy to travel with and the device gets charged within 30 minutes which means it is a “quick charge” mod. The exterior of the mod is beautiful. The drawback of the pod is that the charging port is not compatible with other charging cables and the life of the pod is as short as two to three refills max.

The Suorin Edge is fuelled with 230 mAh battery which is incorporated in this pod vape system. The kit comes with two removable batteries that vapers can replace for constant vaping.

The output of the cell is 10W. There is a replacement pod internally that holds a 1.5 mL with a 1.4 ohm coil inside for mouth to lung optimal vaping. The user can fill the pod from the side port and insert the gold-plated contacts on the battery until it is placed properly.

On the side there is an accumulator small ejector button. The device turns off and on by rapidly clicking a button five times. The mod features draw-activated option. The device has sharp lines and edges as it is pretty slim. The outer panel of the Suorin Edge is durable aluminium alloy material. As far as color options are concerned, you can choose between Black, Red, and Silver.

At the edge of the pod, there is an indicator that shows the battery’s current life. The feature of the proprietary Type-C USB helps to charge the device quickly within 30 minutes.

Rubi Kandypens

The advantages of the Rubi Kandypens are Draw-activated (no buttons), Pods are pre-filled and refillable (1ml capacity), Uses a ceramic coil, Vapes e-liquids and oils, Very small and portable, and for direct-lung vapers. The only disadvantage of the mod is that it breaks easily because it is delicate.

At just four inches long; the Rubi is discreet and compact. It is safe because it needs no filling of cartridges. You can simply insert a pre-filled pod and you are good to go. The fact that these pods are refillable that set you free to use any pods and not only Kandypen pods in it. You can fill them with any e-juice of any VG to the PG ratio.

The user can vape thick oils using the device. The feature of temperature control which works automatically allows you to have a perfect vape with anything that has been inserted. Within eight seconds it fires up to 482 degrees for a smooth vape.

The wick is cotton that allows all the flavors of the e-juice to shine and the coil in the pod is ceramic. The absence of a fire button makes it easy to use and no settings need to be made. It automatically detects a negative airflow and it starts the vapor as soon as pulling starts. Before you need to recharge again the battery can deliver up to 50 puffs.

Suorin Drop Starter Kit

The advantages of pods are refillable up to 2ml capacity; it has Unique, ergonomic shape, for mouth-to-lung vapers, Works with nicotine salts and e-liquids, and Pass-through charging. There are only two disadvantages such as the construction of the pod is poor and it is not durable.

The Drop might look compact and stylish but it hides a larger pod that holds a good amount of 2 mL e-juice in it. For mouth to lung vaping vapers this is an ideal device.

The coil in the pods is 1.3 ohms and best works with high PG e-juices. While it can be refilled, the user needs to keep in mind that they can be refilled with needle droppers.

It has a spit back and leak-free resistant, the drop pods come with two chambers. This helps to make a perfect blend of e-juices without having to do any mixing beforehand.

You can simply add one juice flavour in one chamber and do the same in another chamber with different flavour. The pods can be filled with nic salts and any other type of e-liquid you want to use in it. The vapor remains warm without getting hot and that makes the hit silky smooth. Throat hit depends on the nicotine levels and PG ratio but you can expect a reasonable hit without being harsh on your throat.

Suorin Air Starter Kit

The advantages of the Suorin Air Starter Kit includes a Refillable tank (2ml), For mouth-to-lung vapers, it has a slim, portable design, Pass-through charging, and good vapor production. The only drawback of the kit is that it is not durable.

It is an open pod system that means the user can refill cartridges in it. The user can fill the pod with any e-liquid but the coil resistance is 1.2 Ohm, this is the factor one should keep in mind while selecting the e-juice to insert. For best results, Suorin recommends a 70/30 ratio of VG to PG and not to below 60/40 to avoid any leaks from thin e-juices.

The capacity of the pod is 2 mL and it usually lasts for an entire day with normal puffing. It depends on the liquid that you fill in how many times to pod can be refilled. Although, it is expected to work for 4 to 5 refills before the coil is burnt out.

The battery capacity is 400 mAh which means you might need to recharge your battery even before the pod gets empty but with normal vaping it can last up to an entire day. The charging time is pretty fast, you can charge the pod within 30 minutes. The slim pod works really well for travellers as it can slip in to the pockets and purse easily and fits in the hands very well with quick stealth vape on a go.

Xpod Mini Vape Pod

The advantages of the Mini Vape Pod are that it is slim and portable, No-buttons, draw-activated, three different flavor options, and a good throat hit. The drawback of the pod is that only single nicotine strength is available and the output is low power.

The EPuffer’s Xpod Mini Vape is a pod device that allows you to insert pre-filled cartridges. The battery section of the unit has a battery of 280 mAh internally. The exterior is high-quality plastic, thin and yet sturdy. The pod is draw activated and there are no buttons on it.

There is an LED light placed at the tip that lights up whenever someone takes a puff. There is a 1.2 mL of e-liquid capacity. The pods are disposable, containing a unique nicotine salt blend. It is up to the user to choose from only one nicotine strength either 1.8% or 18 mg of nicotine.

Each one can last for 300 puffs. The e-liquid is PG and VG blend of 50-50 ratio. The resistance of the coil is 2.7 ohms in each pod.

There are three flavors available for users to choose that includes Cool Menthol, Tropical Mango, and Tobacco. Each pod comes with corresponding colors with the flavors such as the tobacco pods are red, whereas Menthol is blue and Mango comes in yellow color.


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