MOTI Makes a Debut in Immersive Screening Presented by Filming East Festival

MOTI Makes a Debut in Immersive Screening Presented by Filming East Festival

In 2007, the Filming East Festival was founded and sponsored by the UK Film Council which was aimed at promoting the Chinese language film in the UK as well as the west. It also focuses on providing a platform for Sino-foreign communications and collaboration in the film industries.

In Mainland China, a crime drama movie called Ash Is Purest White set from 2001 to 2018. The plot goes around the self-discovery journey of the female protagonist Qiao, who strays into the Jianghu where she has to overcome all the difficulties and dangers to pursue the purest and perfect true self. Ash is Purest White is a multi-award winning film by one of the most prestigious and world-popular Chinese filmmakers – Jia Zhangke.

In the late 90s atmosphere of disco that was filled with neon lights and the lanterns, the guest was allowed to act in the classic movie scenes with MOTI pod cigarette. On 9th November at the Hippodrome Casino, the MOTI UK Tour has already been started from an exciting immersive screening event at Lola’s Room.

Established in 2007, and backed by the U.K. Film Council, The Filming East Festival aims to promote Chinese language films in the United Kingdom, as well as in the West. The Filming East Festival is a long-term partner of the British Film Institute (BFI), raising awareness of Chinese cinema among the British and international audiences.

MOTI Makes a Debut in Immersive Screening Presented by Filming East Festival

The event is hosted by cinema and theatre actor named Robin Khor, Instagram influencer @emeliestenman, @sugsean, @grandykat attended and experienced MOTI and MOJO. Grandy says that “It’s a great collaboration to bring MOTI and movie together, the product is very sleek, I really like the design.”

In 2013, it started from Las Vegas when the MOTI grew cigarette alternative pioneer today and recently managed to acquire the biggest investment of $50 million from SIG Asia. This is the biggest publicized financial support up to now.

MOTI is not only the pod manufacturer that is aiming to help improve the lives of the global smoking epidemic by creating an alternative to bad-smelling cigarettes.

After sweeping North America and the Asia Pacific, MOTI finally made its first move in the UK. In collaboration with Filming East and Oktoberfest, MOTI created a unique experience with an immersive screening and beer festival that starts from 9th November and ends on 16th November in the center of London.

MOTI Makes a Debut in Immersive Screening Presented by Filming East Festival

MOTI classic and MOJO are two-star products. As a next-generation pod system that allows you flavor your lifestyle the way you want it to be along with pre-filled and refillable flavor pods in simple, elegant device design, MOTI is considered the pioneer of all pods e-cigarettes in China.

The 500 mAh built-in battery can be recharged in less than an hour and results in more than 600 puffs. Instead of the prefilled pods, you can use the MOTI refillable pods to create the flavor you like.

The other star product MOJO has already reached a partnership with Cygnet Health Waterloo Hospital, where patients can easily achieve in the vending machine. As a disposable e-cigarette, each MOJO pod contains 1.2 ml juice capacity with various flavors to choose from. Only at 3 inches tall, MOJO wears ultra-compact and lightweight design which is easy to use.

MOTI Makes a Debut in Immersive Screening Presented by Filming East Festival

Other than two-star products, the brand-new MOTI ONE has made its shining debut globally on immersive screening and beer festivals. MOTI ONE is an affordable mini device including our extremely simple and convenient filling mechanism, with a modern sleek design in various stylish colors.

The pod is made from medical grade PCTG making it tougher and even better heat resistance. It comes with ceramic coil, maximizes nicotine satisfaction whilst bringing flavorful, full clouds and a longer lifespan. MOTI ONE will be released in the UK soon in November 2019.

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