MOTI Wins the Hearts of Smokers at the London Oktoberfest Festival

At the London Oktoberfest festival on November 15th and 16th, Moti’s engagement brought pure happiness to the masses, a positive attitude towards life and passion for living a life in a healthier way, more convenient and definitely a fashionable way to smoke.

Here are some of the feedback from users who tried and purchased MOTI at the beer festival said: “The best vape I’ve ever had” and “This grape flavor MOJO probably the best grape flavor I’ve ever tried.” The trendy MOTI lifestyle is coming to shape as more events are coming up after the event in UK.

MOTI Wins the Hearts of Smokers at the London Oktoberfest Festival

It started from Las Vegas in 2013, ranking top 3 in United States and the second biggest pod cigarette brand in Mainland China, MOTI managed to acquire the biggest investment of $50 million from SIG Asia recently, and is the biggest publicized financial support up to now. MOTI is not only the pod manufacturer, but also aims towards helping to improve the lives of the global smoking epidemic by creating an alternative to the bad smelling cigarettes in the market.

MOTI Wins the Hearts of Smokers at the London Oktoberfest Festival

Being one of the world’s best-selling pod cigarette products, MOTI also trying to make positive impact to the world. Due to the insufficient funding from the Paraguay government for fighting frequent wild fires and the breakdowns of overused firefighting equipment, the volunteer fire fighters of the city are constantly struggling to come up with funds needed to fight the fires. MOTI has launched a campaign to raise fund to purchase enough gears for fire fighters against wild fires which is an amazing initiative and it is much needed in the moment.

After sweeping North America and Asia Pacific, MOTI finally made its first move in UK. In collaboration with Filming East and Oktoberfest, MOTI created a unique experience with immersive screening and beer festival from November 9th to 16th in the center London.

MOTI Wins the Hearts of Smokers at the London Oktoberfest Festival

MOTI classic and MOJO are two-star products from MOTI brand. As a next-generation pod system that lets you flavor your lifestyle your way with the pre-filled and refillable flavor pods in a simple, elegant device design. MOTI is considered the pioneer of all pod e-cigarettes in China. The 500 mAh built-in battery can be recharged in less than an hour and results in more than 600 puffs. Instead of the prefilled pods, you can use the MOTI refillable pods to create the flavor you like.

The other star product MOJO has already reached a partnership with Cygnet Health Waterloo Hospital, where patients can easily achieve in the vending machine. As a disposable e-cigarette, each MOJO pod contains 1.2 ml juice capacity with various flavor to choose. Only at 3 inches tall, MOJO wears ultra-compact and light weight design which is easy to use and carry around no matter you are at work or traveling, it will always come handy which is easily charged and used on a go.

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