NEVOKS Angus MESH RDA Kit Review

NEVOKS Angus MESH RDA Kit Review

It’s the network’s Congress rebuildable mesh 20 a kit or measure da pod kit not really sure what to call it because it basically meshes RTA on top of the mat but its appearance and the sizes like recent parts but anyways it’s something you want to market.

Here’s the packaging for the Angus RDA kit by networks so here we have the social media accounts here the package contents and manufacturing info some certificates here. Let’s open it and here’s our RDA kit, we’ll go shorter.

NEVOKS Angus MESH RDA Kit Review

Let’s check the spare and here you get the sprayer cap type-c cable for charging the battery here we have three nichrome coils a regular wire with the screwdriver plus you get a pack of cotton and the mesh coils and originally there are three mesh coils but I used one sold two left also micro-mesh coils.

Plus, additionally in the retail packaging you will get a screw set of Holdings screws and the spring included, plus the user manual, as well. Here you go, the network’s Angus measure da kit and it consists of two main parts it’s the RDA parts here on top and the mod battery part.

NEVOKS Angus MESH RDA Kit Review

So firstly let’s do some size compared with some popular devices. For example, here’s the geek web Aggies boost edges boost and as you can see it’s a little bit shorter than the Aggies, and also a little bit thinner. Now, the next one is a group of an inch and obviously, it’s shorter than the Bupa Vinci but wider in here and let’s see the next one.

This one is Artery PAL to examine and as you can see it’s short this one shorter PALto draw but Angus is a little bit less white here and the fix Ness seems less peak to the body of the device is made of zinc alloy. It’s very solid fuel has some weight on it it’s 130 grams. It has a glossy finish all over it so kind of fingerprint magnet it’s very obvious.

NEVOKS Angus MESH RDA Kit Review

And at the front we have the chipboard-style pattern here and the name Angus in the center, on the side here we have the heaven gives company characters, Chinese name in Chinese, type C charging port, and here we have she on the other side, but in retail version you won’t have it because it’s just a sample for us.

Here’s our fire button and at the backside we have designed by networks made in China down here we have the battery venting holes, and speaking of the battery, we have 1700 my built-in battery here, and maximum 60 watt output, PCB board with three-level, optional output low medium-high, we have the LED indicators here which show them and a set of safety protection, of course.

NEVOKS Angus MESH RDA Kit Review

so now let’s turn it on its five clicks see the indicators and to switch between output levels just need to press the fire button three times so now it’s at the medium at the low and high and indicators now it’s on the green battery indicator. It means like the battery capacity is somewhere at 50 to 100% and blue light will be 30% to 50% and when I turn, it’s red, that means you better charge it.

so now let’s get to the RDA part so remove the cap first and it made of food great PC TG material we have the white drip tip mouthpiece here its built-in we have the airflow holes here on the sides three on each and also you will get the spare one this one is clear and spare one has a little bit smaller hole set of holes but it’s the same three on each side a little bit smaller and dark and this how it looks like from inside so the darker one is for a little bit more restrictive oh and here’s our RDA square shape.

NEVOKS Angus MESH RDA Kit Review

I believe it’s the first square RDA measure D & RG is made of stainless steel square shape as for and we have the clamp style posts here suited for the mesh but you still can use round wire as well or other coils but not too big we have large wells in here juice wells on both sides square shape too. We have the Philips post screws here so this site is the positive we can see the peak insulator in here and ceramic spring-loaded piece in the middle which will push the cotton up under your mesh to prevent the dry heat like this coarse mesh needs need very tight wicking and this is not new.

NEVOKS Angus MESH RDA Kit Review

I believe it’s inspired by water flow profile RDA and it is very smart and useful design in my opinion and the Wells as I said it’s around four millimeters deep on both sides and now let me show you our gear with the mud connection so the RDA slides onto the mud and clips in place with the small ball bearings.

Here we have the gold plate that spring-loaded pin here which will touch this place and it’s kind of rail type system just clip in a place like this. So now let’s build it with the included mesh wire and wick it so here’s our included mesh it’s microns 0.5. I will shape it first give it a round shape and now we’ll place it into the clamps just like so it’s a little bit too white.

NEVOKS Angus MESH RDA Kit Review

I suggest you cut measure D is diagonally like so like edge to the boards just like this so you leave this part up here to prevent it to go down this part because it can cause the dry hits later and we’ll do the same on the other side just like this and we can comment comp it a little bit just a little bit and put it inside the deck fat will same on the other side here.

NEVOKS Angus MESH RDA Kit Review

just leave it. It’s a lot of cotton as any other measure and the next is juice it up and we will use six-milligram freebase juice apple and we need to saturate it really well a lot of kinds of cotton you will need a lot of juice and don’t hurry otherwise you can get a dry heat out of the mesh and it’s very nasty juice it up a little more works place our cap just like so and we’re ready for vaping.

NEVOKS Angus MESH RDA Kit Review

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