NORD by SMOK Mesh Pod Kit Review

NORD by SMOK Mesh Pod Kit Review

Today we are going to review the Nord kit by smoke this is an all-in-one device that comes with an MTL coil head and also a mesh sub-ohm coil head 1,100 milliamp-hour battery so let’s go ahead and dive into it this is what your packaging is going to look like also one thing to mention is that smoke now has this counterfeit protection emblem here apparently there’s some sort of laser technology going on and it’s really hard to duplicate.

As you can see it’s got the same type of styling as the no VOC it’s got that honeycomb design on it then you have a charging cable and two coil heads okay so this thinks about 94 millimeters tall about 30 millimeters wide and about18 millimeters thick 1,100 milliamp power battery.

NORD by SMOK Mesh Pod Kit Review

I said this is Nord on one side smoke on the other this is a push-button device unlike the Novo you got your charging port on the bottom there micro USB little window in your pod right there so you can see your liquid level but it’s not super-duper easy to see you know once it gets past a certain point you’re not going to see it anymore so to get that pot out you pull out like so and it does have a press-fit design.

NORD by SMOK Mesh Pod Kit Review

There are no magnets on here your fill ports right there is what your contacts look like down inside feels like a mixture of plastic and zinc out like kind of like with the Novo here okay basically the exact same materials just a little bit bigger now you do have a fairly large-sized mouthpiece in that pod you could see the chimney itself isn’t very big but then it flares out here in the mouthpiece, okay so it’s a bigger mouthpiece than what you’re going to see in the Novo now these are the two-coil heads that you’re going to get within one is a 1 point 4 ohm MTL coil head and that’s this guy and then the other is a mesh coil head and it’s called Nord mesh.

NORD by SMOK Mesh Pod Kit Review

This one is point 6 ohms kind of hard to see it down inside there but it looks like a single mesh coil may be more of a strip coil I guess you would call it, and airflow comes in through the bottom there and you’re also going to be able to buy separately a ceramic coil but that is not included in this kit at least not in the kits that I got so I already have what’s called the regular coil in my other one the normal one point 4 ohm MTL we’re going to put the mesh coil head in this one.

I’m going to attempt to get a couple of drops of juice down in there but these are not easy to prime not the end of the world you’re just going to want to let it sit in the tank a little bit longer than you would maybe some sub ohm tanks that have coil heads that are easier to prime so now these don’t screw in or anything like with the breeze – and all-in-one systems like that these just press fit in so you got airflow slots on the outside there you want to keep them on the outside.

NORD by SMOK Mesh Pod Kit Review

So on the two sides and then you just press this guy down in there and it’s held together by an O-ring okay so it’s all the way and now they say three ml’s of liquid but as you can see the MTL coil is a little bit smaller than the mesh so you’re probably going to get a little bit less with the mesh coil head now to fill this you got this little rubber tab right here and I’m just going to hold that back and now we fill nice large fill port you just push the plug down in and there it is next you insert your pod this can go either way because remember you got three contacts right there and those are going to be hitting the outside here and then the center there.

NORD by SMOK Mesh Pod Kit Review

You just push it down has a nice fit no movement or anything once it’s in there and then to turn this on five clicks that’ll flash at you and then now it’s your fire button there’s a little bit of a click to it, not a bunch of travel you can obviously turn this off when you put it in your pocket two clicks will show you your battery meter.

They have those vertical coils in there and they’re really close to your mouth you know they’re right here and then here’s your mouthpiece so close to your mouth and a lot of tank systems out there like sub-ohm tanks and whatnot so well the heat on the mesh coil here is about middle-of-the-road you know if it had adjustable wattage I would maybe turn it up 5 watts or so it’s still very flavorful and its because that coils so close to your mouth being someone that likes restricted lung hit vapes if I wanted something super stealthy.

NORD by SMOK Mesh Pod Kit Review

I would be fine with using this throughout a day I get more than enough flavor I get more than enough vapor it’s a good draw it’s very smooth so I’m more impressed than I thought I would be as far as the mesh coil goes as far as the MTL coil goes it’s a pretty warm even though it’s a looser MTL drop. I dig it the only thing I wish for my style of vaping is that the MTL coil draw was a little bit tighter there is another ceramic coil out there that one might get make the draw even tighter but I haven’t tried it.

NORD by SMOK Mesh Pod Kit Review

I just wish it was a little bit tighter draw with the MTL coil but like the draw on the mesh coil as far as battery life goes if you’re using the MTL coil with higher milligram nicotine you should be able to get through a whole day you with this 1,100-milliamp-hour battery. Mesh coils just do that and you’re not running it at Super-duper high wattage you might even get two weeks out of a mesh coil so the coils aren’t cheap but they will last you a decent amount of time.

NORD by SMOK Mesh Pod Kit Review

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