RBT Splinter 510 Thread Herb Vape Atomizer

RBT Splinter 510 Thread Herb Vape Atomizer

Back again helping to keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest in vaping news and tech. So today I’m going to be unveiling the Splinter V1 by RastaBuddhaTao which is an on-demand dry herb vaporizer that works with your mod. So, if you’ve already got yourself a mod vape which is useful like either an e-cigarette atomizer tank or even some concentrate tanks, like this Vivant Incendio that we’ve got here the works with a little e on top.

So if you’ve got one of these mods sitting around the house already, that’s what you’re going to need to get your RVT Splinter V1 up and running, because this is basically just a 5-10 thread atomizer, the plugs into the top of your mod, with a glass attachment, quite similar to that of the Arizer Solo or Extreme Q or something like that and what it basically does is it generates a full convection vapor by drawing air through these holes around the chamber and it generally heats that a constant heat.

So if you’re looking at these e-cigarette mod boxes, they come in a variety of different wattages and RBT recommends using a mod box with at least 50 watts, however, we’ve been using this Vivant Incendio box, which only has 40 watts and been finally get phenomenal vapor out of it anyway, so I’m guessing for optimum performance and if you’re looking to pick up the whole thing as package, screw-up of 50 watts more bucks but don’t the test don’t be depressed if you’ve only got a 40 or 30 lyings around because we even experimented with dropping the ones a little bit and still got some very decent clouds.

RBT Splinter 510 Thread Herb Vape Atomizer

Looking at this one, you just attach this atomizer to the top of the mod box and turn it on and you can see it’s got this beautiful finish on the outside believe this is –wood so RBT plays around with a lot of different sort of special species of wood, when making these atomizers so you can pick it out and find one to suit your preference.

Looking inside this atomizer, it’s got this glass grommet at the top here, which is where the glass tube and herb chamber sort of plugs into here and also at the bottom you can to see it’s got a tiny heating pin, which helps to work in unison with an atomizer to heat the herb. So, if it was going to break down this tube here, it’s just this glass tube which has been handmade in Germany, as well as this little dome screen which plugs into the base here.

So, looking at what comes in the kit on this one now, what you get is just this little wooden base itself which has a heating element embedded on the inside and the 510 thread on the bottom, as well as two of these borosilicate glass tubes, which as I mentioned, it’s hand made in Germany. The box itself, it’s awesome it’s got a very dark side of the moon kind of vibe, if you want to have a little bit of chill out, fire up a chamber, breaking it down, it’s pretty awesome on the inside too.

It’s unique I haven’t really seen much packaging done in this way, it’s obviously very sustainable, very eco-conscious and he’s hooked you up with a bunch of accessories as well, so you can keep it going all day long.

RBT Splinter 510 Thread Herb Vape Atomizer

It’s got three of these extra stainless-steel dome screens in the base, so these obviously just plug into the bottom of your glass and they use for packing your herb into. These are things stainless steel you can soak them in an isopropyl alcohol to relinquish any hard to remove resin, if you want to clean those up and that obviously doesn’t have to be done to all the dirty, so you can just keep interchanging them and delay the cleaning process for a little bit which is great for the busy vaper out there.

The wooden base of the atomizer itself comes wrapped in this awesome little Hessian pouch so that obviously you can just take around with you whenever you’re using the device, you can even load up two tubes at a time, if you’re looking for a couple of sessions, chuck them in here with the atomizer and even your mod if you’re dealing with a smaller model like this Incendia and it’s all wrapped up nicely in this beauty cycle brown paper.

Obviously as I mentioned before, it’s a semi on-demand vaporizer kind of like the Lotus vape, so the Lotus was a similar device, you have to heat it initially, to get that preheat happening as well, as heating it briefly while you use it before releasing and just finishing with an air to clear the bit of air to clean the chamber, so just chucking all this back in the box and put this over her. So, obviously the box or the pouch can be easily taken into any bag where you want to keep the whole kit with you or just that little pouch whereas the box would be offering a little bit more protection but it’s up to you to fit in most bags or so the tote bag, anything like that.

RBT Splinter 510 Thread Herb Vape Atomizer

If there’s not going to be enough airflow coming through you’re going to get hot spots and you’re going to lose your terps early on and get a little bit of a charred flavor, so make sure that you’re just leaving it indented the tiniest bit so that it’s not escaping through that dome screen and just every couple that hits as well it’s good to sort of rotate your bowl at the top, as it can help just heat it a little bit more evenly.

So, on 40 watts again now, it’s going to preheat for two or three seconds and take a heat Woah, like I said guys, this thing blows vapor like no other and those terps are just off the chain.

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