Skywalker Indica by Rove (THC Cartridge) Vape Review

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am back again with another review. For today’s THC, we’re gonna get into some Skywalker Indica by Rove. Now, what the advertise on this is total is DA and N 82 percent, which is 828 milligrams, THC count 75 percent, which is seven hundred and fifty-seven milligrams CBD, 3 percent which is 3.398 percent which is 40 milligrams and net weight are 1025 milligrams.

This is a 1.025-gram cartridge and checks that out, even on the back they even say they’re bad to date and all of that other information there. So you can see all of that. Just trying to make sure I can get that camera on focus there. There we go. You can see that expiration date, batch date, manufacturer date, all of it is their manufactured 12:1, January 12th, 2019, package January 15, 2009, expires January 11, 2012.

Skywalker Indica by Rove_expiry dates

Your THC cartridges have a shelf life of a year. That’s what they’re going with. So let’s open this box up. It says full right here, so I guess you have to tear. I don’t know how you open this. It’s like a treasure or something up there.

We go just pops, I guess right off the top. That just fell out. Rose-red to find this thing smells crazy inside. It’s got a little thing. This is about romances your favorite Rove concentrate now comes in a completely redesigned cartridge. Why a new cartridge? because we’re always trying to make things better.

Your new cartridges of fresh, a static look utilizes bottom airflow technology and contains the best of class ceramic core atomizer. These changes were engineered to improve taste airflow and usability. We hope you enjoy it. Your new cartridges also are primed if it looks less than full, don’t worry some oil has already been absorbed into the wick.

Skywalker Indica by Rove (THC Cartridge) Vape

So there’s your bubble. I’d feel pretty confident to say that that is pretty solid for what it is. That bubble does not look like I mean it is moving a little bit but it’s not moving crazy and it’s a Skywalker on top so once you open this package that’s it. Here’s what the inside of your package looks like. They made it so that what you can’t take this plastic thing out.

I guess, you can if you force it but it comes in a little plastic container. I’m not gonna lie I like this little plastic container more than I like the other containers that I’ve gotten when.

The Skywalker does seem to fit appropriately in the cartridge in the box. So let’s take it for a fee. Let’s see how good or how bad a row of the card is. I’ve personally never have purchased a Rauf cart so I’m curious to see if it’s gonna be good if it’s gonna be bad, and if it’s gonna work on this battery.
Skywalker Indica by Rove (THC Cartridge) Vape

As I said, I’ve never had a row of the cart before so we’re about to get into some craziness. I like this mouthpiece man, I like the dust cover too. Five clicks turn it on — one, two, three, four, five. Let’s take it for a vape Skywalker Indica Pyros.

Wow, that’s intense. I am extremely satisfied with this product.  wow, that one hit look at me look at my eyes that were it that one hit is all I needed and I’m ready to take on at least two hours worth of work. I’m very happy with this product and look forward to seeing some more Robes products on our website in the future.

This tastes like the Bud but it gets you very quick! So definitely buying more of these in the future. I am very happy with the Rove Indica Skywalker. I’m gonna try to fight it through the first couple of hours at work.

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