SMOK AL85 Vape Kit Review

Today for review, I have the SMOK AL85 Vape Kit. So this is the baby version of the Alien Kit. This mod uses 118 650 battery, and does temperature control and gives you the freedom to adjust your wattage. In temperature control mode, in wattage mode, you can adjust for various vape strings.

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There’s also a memory mode and a bunch of other features that I’m gonna talk about in this review. So let’s check out this mod. So here is the packaging for this kit and on the back of the box that gives you some information about it. What’s included inside and here is what a scratch-off authenticity code is. Inside of the box is a user manual, battery safety card, quality controlled pass which is also the warranty card and on the back, it tells you how to verify the authenticity of the product.

A protective band for the tank spare parts bag with extra seals and here is the mod that is the screen on the side is the fire button it’s not the whole thing it’s just part of it as the top portion. There’s a USB port for charging and firmware upgrades at the top as a 510 spring-loaded connection and this actually is the battery door so this one screw and then the mod holds one 18 650 battery and it does come in various colors.

So the one I just showed you is brand new and this is the one I’ve been using to turn them all on clicking the fire button five times. I’ll display the wattage the vaping strength there’s the battery life, there’s voltage which shows up when you’re vaping, there are ohms, there are amps there’s a puff counter, PCB that is the temperature of the board and then it shows what mode you’re in and on the bottom it shows you how long you’ve been holding the fire button.

So this thing pretty much has the same interface that every other SMOK mod out there has. Now, one thing I would like to show you was this little button right here which serves as the plus and the minus button all in one. So to access the menu, click the fire button three times. Here you can go through mode, there’s puff counters or settings and power.

To power off the mod go into here it’ll ask you power on or power off however there’s another way to turn it off click the fire button five times and this will lock the mod once. The mod is locked hold the fire button for about five seconds and now you have the option to turn the mod off or to leave it on and another way to lock and unlock the mod is to hold the plus and minus button at the same time and now it’s unlocked.

Speaking of shortcuts, if you push the ‘+’ button and the fire button at the same time, here you can adjust for various vape strings. If I push the minus button and the fire button at the same time, here I can switch between different modes another way to change the mode is to go into the menu click the fire button three times that brings you here at this point you’re gonna wait it’ll switch to the next screen like so or you’re gonna hold down the fire button.

So here I can pick between temperature control there’s memory mode, there are some pre-settings in there and there’s also wattage mode. So when wattage mode if you click on that or just wait you can adjust for various vape strings. There’s normal, hard, soft now go back into mode and temperature control.

If I push that, you can adjust your wattage using the plus and minus buttons and next you can select the type of wire that you’re using and after that, you can adjust the TCR settings. Let’s check out the memory mode. Next, here again, you can select for different vape strings and finally here are all the different memory settings.

So, if I push the fire button, it’ll go through all the different ones that are already present; however, you can change each one of these back into the menu. Next one, after mode this is the PUF counter. It’s very self-explanatory, you can set a max number of puffs but I never do that and you can reset them as well.

After the puff counter, here are settings if you go into the first one you can put this in stealth which will make everything dark on the screen but the mod will still work and here is the screen timeout. Next one in settings a screen lock. If I go in here I can have an auto-lock you can turn that on or off. The third one in settings: This is the screen contrast. You can set the contrast here.

Your resistance, and finally the last option here is downloads. So this is where you hook up the mod to your computer and this is the screen you would go into to start an update. Here is the TF V8 Baby, this holds three milliliters of quit and is 22 millimeters in diameter. At the top is a fairly wide dollar and drip tip this is a 510 drip tip and it is removable.

This is a top-filling tank. It just swivels out and then you pour your liquid into that hole right there. To take this apart for cleaning or to replace the coil just twist the glass and it does pop out there will already be a coil pre-installed and to remove it and when this is new it’s kind of hard to twist it out but it does twist out and here’s a closer look at the two coils.

There’s a 0.40 and 0.6 own coil. I’m just quickly gonna go over pros and cons because there are so many reviews on this thing so first of all my dislikes on this, a little battery door covers the threading on there is not perfect. I haven’t had any problems getting it on or off but it’s a little bit rough in my opinion also there’s no battery ventilation.

Now with all the safety features that these new mods come with you really don’t have to worry about it but just in case I would have liked to see some ventilation somewhere like on the bottom a little swivel design. I do like the swivel like that it swivels out but that little hold pour your liquid into oftentimes what I do is I take that seal out and then

I pour my liquid in there otherwise it kind of like stays at the top or like bubbles over into the chimney and then that really sucks and SMOK never listens to me and I’m sure they’re not gonna listen again however maybe because the size of the tank they can’t get it any bigger, but SMOK, please do try we all remember the paint issue that the smoked alien kit had it was peeling off well.

According to the company that is fixed. You shouldn’t have a problem but I haven’t had this low enough to be able to tell you and now for the good news. I like the size it’s nice and compact fits great in my hand the fire button is nice and clicky the interface is fairly simple to understand and the tank.

I already did review the tank and it’s okay in my opinion. I do like the big baby beast better than this one but with this one. I am favoring the point 6-ohm coil and I am currently vaping it at 40 watts with all my airflow open. So as you can see, it does produce a decent amount of vapor.

I do like to vape between like 30 and 60 watts that is my preferred range and as long as you kind of in that range with this mod. The battery will last you a decent amount of time because for some of you, one battery is not gonna be enough and if it’s not, just get the SMOK Alien Kit that holds two batteries and goes up to much higher wattages.

Just for size comparison, the bigger one this is the original Alien. Some of you have probably noticed the screen all right here and you’re seeing this kid and a whole bunch of different colors rainbow pink red blue. Unfortunately, those colors are not yet available if you try to purchase this kit through SMOK, it is still on pre-order and really expensive.

They only have it available in three colors; however, you forego to a vapor DNA that around 60 bucks they are not pre-order they’re ready to go and you can get them in four different colors but not these aren’t out yet.  Share your thoughts about the SMOK AL85 Vape Kit in the comments section below!

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