SMOK Mico Kit Review – A tiny Pod System

For you today, you’ll never believe it might take you by surprise but another pod system! That’s right. This one’s called the Mico Kit from SMOK. Some of you like to call it smoke even though there’s no.

Yeah, then hey I did it too but either one is fine because the company they don’t know I’ve asked them many times they keep giving me different answers so yeah okay. I’ve been kind of getting bored of showing pod-style devices myself but I like them, because well yeah number one is the looks. I’m kind of shallow like that I like really nice looking devices.

This one – It’s got a little button on the side or toggle whatever you want to call it there’s a switch you bump it up it turns it on and now it’s just pulling puff. It is super simple, even a novice can do it. Yup, here’s how this kit comes packaged.

SMOK Mico KitOftentimes, the image on the box is not identical to what’s inside. Check this out! That is pretty close. Here it is in green this is prism gold and the final color I got from them is red.

As you can see this does come in two pods underneath here there is a lanyard. I’m gonna put it on here but I’ll be honest I don’t actually use lanyards in real life but I can see the convenience, well, ain’t that just so cute? Not really.

I think the charging cable should have been a little bit longer this is the user manual and here are the specs. And lastly, this is a warranty card and on the back, it shows you how to verify the authenticity of the product.

SMOK Mico Kit

There’s a scratch-off authenticity code on the side the kit came with two pots one has a mesh coil inside and the other one is regular pawns are refillable on the side. You can completely take this thing out but don’t recommend it. If you look closely this does have a protective cover with a brand new pod.

I like to give a 5 even upwards of 10 minutes so that cotton can saturate inside of here is a 700 milliamp hour rechargeable battery recharges to the USB port and on the side over here is a little switch. Now, the device is on and the rest is draw activated so there are no buttons to push flavor out of this.

SMOK Mico Kit

It’s just so good compared to a lot of pod systems out there. They did a really good job, but I think the mesh coil is a bit more flavorful. Battery life 700 milliamp-hour battery is not bad at all for a device this size that should get you through most of the day; it depends how much you vape.

I mean if you’re sitting there like maybe, just maybe it won’t last you the whole day does it have pass-through charging? I just realized I do have another con and that is really like really how small you can make a cable.

Apparently, this is small, in fact, that’s probably the smallest I’ve ever seen. It pass-through charging, One thing for sure, I love the look of this thing.

SMOK Mico Kit

It’s got a nice like heavier feel to it. It definitely doesn’t feel chintzy in my hand. It feels nice and it’s got these little windows that allow you to see into the tank which is nice when you’re checking you like what level.

You don’t have to constantly take this thing in and out but I will say it is a little bit lose. The draw here is nice and smooth. Not too Airy, not too restrictive yeah you might have already figured it out.

I really do like this device and it’s going straight into my bag, like right away. I love it and chances are you will like it too. I’m not forcing anything on you.

The SMOK Mico Kit is a small vape pod mod backed by a built-in 700mAh battery. The kit comprises two SMOK Mico pods for vaping different types of e-juices. They both can accommodate 1.7mL of e-liquid and come with different coils. While one is an MTL 1.0ohm cartridge, the other is a sub-ohm, DL, 0.8ohm pod.

The MTL pod in the kit uses a traditional wire configuration, while the latter employs a mesh coil. A ceramic coil that fires at 1.4ohms is also available for the SMOK Mico; however, it is not included in the kit. The pod is draw-activated, but it features a power button that users need to press before taking a vape. They have attached drip tips and the fill ports are placed on the sides for regular or nicotine salts e-liquid.

What are your thoughts about the SMOK Mico Kit? Let us know in the comments section below!

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