SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit Review

Today we are going to take a look at Smoke’s latest hybrid pod system that does indeed resemble the Orion. This one has a super fancy gold called one. You are also going to find two replaceable coil heads and those quail have Xanax and the same coil hence compatible with the North.

SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit Review

Huge props to that included are also the usual quality control certificate with a QR code to find the app their app in how to verify the product’s authenticity as well as the Trinity Alpha kit user manual but also a lanyard and a silicone adapter for the lanyard.

The Trinity Alpha is a hybrid pod system meaning it is refilling all and also takes replaceable coil heads. It is entirely machined out of zinc alloy with pretty reflective colors and interesting panels, to be honest.

SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit Review

Meanwhile, it uses the same coils available for the NORD which is great as those coils are already pretty easy to find replacements for the pot is on top and it is removable the device has a little lever that you have to move to release the pot.

The pot is transparent for the most part but the top section the only visible section when the pot is plugged in it is still pretty dark. The coils go in from the bottom and these pots use a 5 10 drip tip which is awesome as you will be able to use any other 510 drip tips. But on the top, you will also find the top fuel cap.

SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit Review

It is a slightly one simply to slide and simply slide it to the side to fill it It has a little tiny ceiling plug underneath but is just so damn lose it should be a lot tighter than these in my opinion. As I said the coils are the same as the Nord and interchangeable. They are both mesh coils using a notch style coil.

And again, the material they are made of not stated anywhere. One is a more restrictive zero-point eight-ohm coil head and the other is a zero-point six-ohmlooser coil. As far as airflow. Not big of a difference. It is barely even noticed able the difference but indeed the zero-point six-ohm Carly is more losing the zero-point eight-ohm coil has a slightly tighter airflow.

SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit Review

I know the chimney is pretty small to prime the coils but I would still recommend that you prime them with two or three drops of liquid the same method of penetration also does apply here. It is a plug and play style of the system which is convenient. Then you just have to fill it from the top sliding the field part open.

And even though the top section is dark you will still be able to see the liquid level outdoors in the sunlight but not really in dark it is pretty hard to see the liquid inside these pot has no airflow adjustment by the way which is something the Orion does have the pod compartment is super clean with only two contacts inside plugging the pod in is pretty easy as well and the little latch is spring-loaded and really well done.

SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit Review

Another thing you should know if you need to switch the coil head and when you tilt the pod you see that you still have more than half pod full. You have to empty the pod a little to be able to replace the wellhead without losing any league with or making a mess on the side.

We have the control area with battery centers and power level LCD micro USP charging portfire button in the wattage selection button. Both buttons protrude about the same and they are both cliquey but the fire button a lot stiffer and harder to press. We also have the usual five cliques on five cliques off which is awesome.

SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit Review

The Trinity Alpha is available in black chrome rainbow blue red and gold for forty-two dollars in places like vapor DNA Pretty in line with the price of the Orion. Q If you already like the Orion are you right. Q You may be looking for this one as a competitor both look so damn similar despite the different paths and the replaceable coil heads which are not an option with your Ryan and your Ryan Q.

SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit Review

In the meantime the Orion and the Orion you do have adjustable airflow in the training the Alpha does not and that’s something you may be looking for specially if you are already into that type of device with adjustable airflow as far as the coils they perform exactly the same as they performed before with the north and as a matter of fact the same coils and interchangeable which is always a great thing instead of fragmenting the market even more and should come with no surprise that both perform.

SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit Review

The same as they did before the zero point six ohm coil just a tad airier than the zero point eight on coil which is a little bit more restrictive but still a restriction I wouldn’t consider mouth lung it is a nice restrictive direct lung coil and not a mouth lung or a tight mouth a lung coiled by any means than even the zero point eight on coil it is not and I also have to apologize for the fact that I tried to take it apart to inspect the internals. I would not consider this device a moth lung hybrid POS system but don’t get me wrong as it is it has the same airflow as the North.

SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit Review

As a matter of fact I have the NORD in front of me because I was comparing both indeed the same airflow you get from the NORD which has a lot of fans out there but with the Trinity Alfa we have to take in consideration the closest competitor and when we do it falls short in that department if I was to write the Trinity Alfa I would give it a B, not a bad device but could still be made so much better in my humble opinion.

SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit Review

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