SMOK Vape Pen 22 Light Edition (Stainless 000) Review

I picked up a new unit this month. Let’s try something different a little bit surreal has carried the Smok Vape Pen 22 Light Edition they’re offering it for $24.99 and I ended up picking up one of these up, because why not?

I want to see exactly what it is I do have my trusty flathead screwdriver here with me so that way in the event that they do need to remove anything. I’m actually gonna take this pair of tweezers instead.

I have a feeling that this has the right rings on it very similar to that of the light-up tanks. So let’s get right into this. It does come with top O rings. It looks like bottom O rings. A small little battery that comes with white light for the beginning a bubble Pyrex glass which is very interesting to see especially one is 1022.


A top O ring with a mouthpiece is the drip tip removable the drip tip is not removable that can sit right there and it comes with two coils cool said it advertises that it comes with one mesh and one strip coil. This is the strip coil. The strip coil looks like now.

Let’s see what the mesh coil looks like for the Smok Vape Pen 22. Interestingly, they decided to use the mesh and the strip coil and this is the mesh coil — not too much difference there.

I have used the mesh bubble I’m going to use a strip coil because I’m curious to see if it does indeed have a better flavor that everybody swears by it also comes with a micro USB cable. You already know for a fact that my favorite color is green so I’m gonna set this up in green mode so we can have a green light comes with a white replacement fan a pink replacement fan, a power bolt replacement band green, which is what I’m gonna be putting on it a green band front.SMOK Vape Pen 22 LIGHT EDITION Kit

There is a yellow band and a blue band. The blue comes up with a blue band and a red band. It gives you all the colors of the rainbow in the package so we have all of those bands of strobe mode back in here and these are the bottom light accessories.

You can change your light; however, you want to do it also it makes it good if you break your glass you have plenty of rings whereas not all devices coming full rings. I do to come with normally they come with one extra set but with the light-up times they seem to come with a plethora for lack of better terms of over and on this site, we’re going to end up gonna be all the same colors.

I’m just going to try to get that green one out there seems to be stuck at the bottom why would it be on the top; however, I want there we go. I got three in out relatively easy and quick so let’s take the tongs these are I wonder if I can just peel it off with my nails.

No then the just ruining this ring altogether but that’s okay because I’m only gonna use the green ones anyway so after you gouge your bottom ring and you remove it. No, I don’t seem to really be having getting my babies off like that.SMOK Vape Pen 22 LIGHT EDITION Kit

It’s beautiful! It has a standardized little light ring there and this one I’m going to take the white ring off the top ring comes off a lot easier than the bottom, unfortunately, and have the same problems. I don’t know why SMOK makes these things such a pain to come off? You have to be in like real dire straits to need to take these rings off.

Apparently, then we’re going to put our green one there it just slides right in nice and perfect better digging the way that looks. Hopefully, it looks like good winnings and lighting up. I’m gonna throw the green one right here just like that.

That’s our mesh coil in here is what I make sure that this is properly seated because I don’t have another green oil ring to redo this with. I’m pretty sure that that’s seated about right it looks like it goes inside and that’s always a treat, alright, that looks to be.SMOK Vape Pen 22 LIGHT EDITION Kit

Let’s see if we can push it in the glass supposed to be that you have a nice flush ring around the office so we want to put the glass in the glass will just seat nice and easy into it push it in a little too far but that’s okay it looks good now. It’s gonna throw my coil in here and we’re gonna prime this device with a vapor lock with menthol.

This is my go-to juice doesn’t seem to really kill quails not that I’ll be able to tell because I don’t have a puff counter on this little device, makes you prime it. You put juice on all of your cotton packs so you guys can see that right there it’s gonna make you nice and good climate. Set it up nice and good whole nine and you’re gonna go inside the coil.

This is probably the most important of the way you prime it just going to basically saturate out the center coil you want to saturate too much though because the air flows are attached to the unit you’re going to throw your tank on it’s gonna sit just like that. You’re going to fill up the rest of the tank once you put juice in it which should make a pretty solid seal.SMOK Vape Pen 22 LIGHT EDITION Kit

So I got juice in it tap this thing off nice and easy just like that five clicks turns it on – one two three four five. I like the way that looks and it produces a decent sized amount of vapor. I’m very happy with this little pride. This is the stainless (000) zero zero zero position – and I do have the lights turned off so you guys can see how this looks when it turns on.

I’ll take it off. this has been the unboxing for the Smok Vape Pen 22 Light Edition and I changed the ring as I showed you guys how to prime the coils. All this up next is for you guys to go ahead and just get one of these lagoons and fire it up as you can tell it comes with a whole bunch of different colors.

I’m glad that it came with replacement white rings because taking these rings off was pain now I have to throw them away because it punctured them but I’m sure there’s an easier way to take it off. Smok Vape Pen 22 Light Edition adopts a simplistic, yet appealing design. The Light Edition is powerful enough to deliver the best vaping experience, thanks to the re-designed tank it comes with.

The SMOK Vape Pen 22 LIGHT EDITION Kit can be touted as the futuristic upgrade to its predecessor. It integrates an LED Light-Up functionality, along with expanded 4mL maximum juice capacity and debut of the Vape Pen Mesh Coils and Vape Pen Strip.

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