Sticky Brick Runt Manual Vaporizer Review

Sticky Brick Runt Manual Vaporizer Review

Back again helping to keep you up to date with the latest and greatest in weed vaping news and tech. Now, for our first video of 2019, I’m going to be bringing you one of my new favorite devices. The manual, made in the USA, Sticky Brick Runt.

Now, the Runt is the latest release in the Sticky Brick line of portable wood vaporizers and its design and functionality are just ingenious and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen in the portable vaporizer market. Now since the Sticky Brick line of vaporizers were released, I did see a couple of other pretty similar glass and wood vapes emerge, but in my opinion, this is definitely the most impressive and using this one over the past couple days it’s easy to see why this is becoming a worldwide favorite.

So, if you’re used to using Legos or Kinect or anything like that when you were a kid, you’re going to have a bit of nostalgia for this one. As of design, pretty intricately it’s got all of these different pieces that come apart, which is sort of a trend amongst manual vaporizers. You can take the things, put back together replacing individual parts and basically just ensure the longevity of your device.

Sticky Brick Runt Manual Vaporizer Review

This one has got three main blocks, it’s got the air intake block, it’s got the base block and it’s got this chamber block here. So obviously the chamber block has got this stainless-steel chamber screen in the bottom, you pack your grind herb into and this device uses comparatively more herbs than most manual vapes, that you’ll come across so.

Devices like the VapMan or the Lotus Vape or DynaVap, for instance, have the chamber size or capacity of between 0.05 and 0.15 of a gram. Whereas this Sticky Brick Runt is a little bit more like a digital vaporizer, like the Crafty or an Arizer Solo has a little bit more of capacity. So you can pack anywhere between 0.2 or all the way up to half a gram of dried ground herb, into to the back of your chamber here.

From the chamber, obviously kicked out, it’s got this air exhale at the back that the vapor comes out of once heated and then a carb hole at the front, so carb on it, pretty much just like you would a water pipe the whole time when you’re having a hit. This one your carb this with your finger. What also comes included in the Runt’s Kit- they’ve got a bunch of awesome little accessories here, that sort of help maintains your functionality or improve a little bit.

Sticky Brick Runt Manual Vaporizer Review

These little corks, that they’ve got included, you can just shove that in the front of your carb hole, instead of by inserting that there, then you’ve never got to worry about putting in your car, but obviously if you’re used to hitting a pipe, like I used to, it’s a lot more familiar, adds that element of familiarity sort of, have the carb clear and sort of clear the chamber afterward. This air intake hole here as well so the air intake bricks my apologies, has this O-ring at the top and this little glass air intake.

So basically, when you’re heating your chamber, you’re just heating this little glass intake with the end of this little jet lighter flame here, as you’re inhaling. So it seems a little bit ominous to get started with, once you’ve got all this hooked up together, because it just kind of looks like a traditional waterpipe with dab rig basically, obviously with that you’re never inhaling the butane flame, usually preheating or whatever punching a bong and sort of just hit it until it pulls through, but with this one you do in fact have to inhale the flame through this little air intake.

If you’re using butane that’s like this NewPort gas here, contains zero impurities and sort of triple to five times refined. You’re not going to have any issues with residual butane sort of getting into your vapor path, all that butane will burn off as the flame is hitting it. This one here is not an on-demand vaporizer.

Sticky Brick Runt Manual Vaporizer Review

So, it’s not a device that you’re going to preheat. It’s a device that you’re going to sort of inhaling and then heat it while you’re inhaling. So other vapes like the DynaVap, obviously to have the VapCap that clicks, notify when it’s reached a certain temp, doesn’t have this feature, but I don’t know you can sort of gauge your hit a little bit better of this device I find, so you can sort of feel the heat and see the vapor as it’s being pulled up through this mouthpiece straw here.

In terms of manual vapes guys, I find that this one really has the best vapor output, out of any of them so the Lotus vape and DynaVap and stuff like that, they’ve got a really flavorsome and dense cloud of vapor, but this one just knocks them both out of the park. The Sticky Brick one offers the densest clouds, I’ve ever seen from a manual device.

Sticky Brick Runt Manual Vaporizer Review

Obviously looking at the bowl now, two pretty steady hits the first one more for the terps, the second for that larger cloud, but there’s no brown in the picture whatsoever. It looks like I’ve just packed fresh herbs into the bottom of this chamber basically. Now I know Sticky Brick has a number of other vapes in their line, they are sort of more positioned towards the water pipe, water pipe market.

So, if you are pretty used to consuming your herb through a water pipe or a bong obviously it can be pretty easy to transition to vaping. You’ve got a device that can be compatible with your favorite piece. But I find that with this extended glass mouthpiece here, this Runt really just works its magic.

Sticky Brick Runt Manual Vaporizer Review

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