Swell 188W Box Mod by Vandy Vape

Today I will review Swell 188W Box Mod Vandy Vape. The package that it comes in and you could see there everything is nice and simple.

Swell 188W Box Mod by Vandy Vape

So, what we do we slide this sleeve off then we come in here pop this top if I can get it off. The device you’re also going to get a micro USB cable for charging or for firmware upgrades and then last but not least you’re going to receive the swell mod by Tony B and Vandy vape and the mod. First things first, it does have that stiff sturdy plastic feel we know the pulse it just makes devices like this very light now they do come in a bunch of different colors.

Swell 188W Box Mod by Vandy Vape

Let’s go to the front of the device and now that we come to the front of the device functionality on it it’s five clicks to turn it off five clicks to turn it on its going to light up just like that very pretty and then on the screen you’re going to have your battery indicator you can see your power which I do have it in wattage mode and I do have it in the hardest setting it does do 188 Watts now underneath.

Swell 188W Box Mod by Vandy Vape

It is in wattage mode you have your resistance your volts your puff counter and your seconds counter along the bottom now there are a couple of things with this device that you can do if you hold your wattage up and fire button at the same time right there it’s going to lock the device and give it another push you can see it’s going to lock your wattage up and wattage down now inside the menu setting there is another setting that you’ll be able to lock your fire button and your wattage up you could lock the device entirely but that’s inside the menu which I will be showing you that so what we do will hold the wattage up in the fire button at the same time and will unlock the device very simple very basic another feature that this does have if you hold your wattage up wattage down and fire button at the same time it’s going to put it into stealth mode.

Swell 188W Box Mod by Vandy Vape

For those of you that like having your devices in stealth mode that option aswell is available so hold it again and it’s going to turn right back on another nice neat touch that they did add to this mod is if you come up to your fire button and you click it four times what it’s going to do right there you get to set your setting you have your normal your soft your hard your direct lung your mouth to lung and then your app I leave mine in the hardest setting as I’ve been running an RTA on top of this thing so you can set it to what you depending on what you how you like the device to hit or if you have a direct longer mouth to lung atomizer on top you do have those different settings or if you’re using the app you can set it there as well.

Swell 188W Box Mod by Vandy Vape

I’ll leave it in the hardest setting click my fire button and you can see up top here where it does have thepH that is in the power mode in the hardest setting now if we do go click it three times now you could see how you have the arrows around the watts so what we’ll do with that you can go up and it’s going to have different modes which you’ll have your bypass you have voltage mode you have your temperature controls stainless steel nickel-titanium and its going to go back to what’s but what we’ll do let’s go into temp control stainless steel will click the fire button now it’s set there and you can see how fast it Scrolls it, Scrolls in point one increments and will go all the way up and you can see it goes all the way up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Swell 188W Box Mod by Vandy Vape

Let it go hit it again it’s going to scroll intoCelsius that’s very basic that’s how most devices do work we come back and there we go easy so what we’re going to do next is three clicks we’re going to come back here into watts mode and there is another menu inside of this thing now to get into the main submenu what you’re going to do you’re going to hold your wattage up and wattage down both at the same time and here we go now.

You’re going to have a couple of different little icons and the first icon is your setting icon you click your fire button and all the settings like you can see right there I turned my temp control off all you could all you have to do click your fire button and they turn it off turn it on whatever you don’t want to use you can power off right here like let’s say for instant tempo control I don’t use it.

Swell 188W Box Mod by Vandy Vape

I’m going to turn it off I do use my volts my voltage mode so I’ll leave that on bypass mode Ido use that so I’ll leave that on the fire what that is you know how you press your wattage up and the fire button at the same time and it’s going to lock you know to where you’re not able to change your wattage now it’s going to shut down the mod entirely now you can’t even fire it we’ll leave that on we’re going to come down here to your auto read resistance your ARR what that is for is you know how you have that set to where every time you screw on it you take off anatomizer hit the fire button screw on another one.

Swell 188W Box Mod by Vandy Vape

It all the way powered up and now will click it fire button we’re going to come down and we’ll highlight this one what that’s for your puff counter you can reset it just like this you can see right there boom reset escape well to go come down to this right here whether that’s a UI or a VI whatever it is and the UI that’s going to be your color schemes on the screen.

The 80% of vapors out there there are only a few of us that go 150 watts and above there’s more than usually stay under the hundred and 25-watt range give or take somewhere around there but I’ve been using you see with the mod father 25 it looks good they come in all different colors the setup is very well demotic love this thing is a very solid mod now you’re going to want to be careful when dropping this because it is entirely made of plastic even though that plastic that they did use it’s supposed to be drop-resistant to a certain point.

Swell 188W Box Mod by Vandy Vape

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