Target PM80 Pod Mod by Vaporesso

Target PM80 Pod Mod by Vaporesso

I got a Pod Mod for today’s review. It looks like Vaporesso has jumped on the Pod Mod bandwagon with the latest PM 80. It’s a Pod Mod that does 80 watts, so let’s dive straight into the details by first checking what’s inside and outside of this.

We’ll come back we’ll vape on it and then I’ll give you guys all my thoughts on the PM 80 targets and here the packaging of the target PM 80 sub own pod mod by vapor s so comes inside the packaging you will get a micro USB charging cable a user manual you’ll get to mesh coils.

Target PM80 Pod Mod by Vaporesso

First off, I’m going to show you guys this point 300mesh 32 to 45 watts there’s the coil and the second coil is a point 200 mesh 45to 60 watts alright and both coils are GTX coils the kit will also come with two of these pods now in mind they only sent me one but it will come with two holds 4 mils of e-liquid if I’m not mistaken there’s also a TPD version which will be 2 ml v liquid and since they only sent me one to have liquid inhere I’m not going to pull out the coil you guys but it’s one of those that you just pull out and slide it back in and you want your airflow to be facing the sides the airflow openings on them got two magnets your fill port is on the bottom you’re going to see this part through the actual plastic where you see more of a black piece than here.

Target PM80 Pod Mod by Vaporesso

That’s where you would open it up from pop it open nice big fill port I’ve had no issues filling this up you’re also going to have a little indicator arrow which is pointing that way I guess trying to say to pull it that way but kind of some people might get confused and pull it out this way but I have pulled this side out it goes back in easily your mouthpiece is like a 5-10 mouthpiece. It’s not a 510 drip tip this is a one-piece system on here so more of a rounded mouthpiece and that’s basically it showing you guys this let me show you guys the mod and here it is well at the top of it so you would describe your pod with the magnets and it just simply clips right in there beautifully the magnet tension this is perfect you get no movement from your pod being in there and you can see you have these three slots there and three slots there and that’s basically because of your airflow.

Target PM80 Pod Mod by Vaporesso

You can see is lined up right there so it’s scrubbing your airflow coming in through here now the mod is going to have a two thousand milliamp hours battery it’s got a zero point nine six-inch TFT screen on here and you have some venting on the bottom it’ll tell you made in China two thousand milliamp power your micro USB charge port is right there.

Target PM80 Pod Mod by Vaporesso

It is a 2 amp micro USB quick charge this one here has the carbon fiber they’re going to come in a bunch of different colors and then over here vapor s so target PM 80 because itis an 80-watt device so we have our fire button five clicks system off one-two-three-four five clicks and it’s on inside here it is using the axon chipset let’sand we got our up and down buttons here let’s do a little zoom in now before we go into this.

Target PM80 Pod Mod by VaporessoTarget PM80 Pod Mod by Vaporesso

If this firmware that’s on here will not be the one that you see here there’s going to be a couple of changes and tweaks they wrote to me and told me that the variable voltage mode will show the power output on the screen according to the voltage you use in the final version of this which is going to be the released version and the variable wattage mode will recommend you the best power range according to the coil resistance in the final version alright so those are a couple of things they’re going to change with the firmware before it’s released.

Target PM80 Pod Mod by Vaporesso

Obviously you’ll be getting two of these pods instead of one alright and it will come with two coils so let’s look at it so on top we do have our battery indication over here w4 wattage or wattage as they could see I’m at fifty-seven what’s best is five to eighty what that’s saying that’s what they’re going to change it is going to set it up for you according to the resistance it’ll give the best your resistance your voltage you have a puff counter.

Target PM80 Pod Mod by Vaporesso

How many seconds you press the fire button now one two three you’ll lock the device well basically you’re locking your up and down buttons but you could still fire the device and you three-click again to get out of that now to get into the menu system you press both the up and down button at the same time and over here you’re going to have your smart variable wattage you have your variable wattage here a variable voltage puff counter so let’s get into this so you could see it so you have your smart mode and this is the way it would look when it’s in the smart mode you see the S ontop for smart and this is the way it looks in voltage mode and obviously like I said they’re going to do some tweaks when it’s in voltage mode I’ll show you the power output on there and wattage also and obviously like you saw before that the wattage mode will press them again right our puff counter you could delete your puff counter inside here you have a theme.

Target PM80 Pod Mod by Vaporesso

Battery life on here obviously 60 watts think about it 60watts 2000 milliamp power battery it’s going to be like you’re using a two thousand milliamp hour 18 650 battery vaping at 60 watts with the Summum tank there’s your battery life so if you’ve done that you would know what your battery life would be is it the greatest battery life for 60 watts no the other coil though that range is up to 45 watts now that one there you’re going to get better battery life obviously because you’re using less wattage how’s the flavor on these coils both coils the flavors are great first coil I used was the one that went up to 45 wants nice vape it wasn’t as warm as a vape that I like it’s still a flavorful vape –  this coil here the point 2 ohm I have it at 60 watts a little bit warmer of a vape I’m going to get less battery life but it is more leaning towards my style of vaping I direct lung to higher I like higher wattage warmer vape.

Target PM80 Pod Mod by Vaporesso

We’ll do five quick pulls 60 watts let’s do it keeps up no problem is that all it’s a beautiful vape it’s got pretty good flavor all in all it’s a nice mod nice device nice setup I’d like to see a rebuildable for this to Vaporesso, hopefully, you guys could make some sort of pot thingy rebuildable for this that would be nice to see you know like the way we saw a geek vape do with the boost like the way we saw smoke stock do it with the rpm and when I’mmistaken they got an 80 watt coming out a new rpm 80 watts which is going to be competing against this right here so they press get your rebuildable out if you’re going to compete against that yeah let’s see it happened and it would have been nice if there was some sort of way to swap out the batteries now we’re getting a little bit too for much in maybe that’s a different version for people that like to swap out their batteries.

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