The BANG 21700 Mech. Tube Mod

The BANG 21700 Mech. Tube Mod

Rather than being afraid of mechanical tube mods, we need to respect them. It is imperative to stay up to date about Ohm’s law, battery safety, as well as the overall functionality of how exactly conductivity operates.

When it comes to a mechanical tube mod you have to be up to date with the resistance of the coils that are using you have to know and pay attention to the RDA that you’re going to be using depending on the type of mechanical tube mod it is and you’re also going to have to pay attention to the certain types of batteries that you use.

The BANG 21700 Mech. Tube Mod

I have a single 21700 mechanical tube mod and it is different neat little thing so what we’re going to do we’re going to dive down and we’re going to take an up-close look at it. The button fire mechanism you’d see it right here you do have the serial number it’s going to come on the button itself and its very springy now how the button functions on the inside you do have two magnets which do push away from each other and it makes the button feelgood another thing about the button will turn it this way you could see how it is entirely flushed now on this device itself.

The BANG 21700 Mech. Tube Mod

There is no locking mechanism, but being the way that the button is, if you have this in your pocket you don’t have to worry about it being compressed because of how flush it sits and then on the top and the bottom these two big things would look like nuts they are made of Delrin very thick.

The BANG 21700 Mech. Tube Mod

We’ll come to the top you can see immortal mods it does say bang you have a couple of Phillips head screws which are going to hold this whole top piece down inside of this Delrin piece and it’s also going to hold it where it stays connected to the tomb itself you do have a 5-10 positive copper pin which you do have to adjust it is counterclockwise.

You can see your 510 positive copper contact pin right there in the center and then the contact that makes the contact with the battery itself you know you can see how thick that is so very nice touch peek insulator very thick piece of PEEK insulator just like you’re able to see there so it’s just going to avoid you know anything or any mishaps going on if you would happen to overheat the battery.

The BANG 21700 Mech. Tube Mod

The adjustment screw it guarantees you to have a tight connection on the 510 PIN of the RDA so it takes a little bit of playing around but once you have the VA that you want to use on top of the device adjust it and the way you like it you know it’s pretty much going to solve your issues.

I’m going to give you my opinion on this little 21700 banger let’s go up ontop so there you go okay now look as I said we’ll go with the cosmetics the aesthetics of the mod the way the mod looks its different looks like a boat that’s what it looks like a nice sized boat so it is something different now when I saw the device and I opened it up and I was like wow that different but being different is also nice.

I like the way it looks the feel of the mod it feels good I thought because you know looking like a bolt it was going to feel funny but, in all reality, now it’s a pretty comfortable performance of the mod is nice.

The BANG 21700 Mech. Tube Mod

It hits very well very responsive just touch the button the way that button feels the button is a little squishy it is soft but remember there are no springs or nothing behind it all you have are the two magnets which do sit backward so they counteract the when they push away from each other that’s how you’re going to get the springing this on this button but the button feels good being that the button so flush you could stick this in your pocket and you don’t have to worry that is also a plus so taking away the mechanical locking mechanism from the device it’s not a big deal to be honest with you because of how this is such a flat surface and that button is embedded inside.

It’s not easy to push so that as well as a plus another important thing this device was intended to use with the positive down I tried when I got it I put a battery in positive up and it just wasn’t making that contact due to the way that um the bottom copper battery door is constructed now you do have the holes so that’s letting you know for battery venting you’re going to put it positive down what else can I say about it feels good – altogether the device it performs well.

The BANG 21700 Mech. Tube Mod

This thing’s going to look well mixed in between your other mechanical devices your other mechanical 2-month it’s going to look good in there because it’s something different and right there you can see what it looks like with that 28millimeter elite v3 in brass it looks good the device looks good to set up it doesn’t look bad and it’s not heavy so it’s easy to carry around it’s another mechanical to mod for my collection so with that performance the way it looks you know to each their own if you feel like something like this is appealing to you.

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