The ETHRA Alert US Firm to Not Sell CBD Oil in the EU

The recently launched ETHRA (European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates) has issued warning against a distinguished US-based company that is exporting and selling CBD liquids with vitamin E acetate, in Europe.

Poland based company called Kannaway is operating via “Brand Ambassadors,” and if an article published on Planet of the Vapes is anything to go by, the company is “an American operation that has not cloaked itself in glory since inception.”

The product of Kannaway called “CBD vape oils” has an ingredient that that is liked to lung injury cases. The ETHRA Alert US Firm to Not Sell CBD Oil in the EU

The product of Kannaway called “CBD vape oils” has an ingredient that is linked to lung injury cases.

The ingredients found in these products include:
• MCT coconut oil
• Cannabidiol (200mg/ 1ml)
• mango aroma
• vitamin E
• vitamin D3 (amongst others)

The above-listed ingredients make it worrisome for the user’s health. In September, the New York Health Officials confirmed that vitamin E oil is found in most of these seized products related to vaping which has also known as tocopheryl-acetate. Additionally, almost all the THC samples that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took for testing contain the same vitamin E oil which is dangerous for human health.

The planet of the vapes brings to our notice that Kannaway had hidden its details from a search “who is” and a superficial further investigation revealed that is little more than “a direct marketing company to offer cannabis products to consumers and continues to be an industry leader in the hemp and CBD markets.”

Multiple irregular activities were involved in the company that is working on the name of Kannaway

Amercian Medical Marijuana Inc. is the company working behind the Kannaway that reveals further investigation. This is another organization with not so good reputation in the market, “Michael Llamas was the chief executive of MMI; he stepped down in 2012 when he was indicted for his role in a real estate Ponzi scheme.”

“The company operated at a loss for 2011 and 2012 and made money for the first time in 2013 based on a single contract signed by one of its subsidiaries. In 2013, MMI and CannaVEST, an exchange-traded fund, each invested in a company called Kannalife Sciences Inc. Kannalife had been founded in 2010 by Dean Petkanas, former Director of Corporate Finance of Stratton Oakmont, the penny-stock trading company depicted in The Wolf of Wall Street.”

“In 2014, MMI reported that it was under investigation by the SEC; the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority warned investors that year about penny stock scams in the marijuana industry. In 2015 a report in Forbes laid out relationships among CannaVEST, money taken in by the real estate Ponzi scheme run by Llamas, Stuart Titus and the private equity firm General Hemp that he ran, and one of MMI’s subsidiaries called PhytoSphere.”

What is the method to identify if the CBD product is safe?

Recently, a statement was released by ETHRA explaining how to know if the CBD oil seller is reputable or not. The statement says, “It has come to our attention that some THC or CBD liquids and cartridges are being sold online which contain potentially harmful ingredients. Liquids comprising oils (from any source) or vitamin E acetate are potentially harmful with even short-term use and may cause life-threatening or life-changing conditions.”

“CBD to be vaped is a growing market and not illegal in most jurisdictions. Responsible sellers will place toxicology reports on their website to show that no pesticides have been involved in the production and that the liquids are not oil-based. The THC content should be as close to zero as possible and not exceed 0.02%. If a seller cannot or will not provide this information, do not buy from them.”

On the other hand, the IBVTA (Independent British Vape Trade Association), pointed out the importance of purchasing any products from legal source, “The guidance we give our members is to make sure they only source legal, non-nicotine containing products from reputable suppliers who they know and trust, who can assure that their products do not contain lipids, are suitable for inhalation, and to see evidence of these assurances.”


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