The Nord 2 Vape Review

The Nord 2 Vape Review

Today we’re going to be reviewing the long-awaited SMOK Nord. So this is the seven color oil looks kind of like the kids see the ghost album cover. Let’s just get right into this and open it up now this vape has a 1500 milliamp battery which is four hundred more milliamps than the Nord here we got our instruction manual.

The Nord 2 Vape Review

We got the RPMpod which I would suggest you use freebase with so let’s talk a little bit more about the mod itself it’s a super simple design just like the old annoyed it’s just got the one button it’s five clicks to turn it on just like this and it’s got the screen on the side here so once you got your screen on it’ll be set at 1 watt automatically comes pre-charged at 80% which is pretty nice you want to do three quick clicks one two three and it should blink yup and then that’s how you set yours.

The Nord 2 Vape Review

We’ll give that a fill super simple to fill up guys easy just like the Nord. Let’s get it nice and full. The bottle is getting low, alright now that we got that filled up we’re going to fill up the RPM part as the well same thing just pulls on the little tab now these pods are 4.5milliliter pods so they’re about 1.5times the size of the original Nord pods which is quite pretty nice going to be getable to fit a lot more juice in there.

The Nord 2 Vape Review

I want to try bumping it up to 15watts so kind of see what kind of power we can get out of this thing so three clicks again one two three four we got it for 15 now he’s got to patiently wait for the blinking to stop and then it’s set and ready to go now by the way this vape does go up to40 watts but the RPM coil is only rated to go to max 25 so there is no reason to ever really put it to 40 Watts because of you re just going to burn out your coil.

So I have 15 watts this device pulls guys it’s great for Salt Nick I can’t wait to try it in freebase but before I throw the free base pardon I want to bring my boy Isaiah to give this thing a try get over here Isaiah I’ve such a bad habit of doing ghosts I’ve almost every exhale I need to do one exhale without a ghost, yeah I can does it feel right didn’t they already given that the good eye that what the Nord coil, by the way, wait like the regular club yeah it’s rough pretty nice here like a good cloud production.

The Nord 2 Vape Review

So far I like this┬áthing now let’s give it all the freebase coil try now with the free voice coil I’m going to run it – I’m going to put it to 21st just to kind of prime it a little bit but then I’ll end up putting it up to 25 so three clicks again and boom oh I accidentally set to25 now if you guys go over you just keep clicking it and it will reset down to 1there you go 20 watts mmm now let’s see what kind of clouds we can get ladies and gentlemen wow it’s really tasty too. You got a fat cloud there I’m pretty impressed with this device.

The Nord 2 Vape Review

I got to say that’s pretty good it’s honestly like a really good competitor to the RPM 40because it uses the same coils as the RPM 40 I almost feel like I’m going to need to make a video comparing the two at this point you want to see what kind of production you know 25 watts.

The way it’s going to blink three times and that’s how you know the water just said 25 watts. I’m going to read about ten so my final thoughts are that smock stepped up their game with this device the Nord – I was kind of a little bit worried that it wasn’t going to be that good considering that there Wasnt too many changes on it but it hits nice way better than the Nord.

The Nord 2 Vape Review

I honestly it might even like it better than the RPM 40 because the size is so nice it’s nice and clean small kind of the perfect size for a carry around babe one that you bring around in your car bring out on your baby it’s nice because you can run the free base and the salt Nick in it.

So you have lots of options. I’ll probably rate this eight or seven out of ten because the menu is a little bit difficult to navigate but once you get the hang of it and you set it to the wattage you want. I like the rpm 80 I’m 40 because like it hits so hard I think that’s just well if you ran salt making that rpm party would probably be pretty deadly but that is not recommended yeah sure people are going to do it.

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